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50+ Stylish Pop Smoke Braids Cornrows on Black Men!

There’s no denying that the late rapper, Pop Smoke, left a memorable imprint on many aspects of pop culture and when it comes to style, one of the most iconic gems the rapper introduced us to are pop smoke braids. These sexy middle-parted feed-in braids gained popularity as a go-to protective style for men, partly because they look so cool and sleek but also because they put a fun masculine twist on cornrows. Much like the work of the artist they were named after, these stylish braids have become a timeless fashion staple in the black community especially for men. So if you have been looking to switch up your look with a fun braid style, this is your sign to try pop smoke braids.

Need a little more convincing? We got you. Up ahead, we’ve got a collection of dapper pop smoke braids styles that will definitely grab your attention. Read ahead, to find your next look.

Do you shower with Braids?

You can shower with your braids. However, you have to take a few measures to prevent the hair from soaking up too much water and getting frizzy. You can do this by simply avoiding putting your braids directly under the showerhead and also avoid excessively rubbing them while you shower or wearing a shower cap or durag to protect your braids while you shower.

What is the best braids for Men?

The best braids for men will depend on your personal preference and taste as there are many stylish options that look incredible on guys. However, some great choices include pop smoke braids, box braids, stitch braids, and cornrows.

How long should men braids last?

The lifespan of your braids can vary based on the size and thickness of the braids. However, pop smoke braids generally last about 3-4 weeks with proper maintenance.

Do we also need to protect our braids at night?

Yes, men also need to protect their braids at night to help prevent frizz and breakage of their natural hair. Before going to bed, cover your braids with a silk or satin durag to keep them from exposure to friction.

How do you keep men braids from frizzing?

To keep your braids from getting frizzy, it is very important to cover them with a satin durag at night and also ensure they are consistently moisturized with a leave-in conditioner.

Additionally, you can prevent frizz by using a microfiber towel to dry your hair when you get out of the shower instead of using your regular towel. When applying products to your hair or washing your braids, it is also important to be as gentle as possible to minimize frizz.

How do you lay down stiff braids?

To lay down stiff braids, use a towel soaked in warm water to gently press down the braids, then tie a satin durag firmly on the head to help the braids lay down. You can leave the durag on overnight and take it off by the next morning or wear it for about 1-2 hours if you’re in a rush. Using a hair steamer in place of a warm towel is also another great alternative for laying down stiff braids.

How do you soften synthetic hair braids?

To soften your synthetic hair braids, it is important to make sure your braider dips them in hot water immediately after braiding. This will help loosen the hair extensions and reduce tension on your scalp. After a few days, the braids will naturally start to get loose and soft on their own but you can hasten the process by massaging your scalp and wearing the braids down instead of tying them up.

How do men can maintain braids?

Braids are very low maintenance and easy to maintain. All you have to do is moisturize them with a leave-in spray 1-2 times a week and seal in that moisture with some hair oil. You can also use a little bit of hair mousse to lay down any flyaways and keep the hair neat once the braids start to get old and rough.

How much are braids for guys?

The cost of braids for guys will vary based on your location and how intricate the hairstyle is. However, you can expect to pay around $40-$100 for most men’s braid styles.

What is the ideal length for men pop smoke?

The ideal length for men’s pop smoke braids is generally between chin length and neck length. However, braids are all about versatility and can be worn according to your preference so feel free to wear them at shoulder length or longer.


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1. Heart-shaped Cornrows

Wear your pop smoke braids with a unique twist by donning this stylish heart-shaped version. Be sure to apply some oil to your scalp to keep it nourished.

Cornrows hairstyle for Black men

2. Freestyle Pop Smoke Braids

This is another cool way to pull off pop smoke braids if you want something that stands out.

pop smoke braids for boys

3. Triangular Pop Smoke Braids

Looking for something with a little more creative flair? Incorporate mini triangles into your braids.

Medium pop smoke braids

4. Criss-Cross Stitch Braids

Criss-cross stitch braids like these are perfect for guys who love to show off their personality.

Freestyle pop smoke braids on men

5. Zigzag Pop Smoke Braids

Elevate your high fade with the addition of zig-zag braids like these. This style is perfect for those with short to medium-length hair.

Zigzag pattern pop smoke braids

6. Tribal Pop Smoke Braids

Intriguing and incredibly artistic, these tribal pop smoke braids are a conversation starter that is sure to get you compliments.

Pop smoke braids for black boys

7. Medium Stitch Braids

Not a fan of spending hours getting your hair braided? Try medium stitch braids. You’ll be out of the braiding chair in very little time.

Stitch braids on Men

8. Criss Cross Large Braids

This hairstyle is ideal for guys who want to command attention with their look. Sleek and stylish, what more could a guy ask for?

Long pop smoke braids for Men

9. Classic Pop Smoke Braids

Keep things simple and classic by opting for traditional pop smoke braids.

Pop smoke braids on Short hair

10. Knotless Stitch Braids

Incorporate zigzag parts into your stitch braids to give them a more interesting look. This look requires moisture for maintenance so be sure to have a leave-in spray handy.

Knotless pop smoke braids for Boys

11. 6-Part Pop Smoke Braids

The great thing about pop smoke braids is the flawless finished look that comes from just a few braids. This sleek version is proof of just how cool and suave this seemingly simple style can turn out.

Mens pop smoke braids

12. Freeform Stitch Braids

Put your creativity on full display by trying these free-form stitch braids. The neat parts are the key to perfecting this look, so be sure to use a rat tail comb and some braiding gel.

Stitch braids for Black Men

13. Alternate Pop Smoke on Short Hair

These shiny and sleek pop smoke braids are a great choice for guys who like simplicity with a little extra detail.

Short hair pop smoke braids on Men

14. Pop Smoke Braids with Fade Haircut

If you have short hair and want to wear pop smoke braids, incorporating them into a mid fade haircut like this one is undoubtedly the best way to do it.

Trendy pop smoke braids on Men

15. Triangle-Parts Braids

Take your pop smoke braids to a whole new level of coolness by including triangle braids in each section. You can wear this style with a fade cut or a taper.

Jumbo braids on Black Men

16. Parted Pop Smoke Braid

Like most braid styles, pop smoke braids are very versatile so feel free to have fun with them and try different variations. This is another dapper version with unique partings that are sure to have you looking stylish.

Protective hairstyle for Men

17. Braids with Mid Fade Haircut

If your hair is too fine to handle cornrows, you can still wear pop smoke braids by trying a box braid version like this. Feel free to amp up the look with some hair cuffs.

Braids on Black Men

18. Small-Medium Pop Smoke

Go for these curved-shaped braids if you want something fashionable.

Short Pop smoke mens Hairstyle

19. Large Braids

Looking for a way to draw attention to the flawless lineup your barber created around your hairline? Try these dapper criss-cross braids.

Braids with Edges on Men

20. Mini Stitch Braids

These mini stitch braids are an amazing choice for guys with very short hair that may be hard to braid. You can use hair ties to secure the ends.

Mens mini pop smoke braids

21. Freestyle Braids with Undercut

These freestyle braids are a great way to add more flair to an undercut haircut. However, they would also look incredible with high tops.

Freestyle Pop smoke with Edge on Men

22. Freeform Tribal Braids

These tribal braids have a lot going on but they are also super stylish and unique. If you like something with a touch of personality, this look should be your go-to.

Tribal pop smoke on Black Men

23. Small Centered Pop Smoke Braid

Emphasize the middle part of your pop smoke braids by including a small centered braid down the middle for extra flair.

Protective hairstyle for Black men

24. Short Heart Cornrows

Who says men aren’t allowed to be a little romantic with their hairstyle? Wear these heart-shaped cornrows for Valentine’s Day and you are sure to impress anyone looking.

Cornrows on short hair

25. Pop Smoke Box Braids with Twists

This look is for those who want to wear pop smoke braids with a twist–literally. Instead of cornrows or braids, try twists with a single braid in the middle to accentuate the middle part.

Pop Smoke braids with accessories

26. Heart Shape Large Braids

This is another heart-shaped pop smoke braid hairstyle for guys who are not afraid to wear their hair with a touch of drama.

Black Mens cornrows

27. Sloping Pop Smoke

These unique pop smoke braids are a wonderful choice for guys looking for something that stands out.

Short pop smoke braids for Men

28. Feed-in Braids with Box Braids

If the shape of your hairline does not suit the classic side-parted style of pop smoke braids, switch things up with a straight-back look like this one.

Feed in braids on Men

29. Long Pop Smoke Braids

Got long hair and looking for a fun way to show it off? Try these stitch braids versions of pop smoke braids.

Pop smoke braids with Beard

30. Accessorized Pop Smoke Braids

Accentuate your braids with hair cuffs to make them stand out. You can even tie the whole look together with a matching neck chain that exudes class.

Accessorized pop smoke braids

31. Weave Stitch Braids

These stitch braids are a fun way to wear pop smoke braids with more detail and style. You’ll need to make sure your hair is nourished with a deep conditioner before braiding to achieve this sleek style

Pop smoke pattern on Men

32. Pop Smoke Bangs with Fade

This version of pop smoke braids has got to be one of the coolest ways to wear a man bun. Include some braids in the front to create face-framing bangs and you’re sure to look dashing.

Spider pop smoke braids

33. Side-part Stitch Braids

Try a zig-zag parted stitch braid look like this if you want some dapper to compliment your low fade.

Braids hairstyle on Black Men

34. Freestyle Cornrows

These freestyle cornrows are perfect for guys looking for something fashionable to wear on a special occasion.

Heart-shaped cornrows on Men

35. Short Pop Smoke Braids with Center Braid

These back-slopped pop smoke braids are a great way to get a clean look on short hair.

Pop smoke braids with center braid

36. Braids with Fade cut

if you have medium-length hair, this stitch braids and fade combo will have you looking sexy and stylish.

Pop smoke braids with Fade cut

37. Wavy Stitch Braids

Wavy stitch braids are a great protective style that will help maintain the health of your hair while you remain fashionable and slick.

Mens stitch braids hairstyle

38. Triangle-Part Braids with Edge Up

Go for single plaits with triangle parts if you are not a fan of cornrows. You can up the ante with mini braids in the center.

Braids with edge on Men

39. Freeform Pattern Braids

Free-form braids like these are perfect for guys with medium-length hair.

Freestyle pop smoke braids

40. Medium Pop Smoke Braids

There is something so effortlessly sauve about these medium-sized pop smoke braids. Everything from the cool parts to the crisp braids will have you looking handsome and stylish.

Mens protective hairstyle

41. Wavy Knotless Braids

This is another stylish take on pop smoke braids that will look amazing on guys with slightly longer hair.

Short knotless pop smoke braids

42. Mini Pop Smoke Braids

If you have short hair, try mini braids like these to keep your pop smoke braids neat and minimize tension on your scalp.

Mini pop smoke braids

43. Mini Pop Smoke Braids Divider

Draw attention to the outline of your tapered haircut by rocking these pop smoke braids with mini cornrows dividing each section.

Simple pop smoke braids

44. Freestyle Pop Smoke Braids Hairstyle

Your pop smoke braids don’t have to conform to the norm so if you are more on the creative side, try a mix of different cuts and patterns like these freestyle variations.

Freeform pop smokes on Men

45. Large Pop Smoke Braids

Try a curved style look like this if you are not a fan of the middle part commonly associated with pop smoke braids.

Short pop smoke braids on Boys

46. Micro Braids with Twists

Turn your micro braids into chunky twists to pull off this fun unconventional take on pop smoke braids.

Two Strand Twists on Black Men

47. Short Stitch Braids

These short stitch braids are so dapper and stylish that you’ll definitely want to take a few pictures for the gram once you get them done.

Stitch braids on Men

48. Mini Cornrows Pop Smoke

These mini heart-shaped cornrows are a great choice for guys who don’t mind wearing something more intricate. Be sure to moisturize the hair with a leave-in conditioner to keep the twisted ends juicy.

Cornrows on Black Men

49. Large Zigzag Braids with Beard

If you want something that will tie together your beard and hairstyle, these zig-zag braids are definitely the way to go.

zigzap braids in Men

50. Tribal Pop Smoke Braids

Put a fun spin on the classic pop smoke braids hairstyle by incorporating mini braids to achieve this tribal look.

Mens pop smoke braids hairstyle

51. Short Zigzag Stitch Braids

Zig-zag braids like these are a great way to add a dramatic flair to braids done on short hair.

Protective pop smoke braids


So there you have it gents, a selection of amazing pop smoke braid styles that are undeniably stylish and versatile. With a wide variety of innovative designs and cuts, this statement hairstyle is guaranteed to add unique masculine flair to your whole vibe. Let us know, which of the looks from this post caught your eye.