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30 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Black Moms

Mother’s day is such an important date in the year. After birthdays, another special day for moms is mothers day. It’s a day moms get to be pampered, sit back and relax, so that other people can take care of them, instead of worrying about other people.

That’s why in this post, I want to share 30 thoughtful gift ideas for black moms, aunties, grandmothers, step-mothers, foster moms, sister, and any other motherly figure in your life. 

These gift ideas are great for any occasion, birthdays, anniversaries, housewarming parties, and other special occasions. 

*This post contains affiliate links which means that I make a small commission at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase with the links provided. 

1. Mother-Daughter Matching T-Shirts

african american mothers day

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This is such a unique way to show mom love. It’s a great gift for mothers with young kids, especially mother of girls who likes to wear matching outfits with their kids. To get your afro-centric and natural hair themed t-shirts, please visit my store here.

2.  Moisture Retention Blueprint

If mom is transitioning or fully natural, I recommend getting her my moisture retention blueprint course where she will learn step-by-step, how to grow and maintain her natural hair. This is also a great gift idea for moms with young kids, because she can use all the skills she learned from the course on her daughter’s hair. 

moisture retention for natural hair

End the struggle with dry hair. Get mom this gift of knowledge

3. Ultimate Guide: Daily Natural Hair Growth Tips 

Is mom struggling to manage her natural hair? If she’s confused by her natural hair journey and doesn’t know how to have easy natural hair, you should get her my ultimate e-guide. It covers over 20 natural hair topics, which includes hair growth, protective styling, moisture retention, hair products and so much more. To preview the e-guide and what to expect, please go here. 

natural hair tips ebook

4. Shea Moisture Clarifying Facial System

Give mom a clearer and younger skin with Shea Moisture’s facial system. This set contains four items which includes a facial scrub, facial mask, skin moisturizer, and a bar of black soap. The facial system is packed with anti-oxidants to fight skin blemishes, discoloration and promote a healthy-looking skin.

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natural hair gifts for black moms

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5. Fair Trade Shea Butter

Shea butter is a multi-purpose moisturizer that can be used from head to toe. She can either use it as is, or combine it with many skin benefiting oils to create her own hair and buttercream.

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Whipped DIY Shea Butter Recipe

mothers day gift ideas for black moms

6. Deva Curl Kit For All Curl Kind

Give mom the gift of healthy curls. Deva Curl Kit contains four 3 oz sized bottles of curly hair products that she can use to keep her hair nourished. This kit Includes:

  • No-Poo Zero Lather Conditioning Cleanser
  • Daily Cream Conditioner
  • Touchable Curl Definer
  • Light Defining Gel 

gift ideas for natural hair moms

7.  Red by Kiss 2-in-1 Hair & Facial Steamer 

This is such a hair saver! Hair steamers are great for hair textures of all kids. Doesn’t matter if she has straight or natural hair, this steamer will infuse moisture into her hair for healthy looking hair.

This product comes with a facial steamer that can be used with her favourite skin care product for the best at-home facial spa! 

gifts for black mom

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8. Hair Wig/Extensions

Let mom’s beauty pop with premium hair extension pieces. You can choose from a variety of hair texture and length. A premium hair can last years and boost her confidence.

mothers day gift ideas for black moms

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9. NIV, Mom’s Devotional Bible

She might already have a devotional bible, but one can never have too much of God’s word. This New International Version devotional bible is perfect for all mothers and mother-to-be.

The daily readings are full of good advice and encouragement from Elisa Morgan, President Emerita of Mothers of Preschoolers, International (MOPS).

This devotional bible is packed with practical inspiration to help moms find hope and daily encouragement.

mother's day bible verse


10. Art Naturals Aromatherapy Essential Oils and Diffuser Set

Give mom the gift of relaxation. The art naturals set comes with a diffuser and 16 popular essential oils that will boost her mood, provide calmness and reduce stress. These oils can also be combined with her favourite hair and skin care products for a balanced and soothing body care. 

mothers day presents

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11. Massage Mat with 10 Vibrating Motors and 4 Therapy Heating Pad 

There’s nothing like a good massage! This massage mat provides a soothing vibrating full body massage to help relief stress, aches, tension and eliminate fatigue. 

This mat will earn you an extra point from mom! Guaranteed!mothers day gift ideas for mom

mothers day gifts for black moms

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12. Personalized Mothers Ring

For dads shopping for a gift for their wives, this is a perfect gift for your wife because you can personalize it with your kids names, their birthstones and a loving message on the ring band. She will definitely feel cherished wearing this ring.

mother's day ring

13. Flower Bouquet

What’s a mother’s day without a bouquet of flowers? This is a perfect gift for a colleague or friend of yours who is a mother. Flowers are so special and you can choose from a variety of flowers that are available in the season. 

mother's day flowers

 14. Godiva Chocolates For Mom 

A mother’s day gift isn’t complete without a box of chocolates! This is a perfect communal gift that mom can share with the whole family if she chooses to. It’s also a great mother’s day gift idea for a colleague or friend who is a mother.

mothers day flowers

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15. Starbucks Coffee Gift Basket

Bring Starbucks home to mom with this beautiful mother’s day gift basket. A perfect gift for caffeinated moms who values premium coffee. This is a nice mother’s day gift idea from sons or for your boyfriend or girlfriend’s mom. 

mothers day gift basket

16. Nespresso Lattissima Pro Espresso Machine 

Mom will probably need a fancy gadget to prepare her fancy coffee. This nespresso espresso machine will make her look forward to each mornings, no matter how early it is or what day of the week it is. 

Now she no longer have to go to a fancy coffee shop, when she can bring the experience home.

mother's day gift ideas

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17. Personalized Coffee Mug for Afrocentric Moms  

After making her fancy coffee, she will need a personalized coffee mug to drink her coffee in. A special cup just for her, so that she’ll remember you each time she takes a sip. For that, I recommend one of our mother’s day coffee mugs, which you can get HERE.

mothers day gift guide

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18. Michael Kors Crossbody Bag

Looking for the perfect gift for your girlfriend or fiance’s mom? This beautiful Micheal Kors cross-body bag will earn you lots of points from your future mother in-law! 

mothers day in the USA

19.  Michael Kors Wrist Watch For Mom 

Cellphones are great, but nothing compares to a good wristwatch! I love wearing wristwatches because it’s more convenient, and I don’t have to search my purse for my phone, just to find out what time it is. 

This is also a great gift idea for your foster mom, adopted mom, or mother-in-law.

mothers day jewelry

20. Grandmother-Mother-Daughter Necklace For Grandma

I’m not leaving grandmothers out of this list. If your mother recently became a grandmother or is about to become one, this three generation necklace will get her excited about mothers day! 

mother's day gifts for grandma

21. Milani Pure Passion Eye Shadow Palette

A woman’s makeup kit isn’t complete without an eye shadow palette. If you’re looking for a gift idea for your sister, auntie or a church friend, this eye shadow palette is a great choice. Perfect for all skin tones and any occasion. 

mother's day gift ideas for black moms

22. Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch 

This Samsung galaxy rose gold watch is the most thoughtful gift you can ever get a tech mom who is into gadgets. It’s so feminine and it goes with all skin tone. 

mother's day watch

23. Fitbit Fitness Tracker

Encourage mom to walk more or increase her fitness level with a fitbit. This fitness tracker will excite her and encourage her to keep going strong on her fitness journey. She can set daily goals for herself and track how many steps she took at the end of each day. This is also a great gift for expecting moms or new mothers, who are looking to keep the weight off.

This fitbit also tracks sleep so that she can ensure she gets enough sleep each night. 

mothers day gifts

24. Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine 

Give your wife or girlfriend the gift of a great butt! This elliptical machine will help tone her shape and firm her butt! This is a mother’s day gift you will actually thank yourself for!

mothers day gift ideas for black mom

25. Brother Sewing Machine

A sewing machine is a great mother’s day gift for mothers with young children. Rather than always buying new clothes for growing kids, this brother sewing machine will allow your wife or mom friend to sew beautiful outfits for the entire family. It’s also a great gift idea for DIY moms. 

mother's day gifts for african american mom

26. iSteam Fabric Steamer

You might as well complete the gift pack with a steamer. Steamers makes laundry days so much easier and fun! 

gifts for black mom

27. Apollo Household Tool Kit

If mom prefers to fix stuff around the house herself, instead of waiting for a handy man to come around, she will be very happy to be gifted this Apollo tool set. This pink tool set also supports women with breast cancer, so your purchase will be helping millions of women who are battling breast cancer. 

gift ideas for mothers

28. Bionaire Window Fan 

Hot flashes and hot summer days can’t stand a chance with this bionaire window fan! This powerful fan will keep her and everyone in the room cool and comfortable. 

mothers day gifts from son

29.  iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum 

The last thing mom wants to do after a long day at work is to be picking up dirt all over the house, when she can easily get a robot to do it. This iRobot vacuum with a programmable app will help keep the house clean while mom is away from the house. Now she can finally come home to a clean house! 

mothers day gift ideas for wife

30.  Martha Stewart Dog Bed

I didn’t forget about pet moms! This Martha Stewart dog bed is great for pet moms who values premium and quality pet products. This plush dog bed will keep her dog comfortable and happy.

mothers day gift amazon

Which gift idea will you be getting mom? Which ones have you gotten her in the past? Let me know in the comment section below.