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65 Easy Natural Hairstyles For Teenage Black Girls

(Last Updated On: February 17, 2022)

Middle school and high school are important milestones in any teenager’s life. They should not have to worry about their hair on top of all the other things that’s going on in their social and academic life.

This is why this article will be providing many hairstyles ideas that are appropriate for pre-teens and teenagers. Some of these hairstyles are easy to do that your teenage daughter can replicate the hairstyle herself, which gives you time to style her little sister’s hair and/or focus on other things you have going on.

What are easy hairstyles for black teenage girls?

Of course, a ponytail is probably the easiest hairstyle for teenage girls to do, but that’s no fun at all! If you must style your hair into a ponytail, show off your creativity, and add some braids, twists, or beads.

Speaking of braids, there are many types of braids that are easy for teenage girls to do. Back in the day, some of us would get made fun of for our cultural hairstyles, but it’s great to see the newer generations embracing their natural hair and cultural hairstyles.

A lot of them are so easy that any teenager can do them. Buns are also easy hairstyles to do as long as you don’t make them too tight or leave them in for too long.

It’s vital to remember to switch out our hairstyles and give our hair a break once in a while.

What are some of the best back-to-school hairstyles?

The back-to-school hairstyle is the most important style in a teenager’s life, after the prom hairstyle. I’m sure we all remember getting our hair straightened, relaxed, braided, or even dyed. Now, we’re passing on the tradition to the new generation.

However, we should let them choose their own style. They deserve the chance to express themselves and not have styles forced onto them that they might not want. There are many great options below that would be perfect for a back-to-school style.

Share it with your teenager and let them choose the style that speaks to them the most. There are all kinds of styles below, like braids, wigs, puffs, wash, and gos, etc.

What are some styles for teenage girls with natural hair?

There are so many natural hairstyles below that a teenager will love. Whether it’s a puff or afro puffs, twist-outs, and braids outs, or even a simple wash and go, they have so many options to choose from.

It’s beautiful and inspiring that young girls are already in love with their hair when it took so many adults a long time to get to that place. More and more, I’m noticing that teenagers want to just let their hair do it’s own thing.

They don’t have to rock a weave, or braids if they don’t want to. There’s nothing wrong with these styles either, but sometimes you just want to put your hair back and call it a day.


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1. Twisted Updo with Braids

This is such a carefully crafted style that you’ll never want to take it down.


teenagers natural hairstyle

2. Heart Braids and Ponytail

Heart braids on their own are so much fun, but the ponytails can add much more personality.


valentines hairstyle for mixed black kids

3. Twisted Bun with Braids

While it’s fun to have thick enough hair to do this style, some of us just don’t have it, but that’s okay! We can have the next best thing.


teenagers natural hairstyle for black kids

4. Braided Bantu Knots

Can you think of a more perfect picture day style?


bantu knots on teenagers

5. Straight Back and Sideways Cornrows

Let the style last a while, but change the beads once in a while to make it new.


cornrows hairstyles on black teenagers

6. Braids into Twists Hairstyle

Having a hard time choosing between twists and braids? There’s no need because we can do anything with our hair!


two-strand twists on teenagers

7. Space Bun Braids into Twists

We can even add cute space buns to a braid and twist hybrid style.


cornrow mohawks on teenagers

8. Cornrows with Stretched Hair and Space Buns

Doing a twist out on stretched hair makes it look so much thicker and voluminous. Try it out sometime.


braid outs on teenage black girls

9. Braided and Twisted Puffy Ponytails

If you’re looking for a prom style that makes you look and feel like complete royalty, look no further!


biracial teenagers hairstyle

10. TWA with Side Part

If your teen has finally done ‘the big chop’ show them ways they can style their TWA just like this.


afro hairstyle on teenagers

11. Space Buns and Braided Front

Combining multiple different styles to create one amazing new style!

space buns on teenagers

12. Mini Space Buns with Colored Hair

Have all the fun with the mini buns!


red hair on natural hair

13. Stretched Natural Hair

Natural hair can be stretched with heat, or with methods like twist-outs or banding.


natural hairstyles on teenagers

14. High Puff with Front Twists

A simple style like this is perfect for a nice summer day or when they have a dance recital.

natural hairstyles for black teenage girl

15. Afro Puffs

A simple, yet cute style for the teenager who just needs a quick ‘do.

african american teenage natural hairstyles

16. Afro Puffs with Bangs

Adding bangs to afro puffs just adds a little sweetness to the style.

natural hairstyles for teenage short hair

17. Twist Out Puff

You can have the best of both worlds with slick edges and a natural puff. It’s a quick style to do too during the middle of the week.

natural hairstyles for teenage girl

18. Low Puff with Front Twists

Ponytail, but make it fashion! Add a cute part and some flat twists so it’s not just an everyday ponytail.

african american teenage natural hairstyles

19. Low Bun

Yes, it is a simple bun, but you can always add some colorful bobby pins to spice it up.

4c hair bun on teenagers

20. Side Part Afro

There’s nothing better than your natural afro. Spice it up with a deep side part.

easy natural hairstyles on teenagers

21. Half-up Half-Down Afro Puffs

A very fresh take on the simple half up half down style.

cute hairstyles on black teenagers

22. Wash and Go Blonde Curls

There’s nothing better than letting your curls flourish in their natural state.

wash and go on black teenagers

23. Burgundy Wash and Go on a Teenager

There is no one way to wear a wash and go, so you can do something like this.

wash and go on natural hair

24. Double Puff Half-Up Half-Down

You won’t be spending an hour getting ready if you style your hair this way. It takes no time at all!

4c hairstyles on teenagers

25. Slicked Back Puff

There’s nothing wrong with slicking back your hair and throwing it into a puff. Just don’t forget to wear a scarf at night.

afropuff on teenagers

26. Curly Slicked Back Puff

The trick to getting the perfect puff is to use a shoelace; that way you can control how tight or loose it is.


curly fro on teenager


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27. Head wrap and Slicked Back Edges

Some days you just don’t want to style your hair at all. Headwraps are perfect for those bad hair days.

headwrap hairstyle on teenagers

28. Pineapple Ponytail and Scarf

This is one way you can style a headscarf and it also protects your hair in the crowded hallways.

pineapple fro on teenagers

29. Short Length Twists

Not every style has to be long and flowing. Short styles are very much in style.


two-strand twists on teenagers

30. Braided Updo

Your prom crown will fit perfectly on top of this style, don’t worry.


braided frohawk on teenagers

31. Fulani Braids with Beads

Fulani Braids are culturally beautiful, and adding some beads to the ends is never a bad idea.

fulani cornrows on teenagers

32. Twisted Crown with Mini Braids

This is a style that looks complex, but is very simple to complete and would be such a beautiful prom style.

Tribal cornrows on teenagers

33. Flat Twists

This is a perfect style for a teenager who is an athlete or just has a busy schedule to keep up with.


flat twists on teenagers

34. Red and Black Curved Braids

Play around with your cornrows, and include different sizes, and some pretty parts.

Cornrows on teenagers

35. Braided Double Buns

Braided buns are the best style for those weeks where you just don’t feel like styling your hair daily.

Braided buns on teenagers

36. Straight Back Large and Mini Cornrows

Multi-sized braids protect your hair, but also give people something to stare at as you walk down the hall.

all-back stitch braids on teenagers

37. Jumbo and Mini Straight Back Cornrows

Dramatic size differences in cornrows are just perfect for anyone!

Simple all-back cornrows on black teenagers

38. Elegant Twisted Updo

Which prom dress can you see yourself wearing with this gorgeous updo style?

elegant corn rows on teenagers

39. Cornrow Box Braids

The best of both worlds: cornrows and box braids!

braided cornrows on teenage black girls

40. Braided Ponytail

Beyonce made the simple lemonade braids popular, but who says you can’t put a twist on it?

braided cornrows on teenage black girls


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41. Wavy Lemonade Cornrows on Teenagers

Words can’t even describe how creative these curvy parts are.


lemonade braids on teenagers

42. Lemonade Braids with Colored Hair

Blue hair is the perfect touch for some newly installed lemonade braids.


lemonade braids on black teenagers

43. Straight Backs with Colored Hair

Ask the stylist to braid some color into your teens’ hair so they can express themselves more.


all-back stitch braids on teenagers

44. Stitch Braids with Zig Zag Parts

Stitch braids are a new and improved version of simple cornrows and they look so much cooler too.


zig zag cornrows on black teenagers

45. Stitch Braids with a Bun

Buns really do go with any style, even braids!


simple cornrows hairstyle on teenagers

46. Double Bun Stitch Braids

What is better than swirly braids that end in cute double buns? Nothing!


curved stitch braids

47. Straight Backs with Large Zig Zag Part

Stitch braids are a lot easier to pair with a large zig-zag part.


red zig zag cornrows on teenagers

48. Large Straight Backs with Mini Connecting Cornrows

We’ve seen so many braid styles so far, but the mini connecting braids really take the cake.


tribal cornrows on teenagers

49. Heart Braids

Some braids just deserve to have hearts in them to let people know how much you’re in love with your hair.


cornrows for teenage girls

50. Cornrow Ponytail

Your star athlete deserves a style that won’t get in their way when they’re taking that winning shot.


cornrow hairstyles for 12 year olds

51. Mini Box Braids with Colored Hair and Curls

Teenagers love expressing themselves in any way they can, including adding funky colors to their hairstyles.


teenage braided hairstyles

52. Mid Back Length Goddess Locs

This is a perfect protective style for a teen to style in various ways, like ponytails or buns.

 braided hairstyles for teenagers

53. Thigh Length Bohemian Locs

Goddess Locs are such an underrated style that we should do more often as a community.


faux locs on teenage black girls

54. Triangle Part Faux Locs

Some teens are too indecisive when it comes to how they want their hair, but luckily they can dip their toes into change with faux locs.


shoulder length faux locs on teenagers

55. Rainbow Colored Box Braids

Let your teen express themselves and get creative with just a hint of a rainbow.


colorful box braids on teenagers

56. Senegalese Twists

Senegalese twists last a while and are a perfect style for a fashionista teenager who loves to express themselves.

jumbo senegalese twists for teenagers

57. Yellow Ended Triangle Part Box Braids

Just be a little ray of sunshine with yellow curls at the end of your braids.


bohemian box braids on teenagers

58. Jumbo Box Braids

The best thing about box braids this large is that it cuts off some of the time that box braids usually take.

big box braids on teenagers

59. Crochet Jumbo Twists

Twists that are soft and large still look good and are such a laid-back style for a laid-back teenager.

crochet braids on teenagers

60. Jumbo Twists

Jumbo braids not really your thing? How about jumbo twists?


Large box braids on teenagers

61. Brown and Blonde Passion Twists

The perfect style for your weekly study group!

passion twists hairstyle on teenagers

62. Blonde Mini Box Braids

Blonde is such a popular color with teenagers and they kill it every time.

Mini box braids on teenagers

63. Extra Long Wavy Wig

A good quality wig doesn’t come cheap but it’s worth the money for the perfect hairstyle, and hair your teen can use again.

lace wigs on black teenagers

64. Middle Part Wig

If side parts aren’t your style, try a wig with a middle part instead. They’ve been pretty popular lately.

ombre wig on teenagers

 65. Straight Light Brown Wig. Clip-in Natural Hair extensions

A straight wig with a gorgeous color is the perfect prom style. All you need is your crown!

human hair weave on teenagers


 Goddess Box Braids

A style this gorgeous deserves some extra accessories any teenager would love!

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