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40 Curly Bangs Hairstyles That Look Sexy on Black Women

Bangs are one of the few truly timeless hairstyles that never go out of fashion. Whether it’s the way they accentuate the face or instantly draw attention to the eyes, there is just something so chic and iconic about them. However, when you have curly hair, wearing bangs can be a little intimidating because you never know if it will turn out as good as you hope. A few wrong snips and you run the risk of looking like a mop head. But, curly bangs look incredible when done right. We’re talking bouncy and juicy face-framing perfection that will transform your entire look. 

Need some proof to believe it? We got you covered. In this article, we’ve put together a varied collection of amazing curly bangs hairstyles that will have you looking like the sexy melanated goddess you are and leave you drooling in anticipation of your next salon visit.

What is the difference between bangs and fringe?

Bangs and fringe are pretty much the same thing. The difference between both words depends on what part of the world you are in. The word bangs is commonly used in North America while people in Europe and Australia would say fringe. However, since the world is basically a global village these days, it is very common to find both words used interchangeably in many parts of the world.

How do you make curly bangs curlier?

To make your bangs curlier, you will need to apply some curling cream to enhance the curl definition. Then use your fingers to gently rake the product through your hair or shingle each strand to make the curls pop. Once your curls are defined, try to avoid touching the hair and let it set and dry in the position you have styled it.

How do you know if curly bangs will suit you as a black woman?

The great thing about bangs in general is that they come in so many different styles. So, no matter your preference, you can always find something to suit you. Now, as a black woman, there is no rule that says curly bangs will not look good on you. It all depends on your face shape and the style of bangs you go for, so the only way to know for sure if curly bangs will suit you is to try them. If you are skeptical about trying bangs with your natural hair, you can wear a curly wig with bangs to see how well the look suits you without having to make any major changes to your real hair.

Can 4c hair have curly bangs?

If you have 4c hair, you can definitely achieve bangs on your natural hair. You can either rock your natural hair texture or use a flat iron to straighten your hair to achieve a more loose curly appearance. Basically, with your 4c hair, you can rock two different looks.

Are curly bangs high maintenance?

Curly bangs are super cute but yes they can be a little high-maintenance. With curly hair, your bangs tend to evolve and go through different phases as time goes by so you will have to maintain a consistent routine of trimming them every few weeks. You also need to style your bangs on a bi-weekly basis by brushing and applying a curling cream to maintain the shape and definition of the look.

What is the best way to keep my bangs in its place?

The best way to keep your curly bangs in place is to style them with a little gel. This will give the hair a little hold and keep it from shrinking or moving out of place. You can also use a Bobby pin to secure your bangs from the roots. This technique works best with those who have highly dense hair that will cover up the pin.

Is it fine to cut my curly hair to have a fringe?

You can cut your curly hair to achieve a fringe if you do not mind losing a little length in the front section of your hair. However, it is best to get the cut done by a professional who is used to cutting curly hair to make sure you get an even and clean cut and avoid damage to your ends.

Does having bangs suits any hairstyle?

Bangs can really complement and elevate several hairstyles like buns, half-up half-down, buns, middle part, pixie cuts, braids, and even two-strand twists. But, they may not always suit every hairstyle. The good news is the styling options are plenty. As you’ll see in this article, there are tons of different hairstyles can be styled with bangs.


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1. Dark Brown Frizzy Hair

This gorgeous dark brown look is a great way to try curtain bangs on curly hair. The curls are slightly layered and can be made to look fuller with some hair mousse.

What you will need: Oyin Handmade Hair Dew 

natural curly hair on black girls

2. Short Curly Hair with Fringe

A medium-length look like this is a super sexy and stylish way to rock curly bangs for a night out. The fringe falls just above the eyebrows so you really get to attract attention to the eyes with bold lashes and some eyeshadow.

What you will need: ORS Olive Oil Hold & Shine Wrap Set Mousse

curly fringe on black women

3. Afro Fringe on 4c Hair

Elevate your afro puff and top knots by rocking some bangs in the front section. This look is great for 4c hair that has been defined with a little curl pudding.

chunky curly bangs on black women

4. Curly Fringe on 3c Hair

Get a curly cut with slightly long bangs to achieve this beautiful curly fringe. You’ll need to make sure the hair is properly moisturized with a leave-in conditioner if you want this juicy definition.

What you will need: Mielle Organics Babassu Brazilian Curly Cocktail Curl Mousse

natural curly bangs

5. High Bun with Long Curly Fringe

This high bun is one look that is sure to have you turning heads. It is perfect for the summer since the fringe is very light and will not build up too much sweat.

What you will need: Cute satin scrunchies and Camille Rose Naturals Curl Love Moisture Milk

top knot with curly bangs

6. Shoulder Length Curls with Bangs

This shoulder-length curly bang look is nothing short of perfection. The volume and slight shagginess of this look will give you a newfound appreciation for hair with a little frizz.

What you will need: Mielle Organics Babassu Brazilian Curly Cocktail Curl Mousse

curly fringe on type 4 hair

7. Curly Puff with Curly Bangs

If you are a fan of afro puff, you can give them an upgrade by incorporating some bangs to frame the face. You’ll need to make sure your hair is covered with a satin bonnet at night to maintain this flawless curl definition.

What you will need: Mielle Pomegranate & Honey Leave-In Conditioner

curly bangs on black women

8. Wrapped Pineapple with a Curly Fringe

Looking for a fashionable way to keep your hair out of your face? Try putting it in a pineapple style like this one and accessorize with a headwrap for extra sass.

What you will need: Head scarf and The Mane Choice Tropical Moringa Sweet Oil & Honey, Endless Moisture Rinse Out or Leave-In Conditioner

natural curly hair on black women

9. Ombre Curly Bangs

Make your curls stand out by wearing them with a little color. You can incorporate some blonde highlights for a touch of depth.

What you will need: Maui Moisture Flexible Hold + Coconut Milk Curl Foam Mousse

short curly hair on black girls

10. Finger Coils Fringe on 4b Hair

These stunning finger coils are an amazing way to rock curly bangs with type 4 hair. You don’t even have to cut your hair if you don’t want to, just style the hair into a side part and use a Bobby pin to tuck the front section in.

short hair with bangs

11. Brown Ocean Wave Curl

This ocean wave curl with bangs is a great choice for women who do not want to make any major changes to their natural hair. Just grab a curly bob-length wig and use the SheaMoisture Curl Mousse to smooth down the curls.

short curly bangs on black girl

12. Ocean Wave Human Hair Wig with Wavy Bangs

This is another beautiful curly bang look for fans of wigs. The wispy fringe on this ocean wave human hair will look lovely on anyone.

What you will need:  Lottabody Milk and Honey Refine Me Curl Defining

curly bangs on black women

13. Wash and Go with Coily Fringe

Take your wash n’ go’s from basic to sexy by including some bangs. You can wear this look from day to night as long as you switch up your lipstick to a cute shade of pink or red when necessary.

What you will need: EDEN BodyWorks Coconut Shea Curl Defining Creme

curly hairstyle on black girls

14. Large Fro with Curtain Bangs

Rock your curly afro with a middle part and curtain bangs if you really want to stand out from the crowd. You can accentuate the look with bold earrings and a layered necklace.

What you will need:  Mielle Pomegranate & Honey Curl Defining Mousse

afro hairstyle on black women

15. Fluffy Twist-Out Bangs

Whoever said 4c hair can’t be cute and alluring, needs to take a look at this beauty. With a well-fluffed twist out and some bangs, you can be well on your way to looking like a work of art.

What you will need: Flora & Curl Sweet Hibiscus Twist & Braid Hair Cream 

twists out hairstyle with bangs

16. Loose Curl Wig with Curtain Bangs

Want to try the layered curtain bangs look without having to get a haircut? A loose curly wig like this one styled with  Design Essentials Curl Enhancing Mousse will get you the curtain bangs of your dreams.

natural curls on black girls

17. Ginger Curly Bangs

There is no doubt that bangs give you a new look but if you really want to switch things up and have fun while at it, color your hair a deep shade of ginger. This look works well with just about any skin tone so don’t be afraid to try it out.

What you will need: Qhemet Biologics Aethiopika Hydrate & Twist Butter

curly afro hairstyle with bangs

18. Deep Wave Curls with Thin Bangs

Full bangs can be a bit of a hassle in the summer when you get all sweaty. Try thin bangs with only a few sections of hair instead. You can use a curling cream and the finger coiling method to achieve this look.

What you will need: Creme of Nature Argan Oil Style & Shine Foaming Mousse

long curly hair with bangs

19. Finger Curls with Wispy Bangs

This is another amazing curly bangs hairstyle that’s perfect for the summer. Be sure to use a little gel to enhance the curl definition.

What you will need: Creme of Nature Argan Oil Style & Shine Foaming Mousse

curly bob hairstyle on black girls

20. Curly Bob Wig with Full Bangs

Want something light and easy to style? Go for a curly bob-length wig. With this look, you can be out of the house in very little time. Simply up the ante with some eyeliner and mascara around your eyes.

What you will need: Uncle Funky’s Daughter Supercurl Miracle Moisture Creme 

short curly bangs on black women


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21. Ginger Chunky Curls

This ginger look is perfect for women who do not mind experimenting with colored hair. Dyeing the hair can leave it a little dry and prone to frizz so try to use a deep conditioner before styling.

What you will need: African Pride Moisture Miracle Rose Water & Argan Oil Curl Hair Mousse

Kinky afro curls hairstyle

22. Curly Wig With Bangs

Curly wigs do not always have to be in a loose texture. If you want something a little closer to your natural hair pattern, try a kinky wig and cut some bangs in the front.

What you will need: As I Am Twist Defining Cream

afro hairstyle with bangs

23. Purple Mohawk Curly Bangs

If you want something edgy and unique, this mohawk-style curly bangs should definitely be on your to-do list. Use some purple dye wax to make things even more interesting.

What you will need: SheaMoisture Curl Mousse for Frizz Control 

Mohawk curls with bangs

24. Picked Out Curly Hair with Short Bangs

When it comes to styling your curly bangs, there is really no limit to what you can do. The voluminous look of these short bangs is another fantastic way to switch things up.

What you will need: SheaMoisture Mousse for Curly Hair, Wigs and Weaves

natural hairstyle with fringe

25. Messy Twist-Out Curls

If your 4c hair is in the medium-length stage, now is the time to try this flawless look with your twist out. Curl definition is not the main focus here, just pull your hair into some messy bangs.

What you will need: SheaMoisture Mousse for Curly Hair, Wigs and Weaves

Short curly hair on Black women

26. Blonde Fade Haircut

Your short hair does not have to boring as long as you are open to trying different things. This fade cut with bangs will have you showered with compliments.

Fade haircut with bangs

27. Short Finger Coils with Bangs

This is another one for the short-haired girlies; especially those with type 4 hair. Apply some leave-in conditioner and curling cream to achieve this lovely hairstyle.

Finger coils hairstyle

28. Loose Finger Coils Hairstyle

Shine, volume, definition. This hairstyle really has it all. With some gel and a diffuser, you too can achieve this flawless look with your loose curly hair.

What you will need: tgin Rose Water Defining Mousse

curly bangs on black women

29. Short Curly Wave

This curly wave really stands out because of the cute bangs in front. You can wear this hairstyle on any occasion and you are guaranteed a few compliments coming your way.

What you will need: Jane Carter Solution Wrap & Roll Smooth Styling Mousse

natural curly hairstyle

30. Fluffy Ginger Curls

This ginger curly look is perfect for women who have highly dense hair. With some mousse applied to your strands, you can get the big hair of your dreams.

What you will need: Bb Tropical Roots Sculpting Foam

auburn curly hair

31. Short Natural Hair

Looking for a way to wear your short natural hair on a special occasion? This wash n’ go style will have your 4c hair looking as delightful as ever.

What you will need:  Aunt Jackie’s Frizz Patrol Anti-Poof Setting Mousse

Natural hairstyle for black girls

32. Ginger-Copper Colored Curly Hair

We simply cannot help but fall in love with this two-toned curly fro. The bangs stand out even more because of the contrast between the copper and ginger sections.

Ginger curls on Black women

33.Short Orange Curly Hair

If you want your curly bangs to stand out from the crowd, there is no better way to do it than coloring it a bright shade of ginger.

What you will need: Mielle Pomegranate & Honey Curl Defining Mousse

ginger curly hair with bangs

34. Wavy Curls With Wavy Fringe

This wavy curly look with side-parted bangs is perfect for a night out. Take things up a notch with a full face of glam with highlighter, blush, and some lip gloss.

What you will need: African Pride Moisture Miracle Rose Water & Argan Oil Curl Hair Mousse

curly bob with bangs

35. Mini Curls with Side Bangs

Got 3c and 4a curls that need a little touch of drama? Style them into side bangs to create a layered look like this.

natural curly bangs on black women

37. Super Curly Bangs Hairstyle

This look is perfect for Bantu knotouts done on type 4 hair. You can use bobby pins to create faux bangs and accentuate the style with face-framing twists.

What you will need: Hair accessories

two strand twists hairstylw with bangs

38. Tight Curly Hair with Fringe

If you want to transform your 4c wash n ‘go, include some bangs that fall right above the brows. You will be surprised at the big difference such a subtle change will make.

What you will need: As I Am Twist Defining Cream

curly afro hairstyle on black women

39. Frizzy Fringe Hairstyle

This hairstyle is perfect for those with loose curls who are looking for something to make their hair more dramatic.

What you will need:  Lottabody Coconut and Shea Oils Wrap Me Foaming Mousse

natural curly hairstyle on black girls

40. Short Hair with Curly Fringe

This is a lovely hairstyle for anyone with short to medium-length hair. You will not have to cut your hair to achieve this look. Just use some gel to enhance your curls.

Short natural hairstyle on black girls

41. High Bun with Curly Bangs

Looking for an elegant look to wear on a special occasion? Try this high bun and bangs combo.

High Bun Bangs on Black women

42. Black/Wine Curly Hair

Incorporate some red highlights into your curls to give them more depth and elevate your bangs.

Curly Hair with Hair Dye

43. Short Sisterlocs with Bangs

Who says sister locs can’t be rock bangs? Apply some mousse to your locs and use perm rods to achieve this cute hairstyle.

Sisterlocs hairstyle on Women
@msnaturalhairexpo 3

44. Twist Out Natural Hair

Add a touch of drama to your twist out by rocking them with a deep side part to create a side-swept bangs look. You can accessorize with flower hair clips for extra flair.

Twist out on Black girls
@msnaturalhairexpo 3

45. Side-apart Curly Ombre

A deep side part like this is one of the best ways to rock curly bangs without doing much to your hair. Just fluff your curls and pull one side towards the face to achieve this cute style.

Natural curly hair idea for Black women

46. Faux Curly Bangs

Styling bangs with your real hair can be a bit of a hassle when you’re in a rush. To save time, just use clip-in faux bangs to achieve your desired look.

Bun with curly bangs


Curly bangs are a stylish way to switch up your look, especially if you want to put your natural curls on full display. As you can see from the diverse selections of hairstyles we highlighted in this post, this look can work for any hair type so don’t hesitate to give it a try. Whether you’ve got short, long, coily, wavy, or curly hair, incorporate some bangs into your hair and enjoy the amazing transformation.