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10 Cute Back to School Natural Hairstyles for Black Kids

In this post, I want to share 10 back-to-school natural hairstyles for black girls. This is because it’s back to school season, which means that a lot of parents will be looking for natural hairstyles ideas for their daughters

These hairstyles range anywhere from easy and quick to a bit more complex and time-consuming.

Some kids might be more tender-headed and less patient than others. This means that you can choose the best hairstyle that best suits your daughter’s preferences.

Also be sure that you don’t pull too tightly on your daughter’s hair, as it might lead to breakage and traction alopecia. It will also result in an uncomfortable styling session both for your daughter and yourself or the hairstylist.

Another thing to note is that majority of these hairstyles are extensions free, but I’ve also included a few hairstyles that include the use of extensions, in case you want your daughter’s hairstyle to last longer.

DISCLAIMER: These pictures are all sourced from Pinterest. To be credited for your personal picture, please contact me with the exact picture and I’ll be sure to credit you.

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10 Natural Hairstyles for Black Girls

1. Tension Free Kinky Twists

This hairstyle requires some Marley twists for volume. You can also avoid adding hair extension by using your daughter’s hair if her hair is long enough. Whatever method you choose, please be sure to not pull too tightly on her scalp.

natural hairstyles for black girls

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2. Shuku (Nigerian name for the back hairstyle) with Twists

This is such a popular hairstyle for schoolgirls in Nigeria. They are easy to put in and takedown. This hairstyle is also perfect for kids with shorter hair length, and for parents who aren’t skilled in elaborative hairstyles. You will need small perm rods to get the curly ends.
african american kids hairstyle

3. Double braided buns

For younger kids who can’t sit through a long hairstyling session, this quick and easy hairstyle will be the best choice. It can be done while the child is watching TV or playing games on her iPad.
african american kids hairstyle

4. Mickey Mouse Puffs

Ideal for kids who can’t sit for more than 5 minutes to get their hair done. Simply apply a leave-in conditioner such as the shea moisture kids conditioner and pull her hair into two puffs.

natural hairstyles for black girls

5. Banded Bubble Twists

This is such a fun look for little girls who are into bright colors. This hairstyle will also help keep your daughter’s hair stretched for days! All you need for this hairstyle is a pack of colorful rubber bands. 

natural hairstyles for black girls

6. Cornrowed Halo Crown with a Heart

If you have more time on your hands, and a child who loves to sit through hair days, you can try this unique hairstyle. This hairstyle is also perfect for Valentine’s day and weddings.  You might need the help of a professional hairstyle to get the perfect look. And you will need about 2-3 packs of kanekalon hair.

natural hairstyles for black girls

7. Minimalist Cornrows with Accessories

This is another hairstyle I enjoyed getting as a child. Except children in Nigeria usually don’t use hair extensions, so I didn’t have one. Due to the use of extensions, this hairstyle can last up to a month, if taken care of.

natural hairstyles for black girls

8. Kids Lemonade Braids

This is the kids’ version of the popular lemonade braids hairstyle. You can accessorize it with hair strings and braid rings.

natural hairstyles for black girls

9. Double Patẹwọ (Yoruba name for the hairstyle) with Infinity braid

Patẹwọ means “clap hands” in the Yoruba language. This is another popular school girl hairstyle in Nigeria and many parts of Africa. You can modernize and accessorize this hairstyle with kid-friendly hair accessories.

natural hairstyles for nigerian girls

10. Freestyle shuku with loose twists

This is such a beautiful hairstyle for kids in an elementary school. It’s lightweight and easy to run around with on the playground. If your child has shorter hair length, you can add some Marley hair in for length and volume.

natural hairstyles for black girls

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Kids Natural Hair Maintenance Tips

You want to keep your daughter’s hair in a satin bonnet when she sleeps at night.

When she showers, make sure she wears a shower cap so that her hair doesn’t get wet and shrink up. 

To keep her scalp moisturized, use an anti-itch scalp oil that will keep her scalp fresh and supple.

To keep her hair moisturized, lightly spray it with a leave-in conditioner spritz. You can either buy one or make yours in a spray bottle. A basic hair spritz includes water, leave-in conditioner, and oil.

To take down the hairstyle, lightly spray her hair with the leave-in spritz so that her hair is moisturized and doesn’t break off when you take it down. Also, be sure to detangle as you go, so you won’t have much work afterward.

Which hairstyle will you be trying on your daughter’s hair next?