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50 Easy Winter Natural Hairstyles For Kids with Winter Hair Care Tips

(Last Updated On: November 24, 2021)

In the winter,  doing a child’s hair may not sound like something we want to do at all. They don’t like to stay still, and they’ll come home after school looking like nobody loves them. Plus it’s cold and gloomy outside. Wind and snow can ruin a hairstyle fast, especially a child’s style. 

Kids are also full of energy and unpredictable, but we can protect their hair from this outcome with some styles that are hard for even them to mess up. We can also take this time to talk to them about how to protect their hair at night with scarves and bonnets, and how to properly maintain it and make sure it’s moisturized.

We really do have to teach them young so they don’t grow up hating their hair and wanting something else. Especially in a world where laws have to be passed for us to be able to wear our natural hair in the workplace.

They will get discriminated against, and unfortunately, we can’t protect them from that, but we can prepare them for what’s to come. We can remind them to keep their head held high and walk with confidence in their hair and its beauty. 

A lot of us had to grow up with the notion that our hair was not good enough and we needed it to be straight. We were told to heat style it in the salon or cover it with a wig. We need to work hard to make sure this doesn’t repeat to the next generation.

We went through all of that so they wouldn’t have to. Remind them to never be ashamed of hair and the way it grows from their head. There is no such thing as ‘good hair’ and ‘bad hair.’ There is just healthy and unhealthy and the difference between the two is clear. 

We’ve got to teach our black children young that their hair is beautiful. A lot of us have the same experience of getting relaxers as children and not getting to know our natural hair texture until adulthood.

Let’s not pass that on to our children and start new with them. There is nothing wrong with people getting relaxers that want them, but we should take the time to get to know our children’s hair before we chemically treat it.

Let them decide if they want to take that step, and if they do, have a discussion with them about the risks and how to keep their hair healthy. Also, make sure that they know their natural texture and how to handle it. In the meantime, doing our children’s natural hair is a wonderful bonding moment and we should cherish it.

There are so many beautiful styles to weave into their heads and we can even let them pick them out themselves. There’s plenty to choose from in this article, plus more. Just like our hair, there are endless possibilities for our children’s hair as well. 

How do I style my child’s hair in the winter?

There are so many ways to style their hair that are perfect for winter. Almost anything we as adults do to our hair, we can do to our children’s hair. They can enjoy buns, braids, twists, or simple ponytails if they please.

They may even enjoy something simple like two braids. All kids are different and will want different styles. Try asking them what styles they’re interested in and see what they come up with! 

How do I maintain my child’s hair in the winter?

Kid’s hair is usually easier to maintain than adults’ hair because it’s had way fewer chemicals and manipulation to their hair.

What you need to do to keep it that way is to use less manipulation and put it in styles that will last. Making sure to wash it often and keep it moisturized is also key to healthy hair for your children. 

What styles are best for kid’s hair?

Depending on age, children can rock any hairstyle that suits them. if you’re trying to get your child’s hair to retain length, protective styles like braids and twists are best for that purpose. Overall, what’s best for kids’ hair is what matches their personality the most. 

Some kids are simple and would just like a ponytail, while others want something that will catch everyone’s attention. Some kids hate getting their hair done and will need something quick and simple that will satisfy them and their parents.

With that being said, putting heavy styles like box braids in kids hair can damage it early on, so make sure to only do styles like this in older children and leave the lighter styles for the smaller and younger children. 

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The Best Winter Hairstyles for Kids with Natural Hair 

1. Bantu Knots and Cornrows

A gorgeous style that would be hard for any child to mess up on the playground, and all you need is some elastics and beads


2. Cornrow Ponytail

A simple ponytail is no fun. Add some cornrows and accessories to give them a new creative look for school. Make sure to remind them to cover their hair at night. 


3. Heart Cornrows

Little girls love hearts, bows, and colorful beads. This is a perfect style for your girly baby girl. 


4. Bun and bubble ponytail

You won’t find a simple ponytail anywhere around here, because we love to think outside of the box with our styles. 


5. Criss Cross braids pigtails 

The pigtail with twists is a classic hairstyle, but we can switch it up a little and add some criss-cross braids. 


6. Double Twisted Bun

This adorable style is perfect for keeping their hair back, but still, show off our craftsmanship.


winter cornrows hairstyles on black kids

7. Crisscross braid bubble pigtails

This style is perfect for picture day! 


8. Stitch Braids Cornrow Buns 

Look at the happiness on this baby’s face with this hairstyle! 


9. Pineapple afro puff

So simple, yet so elegant.


10. Cornrows and twists

We can really help our children’s hair grow by braiding and twisting it.


11. Thick cornrows 

A simple style like this needs accessories and some curls popping out at the end. 


12. Mini box braids 

People may think that box braids are a mature style, but we can make it for our children by adding some bows and colorful beads



13. Braided Buns

We can even make them little buns to make the style even cuter for them. 



14. Colorful braids 

As they get a little older, we can even add some color to their braids. 



15. Braided Ponytail 

Braided styles are very simple for children, and sometimes we can add some braiding hair for a little more length. 



16. Braids and ballerina bun 

You can never go wrong with a ballerina bun for your child’s winter style. 



17. Mini cornrows and twisted ponytails 

Be honest: this is one of the styles our moms always had our hair in! Sometimes it was just easier to twist it and go. 


18. Beaded side braids

As long as they have beads, they’ll be happy with almost any hairstyle. 



19. Jumbo and Mini braided ponytail

This is a perfect style to keep your child’s hair in place. Just remember to remind them to put their scarf on at night. 


20. Double cornrow buns

Whether you call them bo-bo’s, knocker balls, or something else, it’s only natural that our children experience wearing them too!


21. Full cornrow bun 

Children are always playing with their hair all day, but this style prevents it. 



22. Bun and Braids

No one said you had to choose between a bun and braids. 



23. Pigtails and Beaded Braids 

Pigtails are such a classic style, but it’s so fun to get creative and add braids and beads to it. 



24. Braids and Twists

Braids that turn into twists are double the fun! 



25. Beaded twists

Some styles just require beads at the end. Why not, right?



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26. Cornrows into Side Ponytail

You can never go wrong with a sequin bow cause it’s so fun to be a kid. 



27. Colorful Cornrows

It’s simple to weave these colorful pieces into your child’s hair. All you need is some colorful thread



28. Colorful High Ponytail

Don’t stop at just colorful thread; adding some colorful hair can make your child’s day too!



29. Swirled Braided Ponytail

This is a really unique take on the braided bun style, and it’s really cute. 



30. Curly Cornrows 

Doesn’t this hairstyle remind you of the hair style posters in the hair salon? 



31. Side Part Cornrows with Green and Pink Beads

Sure, you can do simple straight back cornrows or you can switch it up, and change directions. 



32. Side Part Cornrows with Blue Beads

Switch it up, and then add beads. That smile is genuine! 



33. Twisted Crown and Pigtails

Adding a crown with a simply pigtails style will make your child feel like royalty. 



34. Straight Back cornrows 

Straight back cornrows can be updated as well by splitting them into two low ponytails. 



35. Half Up Half Down Twists

Girls love bows and you can incorporate them into any style by just clipping their hair up with a bow. 



36. Half Up Twists with Bangs

If your little isn’t really into bows, you can also give her some twist bangs. 



37. High Braided Bun

The front twisted braids will make your child the center of attention! 



38. Zig Zag Braided Ponytail

Braids are one of the most versatile styles ever and sometimes genius can be born from them, such as this style with the crisscross braids. 



39. Braided Pigtails

Braided buns are not always all the rage these days. Try out braided pigtails instead. 



40. Butterfly and Heart Braids

Although they may have to sit for a long while to get these finished, they will appreciate the creativity that went into it and how cute they look. 



41. Heart Double Puffs

Every child looks so adorable with the two high buns, but take it a step further with heart braids in the back. 



42. Twist Bangs and Ponytail

Many styles for children have the slicked-back look, but nothing beats a natural style with no product manipulation. 



43.  Butterfly Faux Locs

This is a great way to introduce your child to locing their hair when they get older. Just don’t keep the faux ones in for too long. 



44. Mickey Mouse Ponytail

Mickey Mouse Parts are sure to make every kid smile!



45. Side Twists

The smile on your child’s face when they see their new style is priceless. 



46. Bow Ponytail and Zigzag Braid

The bow ponytail is difficult to achieve but so rewarding once you get it perfect. 



47. Half up Bantu Knots

Full Bantu Knots can be a turn-off to some kids because of the difficulty sleeping in them, but the whole head doesn’t always need it. 



48. Full Bantu Knots

However, they’re so cute and will be an even cuter style when they get taken down. 



49. Braids and Twists Ponytail

Braided and twisted ponytails can last you a while so you can take breaks in between styles. 



50. Staggered Cornrows with Two Strand Twists Ends

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winter hairstyles for kids

In Conclusion

Don’t be afraid to experiment with styles in your child’s hair. As long as it’s maintained and taken care of, it will continue to grow and flourish. These are all great styles for winter, and they can be left in for a while so that you and your child can rest in between.

Children love getting their hair done, and it’s a great bonding moment with the parents who style and take care of it. Being able to take care of your hair at a young age is a valuable skill to have that not many people experience. Let’s start this trend with the new generation of kids. 

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