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60 Charming Bohemian Goddess Braids for Beautiful Women

We all love our classic box braids but sometimes you may want to switch things up and go for a slightly different look. This is why the ever-creative stylists in the black community have handed us bohemian braids. These braids are a fun twist on the box braids we all know and love but they have curly hair attached for extra volume, definition and a little extra sass.

If you’ve been looking for ways to try something new with your braids, you’ve come to the right place because we have put together some seriously gorgeous bohemian (boho) braids you are going to fall in love with.

Are boho braids a protective style?

Boho braids are a protective style because they keep your natural hair strands tucked in and protected from over-manipulation and other environmental aggressors. This means they can help maintain the health of your hair and even result in significant hair growth over time.

Do bohemian braids tangle over time and how can I manage this?

Bohemian braids have loose curly hair woven into each braid and as such, they tend to get tangled over time. But, with the right maintenance routine, you can prevent that. 

To avoid ending up with tangled boho braids, divide them into two even sections before going to bed, then wrap both sides around the head and use bobby pins to secure them. Tie a satin or silk scarf on the head to protect the braids from any friction while you sleep. 

How can I maintain knotless bohemian braids so they last long?

The key to maintaining your bohemian braids is to make sure they are well moisturised and prevented from becoming frizzy. You can moisturise your braids with a hair refresh spray 1-2 times a week. Additionally, you can apply some hair mousse on the loose curly hairs attached to the braids to keep them smooth and tangle-free. Be sure to use your fingers to lightly smooth and twirl the loose curls when to enhance their curl definition.

How can I change up my hairstyle while in Bohemian braids?

Boho braids are very versatile and can be styled in several different ways. So if you want to change up your hairstyle while you have them on, you are never short of options. You can pull your braids into a ponytail, high bun, or go for a half-up half-down look. You can even play around with different parts if you want to switch things up; side parts and middle parts are a classic look that always complements any face shape.

How can I keep my natural hair smooth in braids?

To keep your natural hair smooth while your braids are installed, you can apply a dollop of leave-in conditioner on your braids. That way they will get all the nutrients they need to remain shiny and smooth. 

Another great way to smoothen your natural hair is to apply mousse on any flyaways you notice as your braids become older.

How do I take care of my braids in a warm climate so it doesn’t smell?

If you are in a warm climate or you get extremely sweaty in the summer, it can be very easy for your braids to develop an unpleasant pleasant smell. This is because the sweat mixes with the oils on your scalp, creating room for odour causing bacteria to thrive. To prevent this from happening, you need to wash your braids at least every two weeks or use a dry shampoo to keep your scalp clean and prevent any smell. 

Also, if you do any physical activity that causes you to sweat, grab a microfiber towel and dry off any sweat around your head before it sinks into your braids.

Summer protective hairstyles for black women

How do you detangle build-up on your roots after taking down braids?

Removing buildup and tangles from your roots after taking down your braids can be a delicate process. First, you need to be as gentle as possible to avoid causing any breakage as your hair is very fragile at this stage. 

To make the detangling process easy, apply some pre-poo detangler to help soften the hair, then use your fingers to gently comb through your hair and remove any tangles and knots. After finger detangling, follow up with a wide-tooth comb and detangle the section from roots to ends.

Another great DIY detangler you can use is a mixture of olive oil and aloe vera gel, just combine both in a spray bottle and apply a little bit to your roots.

What hair do you need for bohemian braids?

To make bohemian braids, you are going to need packs of pre-stretched braiding hair. You will also need to use freetress curly hair.  For the curls, you can use human hair or synthetic hair. But, human hair curls tend to limit the possibility of tangles in the long run.

How do you do bohemian goddess braids?

If you are trying to make bohemian braids on your own, it is best to start on freshly washed and properly detangled hair. Before proceeding to make your braids, check out this detailed tutorial from braider, Queens_Beauty_Lounge where she goes into detail about how to part the hair and feed in the hair extensions.


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1. Blonde Bohemian Braids

These beautiful blonde boho braids are a fantastic look for women in their 30s who are open to experimenting with color. You can mix #27 French curl braiding hair, #27 Pre-stretched braiding hair, and some light brown curly hair to get the perfect shade for your skin tone.

ombre blonde bohemian braids on black women

2. Waist Length Bohemian Braids

Looking for a stylish hairstyle to rock on vacation during the summer? Look no further than these flawless waist length boho braids. You can swim with them as long as you apply some leave-in conditioner before you hop into the pool.

What you will need: Bundles of #613 braiding hair and #613 curly braiding hair

blonde bohemian braids  on women

3. Cornrows with Bohemian Knotless Braids

If you prefer a very lightweight braid style, then opt for this unique combination of cornrows and bohemian braids. It is such a cute look that can be styled in several ways. Pull it into a half-up half-down style or let it flow down into a flawless side part.

Boho fulani braids

4. Copper Goddess Boho Braids

Copper braids always look stunning on black women and when you make them in this stylish boho braids version, you’re sure to be showered with compliments.

What you will need: #350 braiding hair and #350 curly braiding hair

copper boho braids hairstyle

5. Knotless Boho Box Braids

You can never go wrong with a classic black look when making boho box braids. It always compliments any skin tone and looks incredible with any outfit you pair it with.

Medium size bohemian knotless braids on women

6. Ginger Bohemian Braids

For women who love a striking addition of color to their look, these ginger bohemian braids are right up your alley! With a combination of ginger braiding hair extension and #350 curly braiding hair this hairstyle is guaranteed to look amazing on any skin tone.

ginger knotless braids hairstyle

7. Half Cornrows with Goddess Box Braids

This is another look that is perfect for those who want the fullness and curl definition of boho braids but are looking for a way to keep it light and manageable. You’ll need to cover the hair with a silk scarf at night to reduce frizz and tangles on the curly hair.

What you will need: #30 Pre-stretched braiding hair and #27 curly braiding hair extension

Fulani braids hairstyle for black women

8. Blue Goddess Boho Braids

It is simply impossible to not be head over heels with these blue goddess braids. The mixture of dark blue pre-stretch braiding extension and light blue curly hair extension create a flawless backdrop that makes your hair look like something out of the ocean.

blue knotless jumbo braids

9. Butt-Length Bohemian Braids

If you are a fan of super long hair, these butt-length bohemian braids will give you the long hair of your dreams. Braid in fairly large sections so the braids don’t put too much tension on your hair strands

What you will need: Packs of #4 braiding hair extension

waist length box braids hairstyle

10. Jumbo Bohemian Braids in a Top Knot

Step into your queen era with this regal top knot bohemian braids. It is such a simple and effortlessly gorgeous look you can wear on special occasions. Just lay your edges with some gel to add a dramatic flair.

high bun braids on black girl

11. Waist Length Brown Bohemian Braids

These waist length goddess braids are ideal for those who want their curls to take centre stage. It is a sophisticated look that will turn out beautifully on anyone.

What you will need: Packs of #30 Pre-stretched braiding hair and #30 curly braiding hair

brown knotless bohemian box braids on black girl

12. Pink and White Bohemian Box Braids

Be bold and creative with your hair and give these pink and white bohemian braids a try. It is a unique look that is perfect for women who are not afraid to get experimental with their hair.

What you will need: Bundles of White and Pink braiding hair

red and white box braids hairstyle

13. Waist Length Curly Bohemian Braids

This look has everything needed to satisfy all your long and full hair desires. It is such an amazing hairstyle that will have you turning heads in every room. You’ll need to apply some hair mousse to help maintain the definition curls as the braids get older.

What you will need: Bundles of braiding hair 99J

Burgundy knotless braids

14. Bohemian Marley Twists

Who says the boho look can only be done with braids? Switch things up and try making them in Marley twists to stand out.

What you will need: Bundles of #350 braiding hair and #350 curly braiding hair

island twists hairstyle on girls

15. Small Knotless Boho Braids

Opt for small braids that will blend in seamlessly with your curly hair pieces if you want to keep your boho braids as simple as possible.

What you will need: Pack/s of wave bouncy #30 braiding hair

knotless bohemian braids on black women

16. Shoulder-Length Bohemian Box Braids

Want a look that stands out from the crowd? These asymmetrical shoulder length bohemian braids may be just what you need. Spray the hair with a curl refresh spray a few times a week to keep them from looking rough and dry.

short bohemian box braids on black women

17. Fulani Bohemian Braids

Take your Fulani braids to the next level with these lovely bohemian braids version. It is an elegant and timeless look that is perfect for women in their 40s.

fulani braids hairstyle on women

18. Shoulder Length Chunky Bohemian Braids for Teenagers

Looking for a hairstyle you can wear to prom and still rock to class? These chunky bohemian braids are just what you need. They are very cute and perfect for teenagers.

short jumbo braids on black women

19. Dark Brown Medium Braids

These dark brown braids just scream perfection. They are so beautiful you will simply not be able to stop taking pictures after getting them done and the best thing about them is that they look great on women of all age groups.

What you will need: Bundles of #4 braiding hair extension

waist length knotless braids on women

20. Jumbo Feed-In Goddess Braids For Teenagers

These jumbo goddess braids are a great look to try on busy days when you want to spend so much time getting your hair done. Just sleek down each section with some braiding gel to keep it smooth and shiny.

What you will need: Packs of Red braiding hair

jumbo braids hairstyle for black women


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21. Wine and Light Pink Goddess Braids

Release your inner Barbie with these beautiful wine and light pink braids. They look stunning with soft glam makeup finished off with a clear lip gloss. You can even pair them with pink nail polish to match.

What you will need: Packs of Wine Red braiding extension and Pink curly hair

pink boho twists hairstyle

22. Emerald Green Goddess Braids

Black women can literally pull off any hair color and this is all the proof you need. Packs of Green braiding hair combined with green curly hair extensions and you’re well on your way to looking like a goddess.

green knotless braids on black women

23. Tricolor Fulani Bohemian Braids

We all already know that Fulani braids are a classic look that always turns out incredible. But did you know all you needed to really take them up to the next level was a mix #613, #30, and #27 braiding hair extension with some curly hair added in? I mean just look at this flawless outcome. You won’t be able to stop admiring yourself with this hairstyle.

tricolor braids for black girls

24. Blue Bohemian Box Braids

These dark blue bohemian braids are a wonderful choice for women who want colored hair that will pair really well with their skin tone. You can add your personal touch by adding in a few hair cuffs here and there.

What you will need: Bundles of hair extension #A28 and Blue french curly hair

blue knotless boho braids hairstyle

25. Short Crotchet Boho Braids

These short braids are a fantastic choice for women looking for something they can easily wear to work. You can wear this versatile look to the office and still pair it with a bold lipstick for a night out.

What you will need: #1B/30/27 Ombre braiding hair and curly braiding hair

Short bohemian box braids

26. Hip Length Goddess Braids

These stunning hip length goddess braids are simply to die for. It is equally simple and dramatic at the same time, what’s not to love? You can even pair them with silver earrings or a necklace to up the ante.

waist length bohemian braids

27. Mermaid Style Large Bohemian Braids on Teenagers

This playful goddess braid look is perfect for teenagers who love to show off their personality and creativity. You can use blonde hair dye to colour parts of your natural hair to help the purple-pink braiding hair extension blend in with your roots.

unicorn theme hair color box braids

28. Triangle Part Boho Braids

Your boho braids do not have to conform to a specific pattern. Feel free to get creative with them and go for triangle parts for a fashionable look.

What you will need: Packs of #30 Pre-stretched braiding hair and #30 curly braiding hair

triangle parts bohemian box braids

29. Lightweight Dark Blonde Goddess Braids

Want your goddess braids to look almost as natural as your actual curls? Make them in smaller sizes to achieve this lightweight look.

What you will need: #1B/27 ombre braiding hair and curly braiding hair

short bohemian braids hairstyle

30. Honey Blonde Bohemian Braids

Different shades of blonde look beautiful on black women but honey blond is the ultimate choice for those with deeper skin tones. Hop on the honey blonde train with these bohemian braids

What you will need: #27 Pre-stretched braiding hair and #27 curly braiding hair extension

chestnut brown boho braids on black girls
Unique bohemian goddess braids you should never missed!

31. Light Blonde Bohemian Box Braids

This is another great way to rock blonde bohemian braids. This shade is lighter but it works well on both dark and lighter skin tones.

What you will need: Packs of #27 pre-stretched braiding hair

Honey blonde bohemian box braids

32. Bleached Hair in Light Blonde Braids

Sometimes it is better to go all in and these super bright blonde braids are proof you will not regret doing so. This hairstyle exudes a certain boldness that is sure to attract the right attention. You will need to bleach your natural hair for this style so make sure you do a protein treatment beforehand to prevent the possibility of damage during the coloring process.

What you will need: Honey blonde hair extension and #27 curly hair

Blonde bohemian braids

33. Beach Blonde Bohemian Braid on Women

Black women are gradually taking over the blonde hair trend and we love seeing the magic that ensues as a result. These platinum blonde braids are another stylish look that will make you want to get on board with all things blonde.

What you will need: Bundles of #613 braiding hair and #613 curly braiding hair

Knotless box braids for black women

34. Color 613 Curly Goddess Braids

Seriously, goddess braids in bright blonde shades are just the gift that keeps on giving. We simply can’t get enough and these color 613 variations would look amazing on women with a light skin tone.

What you will need: Bundles of #27/613 braiding hair and #613 curly braiding hair

Ombre bohemian knotless braids

35. Black and Red Bohemian Braids with Triangle Parts

Looking for a way to rock red hair without doing too much? Try incorporating Bundles of burgundy curly hair extensions into your braids to achieve this flawless look.

Knotless bohemian braids on women

36. Light Blonde Bohemian Braids on Mixed Race Women

Can’t decide what shade of blonde to get? Try combining different shades to achieve this beautiful blonde look. The combination of #1B/30/27, ombre braiding hair and ombre blonde curly braiding hair will look incredible mixed race women.

Tricolor bohemian braids

37. Light Weight Shoulder Length Goddess Braids

Try shoulder length goddess braids if you want something low-maintenance that can easily be pulled into a bun when you want to run errands or work out.

What you will need: Packs of #27 braiding hair packs

Short bohemian box braids

38. Dark Blonde Braids on Light-Skinned Women

If you like the vibe of blonde hair but prefer something that is not too far off the from the shade of your natural hair, try these dark blonde braids

You’ll need: Color #27 braiding hair packs and the same color of wavy crochet hair pack.

Honey blonde bohemian braids on black women

39. Romantic Boho Braids With Highlights

Got a special date or party coming up and need something to pair with your sexy dress? These romantic boho braids should be on your list. You can mix different colors of braiding hair to create the illusion of highlights

What you will need: #1B and #27 Braiding hair and #30 curly braiding hair

Knotless Bohemian box braids for women

40. Butterfly Braids on Thinning Fine Hair

If you have fine hair and worry goddess braids may be too heavy for you, think again. These beautiful honey blonde braids are done using small sections of hair so they will reduce tension and blend in with your hair’s density.

What you will need: Honey blonde hair extension and #27 curly hair

Long bohemian box braids

41. Bohemian Braids with Cornrows

Use cornrows to add a little detail and structure to your bohemian braids. You place the cornrows in the front section to frame the face.

What you will need: #1B/30/27 Ombre braiding hair and Ombre blonde curly braiding hair

Bohemian box braids with accessories

42. Hip Length Extra Long Curly Braids

These hip length braids are the perfect vacation hair. You style them in several different ways and pair them with a million outfits while you are living your best life in a foreign country.

What you will need: Packs of #27 braiding hair

Knotless bohemian box braids

43. Three-toned Cornrowed Half-Up Half-Down Goddess Braids

If you are confused about what color of braids to get, just go for a mix of three different tones. You can even pull the hair into a half-up half-down look to show off your contrasting colors.

What you will need: #1B/30/27 Ombre braiding hair and Ombre blonde curly braiding hair

Freestyle bohemian braids on black women

44. Cute Jumbo Bohemian Braids on Tween Girls

Want your bohemian braids to look full without spending forever at the hair salon? Opt for this jumbo variety. They look especially stunning on teenage girls who love to look stylish.

What you will need: Packs of braiding hair in Pink and Black

Jumbo box braids on black girls

45. Shoulder Length Knotless Braids With Fluffy Ends

Keep your braids simple and elegant by going for this shoulder length look. You can have your stylist fluff the ends of the curly hair extensions to add more volume and a touch of drama.

What you will need: Packs of T30 Braiding hair

Short bohemian knotless braids

46. Two-Tone Bohemian Braids for Young Girls

Teenage girls looking for something to wear to school or rock during the summer should have this look pinned on their phones. Not only is it super stylish but it also gives off a fun vibe.

What you will need: Packs of pink water wave hair extension

Box braids with pink highlights

47. Simple Shoulder Length Bohemian Box Braids

These shoulder length boho braids are perfect for anyone who wants a hairstyle that will be easy to install and take down.

Bob bohemian knotless braids

48. Light Blonde Fluffy Bohemian Braids

Opt for a fluffy blonde look like this one to achieve extra bounce and softness that is perfect for the beach.

What you will need: Packs of #613 braiding hair and #613 curly braiding hair

Blonde bohemian knotless box braids

49. Bohemian Braids on Young Women

These light brown bohemian braids are lovely hairstyles for women in their 20s who are starting to establish their personal style and are looking for ways to show off their natural curls.

What you will need: Packs of #30 braiding hair and #30 french curls hair extension

Light brown bohemian box braids

50. Long Curly Bohemian Braids

Volume, volume, volume! This curly bohemian braids look is seriously drool-worthy and the fullness will have you looking like Beyonce in her Sasha Fierce era.

What you will need: Bundles of #613 braiding hair and #613 curly braiding hair

Waist length bohemian box braids

51. Half-Up Half-Down Romantic Box Braids

If your goal is to make your hair the main attraction of your entire look, this is a surefire way to get there. With a style like this, you don’t even need any makeup. Just wear a cute necklace and you will look like a queen in any outfit.

Knotless box braids on black women


52. Beautiful Copper Bohemian Knotless Braids

Go for an eye-catching shade of copper braids if you are a fan of red hair but want something subtle.

What you will need: Packs of #350 braiding hair and #350 curly braiding hair

Copper box braids on black women

53. Voluminous Winter Bohemian Braids Hairstyle

These voluminous bohemian braids are all about the curls! Sophisticated and chic, these braids are ideal for special occasions.

Box braids for black women

54. Short Bohemian Braids With Curly Ends

These short bohemian braids are a very age-appropriate look for young girls who want a trendy protective style. You can use perm rods to curl the ends for an effortless touch of delicacy and softness.

Short box braids hairstyle

Bohemian braids are the trendy new hairstyle on the block and given how amazing they look on black women, it is safe to say they are not going anywhere anytime soon. So don’t hesitate to try them out, they will become an instant favourite on your protective style list.

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