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40 Stylish Ways to Wear Headwraps For a New Look

It’s no secret that wearing your natural hair does wonders for your confidence and creativity. But did you know you can take things up a notch by styling your hair with a headwrap?  

Head wraps have been a common fashion accessory for women in many parts of the world for centuries but these days, our natural hair queens are rocking them with a cool modern vibe we simply can’t get enough of.  Whether you have you’re having a bad hair day or just looking to elevate your look, a well-styled head wrap is guaranteed to take you from basic to fabulously stylish in very little time.

In this article, we’ve put together some incredible headwrap styles that will transform your entire look.

What are head wraps used for?

Headscarves may be worn for a variety of purposes, such as protection of the head or hair from rain, wind, dirt, cold, warmth, for sanitation, for fashion, recognition or social distinction; with religious significance, to hide baldness, out of modesty, or other forms of social convention.

Are headwraps a protective style? Does hair wrapping help your hair grow?

Head wraps can be considered a protective style since they keep your hair covered, shielding it from environmental factors that could dry it out or cause damage. However, if your goal is to completely tuck your hair away to prevent over-manipulation, then it is best to put your actual hair in a proper protective style like twists or braids and then cover it with a head wrap. 

Wrapping your hair will not directly grow your hair but it can help you with length retention. The more your hair is protected from breakage, the lesser the chances of it breaking off. So over time, you will notice an increase in the length of your hair

Can headwraps work for long locs?

You can wear headwraps with long locs. You just have to put the locs up in a loose bun or ponytail before proceeding to tie your headscarf. Watch this video by Youtuber, Keisha Charmaine to get a few ideas on how to style your locs with a headwrap.

What type of material is best for head wraps?

The best materials for head wraps are cotton, chiffon, silk, and stretch jersey. These fabrics are very light and easy to work with, so they will not put so much tension on your head. They also stay in place for longer. Whatever material you choose, make sure it is lined with either silk or satin to keep your hair from drying out. You can also wear a silk scarf underneath before wrapping the hair.

What ethnicity wears head wraps?

Head wraps are not exclusive to one particular ethnicity. You’ll find them worn by people around the world from different cultures and ethnicities for various reasons. However, they are very common with African women who have historically always paired them with matching outfits.

Is it cultural misappropriation for non-black people to wear headwraps? Can a white girl wear a head scarf?

No one race or culture has the exclusive license to head coverings. So anyone can wear them, including white girls.

Are headwraps appropriate for work or school?

Head wraps are appropriate for school since there is no dress code or law makess them unlawful. However, when it comes to work, it all depends on the type of environment you work in. If you work in a formal corporate setting, they may not necessarily be considered appropriate attire. On the other hand, those who work in places where casual outfits are allowed can easily rock their head wraps to work.

The conversation about headwraps at work is really a delicate matter with so many factors involved. For example, women who wear it for religious reasons will have no choice but to wear their headwraps to any work setting. It may be best to talk to some of your co-workers or friends about this topic before making a decision.

How do you keep your head scarves from sliding back?

To keep your head scarves from sliding back, make sure you wear some type of undercap before putting on the headwrap. You can use a wig cap for this purpose or find a cotton inner cap. Either of these two options will help your headwrap stay in place. When you finally tie the head scarf, make sure the ends are securely tucked in or held in place with a Bobby pin or ballpoint pin to further prevent it from sliding off.

How to securely tie and style my headwrap so it´s not too tight and doesn’t hurt (YT tutorial)

There are so many ways to style your head wrap so it isn’t too tight. This video from YouTuber, Glory Okings has some very easy headwrap styles that will not hurt or put so much tension on your head.

Lovely headwraps style for black women


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1. Halo Headwrap Style

This full-coverage halo headwrap is perfect for days when your hair looks a little rough. It is also very easy to tie. Just twirl one end of your scarf and wrap it around.

What you will need: Long Head Wrap

head wrap style on black women

2. Turban Headwrap on Long Locs

This is another lovely halo-style turban that is perfect for the girlies looking to have fun with their locs. You can accentuate the final look with some statement earrings.

What you will need: Pleated Turban in Brown

head wrap for long locs

3. Head Scarf on Short Hair

This simple crisscross headwrap style is perfect for anyone with short hair as you will not have to worry about your hair moving the scarf out of place.

What you will need: Printed Scarf

head wrap for short hair

4. Printed African Style Headwrap

If you want a regal headwrap that will have you looking like a queen, you can never go wrong with an African print top bun. This style is great when you have some braids underneath that can be put into a top knot for volume but if you don’t, just grab a faux bun maker and place it inside a wig cap to achieve a similar look.

What you will need: African Head Scarf

head wrap style on long hair
Okai Fabrics

5. Head wrap with Jumbo Knot

This is another cute knotted head wrap style with an African hairband. It is a very simple look that is perfect for beginners trying headwraps for the first time.

easy head wrap for black women

6. Peach Pleated Head Wrap for Long Braids

Getting a little bored of your braids and need something to help spice them up? Grab a pleated long head scarf and tie this chic halo style. You can take things a step further with some lashes and a little lip gloss.

head wrap on long braids

7. Satin Head Scarf on Long Braids

This is another way to spruce up the look of your box braids. Use some edge gel to lay your baby hairs if you want to wear this look out while looking put together.

What you will need: Long Head Wrap

head scarf style for natural hair

8. Ribbed Head Wrap in Natural Curly Hair

This crisscross turban style is a lovely way to protect your hair while showing off your curls. Be sure to use a satin scrunchie to secure your afro puff and minimize breakage when you try to take down the style.

What you will need: Pleated Head Scarf

head scarf for natural curly hair

9. Printed Turban on Short Braids

Need a simple headwrap that can deliver the right pop of color to any outfit? Opt for an African print turban and put it into a neatly tucked headband to frame your braids.

What you will need: AfricanTurband

head scarf for long braids

10. Elegant Giant Knot in Blue Head Wrap

There is something so sophisticated about this top knot head wrap. When you use an ankara turban you are sure to look even more beautiful.

african head wrap style on black women

11. Long Bandies in Natural Curls

Wash n’ go didn’t go as planned? Use a pleated bandie to make a gorgeous headwrap updo and you won’t even remember you are having a bad hair day.

beautiful head wrap style on women

12. Long Braids with Head Wrap

If you want to keep your braids out of the way while you have fun or run errands, just put them into a big headwrap bun. Pull one or two braids to the front to frame your face. You can even match your entire makeup to the same color as your scarf if you want a little extra flair.

What you will need: Long Head Wrap

head wrap for long braids

13. Curly Hair Head Wrap with Bangs

Protect your curls from humidity in the winter with a lovely top bun head wrap like this. Create a little peekaboo moment by putting your front sections into bangs.

What you will need: Long Head Wrap

head scarf style for natural curls

14. Tie Knot Wrap on Long Braids

A tied knot is one of the easiest headwrap styles you can rock if you have braids. All you gotta do is put your braids into a bun and pull the scarf towards the front of the bun. Then roll the ends of the scarf into a knot and tuck it in.

What you will need: African Printed Turband

headscarf style for long braids

15. Pleated Head Wrap on Curls

This pleated head wrap is an amazing look that can take you from day to night. Just make sure your curls are well moisturized with a leave-in conditioner to keep them from drying out.

What you will need: Pleated Long Head Wrap

head wrap for natural curly hair

16. Bandies on Long Wavy Hair

Just got a silk press and trying to preserve the look for as long as possible? Try this low bun headwrap style. You can elevate this look with some highlighter and lashes for a full glam.

What you will need: Long Head Wrap

head scarf style on natural hair

17. Ribbed Knot on Short Hair

If you’re looking for something that requires very little effort and skill, this is a great option for you.

What you will need: Head Scarf Wraps

head wrap for short hair

18. Leopard Satin Scarf on Two Strand Twists

If you are trying to wear your two-strand twists for a few days before turning them into a twist-out, a simple bandana-style headwrap like this one with a satin scarf is the best choice for you. This look will prevent your twists from getting frizzy and keep you looking cute in the process.

What you will need: Satin Large Head Wrap

head wrap on black women

19. Brown Halo Head Wrap on Medium Braids

This stylish halo head wrap is a timeless look that is perfect for braids of any length. Jazz it up with some earrings and you can wear this look anywhere.

What you will need: Pleated Long Head Wrap

head wrap style for black girls

20. Peach Head Scarf on Natural Curly Hair

Elevate the look of your curls with a crisscross head wrap style like this. Be sure to use a bright-colored scarf like peach to add more fun to your outfit.

What you will need: Long Turban

head wrap on natural 4c hair


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Headwraps for any hairstyles on black women

21. Ankara Turban on Curls

An ankara turban is a great way to spruce up the appearance of your curls. This particular style is perfect for a day out and can be elevated with some eyeshadow or a silver necklace.

What you will need: Ankara Print Headwrap

cute head wraps on black girls

22. Double Halo Wrap on Short Two Strand Twists

Show off your creativity with a double halo headwrap if you are trying to maintain your two-strand twists. Be sure to use a leave-in spray to keep your hair moisturized.

What you will need: Long Head Wrap

head wrap style for black women

23. Peach Turban on Short Natural Curls

Who says a mini-fro or TWA is boring? Use a bandana turban to style your curls and you’ll surely be showered with compliments.

head scraf style on short curly hair

24. Zebra Print Head Wrap on High Bun

This zebra printed headwraps styled unto a criss-cross top bun will surely have your turning heads. Just wear a satin cap underneath to keep the scarf from sliding off.

What you will need: Printed Head Wrap

head wrap for long hair

25. Stretchy Headband on Short Hair

If you have a really short afro, you can wear this minimalist headwrap when you want to add a bit more drama to your look without doing too much. Blend some yellow eyeshadow into your crease and finish off the look with a bold red lipstick if you want to the things up a notch.

What you will need: Head Scarf

head scarf style on short hair

26. Pleated Wrap on Long Twists

When the weather gets a little hot in the summer and you need to get your long twists out of the way, try this cute top knot head wrap style. If you really want to bring the drama to any room you walk into, grab a colorful eyeshadow palette and create a cut crease smoky eye look.

What you will need: Long Pleated Turban

head wrap for long natural hair

27. Boho Scarf on Locs

If you have been looking for a way to try something new with your locs, this boho print headscarf is a wonderful way to upgrade your look.

What you will need: Boho Print Head Scarf

locs on head wrap

28. Head Scarf on Bun

This is another beautiful headwrap look that’s perfect for the loc girlies. You can wear this style when you are running errands on a casual day or pair it with a necklace, some lip gloss, and mascara for an effortless take on the clean girl aesthetic.

What you will need: African Print Head Scarf

head wrap style for long locs

29. Pleated Headwrap on Ponytail Braids

Take your ponytail braid from basic to stylish with this pleated headwrap style. Use a little mousse on the ends of the braids to tame any flyaways if your braids a starting to look old.

What you will need: Big Turban

head scarf for long braids

30. African Scarf Half Headwrap

Wear your headwrap with some finesse by rocking a halo look with an African print scarf. Pair this look with some braids and you’ll look like a pro even if it is your first time wearing a headwrap.

What you will need: Boho Print Head wrap

head wrap for black women

31. Printed Purple Head Scarf on High Bun Style

This elegant high bun style is a fantastic choice for students who may not have time to style their hair on busy mornings. With this look, you’ll be on your way to class in less than five minutes.

What you will need: African Print Head Scarf

easy head wrap for natural hair

32. High Bun on Satin Head Scarf

We are absolutely head over heels with this glamorous high bun headwrap style. Try it when you’re feeling fancy and you’ll be posing for pictures in every direction too.

What you will need: Printed Head Scarves

head wrap on black women

33. Tied Head Scarf with Natural Curly Bangs

You know those days when you’re trying to install a hairstyle like mini twists that take forever to complete and you gotta go out with half-done hair because you didn’t finish the day before? This gorgeous headwrap style is perfect for those moments. You can pull the front section of your hair out to create bangs.

What you will need: Long Head Wrap

head scarf on short hair

34. Head Scarf Turban Style on Long Locs

Living your best life out in the sun during summertime and need something to keep your locs out of the way? This cute headwrap look may be just what you need.

What you will need: Pleated Turban in Dark Brown

head wrap for long locs on black women

35. Satin Head Scarf on Low Bun

Try a simple low satin headband if you don’t know much about tying a headwrap or just need something quick and easy to spice up your low bun.

What you will need: African Style Head Band

africana head scarf on black women

36. African Turban Style on Natural Curls

Wear this African print head wrap on a special occasion with some of your curly hair out and you’ll have heads turning in every direction.

What you will need: Boho Head Wraps

african style head wrap for black girls

37. African Scarf on Bun Braids

If you are trying to look fashionable with an African African print headwrap, this is one of the best ways to do it. Some box braids pulled into a bun with lashes and some lipgloss and you’ll look like a queen without even really trying.

What you will need: African Head Wraps

head wrap on long box braids

38. Half Head Wrap on Short Curls

If the half-up half-down look is one of your favourite hairstyles, this is a great way to get a somewhat similar look without putting too much pressure on your hair. Simply twirl the ends of any colorful headscarf to create this half-halo and let the rest of your curls flow down the sides of your gorgeous face.

What you will need: Ankara Head Wraps

head wrap style for short hair

39. Knot Turban on Curly Puff

An afro puff is cute and all but if you really want to up the ante, you’ve got to try styling it with a knotted turban style like this.

What you will need: Big Turban

headwrap on natural curly hair

40. Head Band on Short Curls

If you have short hair that is often difficult to put into a bun, try this afro puff look with a headwrap around the base to keep it secure and stylish.

What you will need: Ankara Head Wraps

head scarf style on natural curly hair
Tiana Woodard

41. Wired Jumbo Bandie for Bun Hairstyle

This super cute headwrap style is perfect for women who love to show off their creativity when it comes to fashion.

What you will need: Boho Head Scarfs

Headwrap with ribbon on women

42. Silk Headwrap with Bangs

Try a silk headwrap if you want to keep your curls protected from friction and frizz while looking chic.

What you will need: African Head Wraps

headwrap with bangs on black women


Headwraps are a trendy and stylish way to wear your natural hair without any hassle. No matter what climate or season you find yourself in, you can always trust your headwrap to keep you looking regal and glamorous while protecting your natural hair. So, be sure to try some of the lovely styles from this article on your curls and coils. You can even rock them with locs and braids.

Stunning headwraps you should try on!