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50 Easy Natural Hairstyles For Black Babies (0-12 Months Old)

As a new mother, one of the things you have to learn about is how to take care of your baby’s hair. That is why in this post, I want to share some easy hairstyles for Black babies you can try on your baby girl’s hair.

These hairstyles are extremely simple for anyone to make. You don’t need to know how to do hair, let alone, how to do babies hair.

Infact, these hairstyles are so easy, your husband, partner, or an older child can do these hairstyles on your baby’s hair.

You will notice that these hairstyles do not include hair extensions or any type of attachment that stays in the child’s hair for a significant length of time.

These hairstyles are also tension-free, and they won’t pull on your daughter’s hair or damage her growing hair follicles.

Before we get into babies hairstyles, I’d first like to answer some frequently asked questions relating to caring for Black babies hair.

Why do babies get bald spots on the back of their heads?

The sleeping and sitting position of your baby will affect her hair growth. Since babies sleep most of the time during the first few months of their life, it’s crucial that you switch their sleeping position, so they’re not always sleeping on their backs.

Remember that your baby is growing every day, part of the growth she’s experiencing is hair growth.

However, if she’s always sleeping with the back of her head resting on a surface, that section of her hair won’t be able to grow as much as the rest of her head.

Since it’s recommended for babies to sleep on their backs to avoid sudden infant death syndrome, I wouldn’t recommend switching your baby’s sleeping position just for hair growth.

You can however get your baby satin bedding such as a satin pillowcase or give her a satin sleep cap for babies. 

If the back of your baby’s hair seems like it’s not growing, you shouldn’t worry because it will eventually grow out when she’s old enough to change sleeping positions, and you feed her healthy meals that will facilitate this growth.

What causes babies to have lots of hair?

Some babies are born with lots of hair, while some are born with barely any. This is mainly determined by genetics and the mother’s diet while she was pregnant.

How can I get my baby’s hair to grow?

Since babies are growing every day, you really can’t do much to change the development of your child.

You can however do certain things to help ensure your baby’s hair grows healthy and long. If you are breastfeeding, you want to ensure your baby is eating healthy.

As the mother, this means eating healthy foods such as the ones recommended in this post and taking your vitamins so that the breast milk your daughter feeds on has all the necessary nutrients needed for growth.

If your baby is taking formula, you can choose healthy non-GMO formula with less hormones that can hinder your baby’s growth or cause health issues.

How often should I wash my baby’s natural hair?

You can wash your baby’s natural hair each time you bathe her. it’s crucial that your daughter has a clean scalp so that her hair can grow healthy and strong.

What can I put in my baby’s hair to keep it moisturized?

Most infant and newborn hair are still soft, since the hair itself is only a few weeks old. Therefore, you only need light oils such as coconut oil, sweet almond oil, olive oil, and jojoba oil. You can start to introduce baby hair products after about six months or whenever you feel her hair is ready for it.

How do I take care of my black baby’s hair?

Babies hair doesn’t need much work. You don’t need to have a hair regimen like you would for an older kid or your hair. If your baby is above six months old, you can start incorporating hair products such as baby shampoos and conditioners.

To keep healthy moisturized hair, seal her hair with a leave-in conditioner and oil such as olive oil. You can do this routine a few times a week. And when your daughter turns one year old, you can start to incorporate more time-consuming routines such as deep conditioning.

When she goes to bed at night, please make sure she sleeps on a satin pillowcase or with a baby satin bonnet, or both. This will help prevent dry hair and breakage while she sleeps.


Hairstyle Ideas for Black Babies, Infants and Newborns

50 Easy Hairstyles Ideas for Black Babies, Newborns, and Infants

These pictures are all sourced online. To be credited for your personal picture, please contact me with the exact picture, and I’ll be sure to credit you. I’ve also included some affiliate links in the post which means that I make a small commission at no additional cost to you when you make a purchase with my link.

1) Floral headband on a teeny weeny afro

This hairstyle is very easy to do. Fluff your baby’s hair, and adorn it with a cute headband such as this floral headband. 

natural hairstyle for 1 month old

2) Simple bow on a little fro

Don’t have the time for all the fussing? Just clip a simple bow on your baby’s hair, and you can instantly transform her look.

African american babies hairstyles

3) Headband on a big afro – perfect for 1-year-old

If your baby has a lot of hair, but you don’t have the time or patience to braid it, you can throw on a simple headband and call it a day.

hairstyles for 1 year old black baby girl

4) Twin babies hairstyles

Having twin babies can be a handful. This is why keeping it simple is so important. If your baby has short hair that can’t be packed up, you can just accessorize their hair with these cute headband bows. This hairstyle is perfect for 10-month-olds.

african baby girl hairstyles for 11 month old

5) Newborn hairstyles for photoshoot

Newborn babies hair is usually soft and silky. For this look, you only have to comb her hair down, and slick it down with baby oil, without adding hair gel.

 black baby hairstyles for newborn

6) Mini afro puffs with rubber bands

For a hairstyle that will last a few days, you can do these mini puffs. They are quick and easy to do, but be sure not to pull too tightly on her scalp.

toddler black baby hairstyles for short hair

7) Cute Black Baby Hairstyles For Short Hair

If you want to step out and want something super sleek for your cute munchkin, this should be it. Apply curling gel moisturizer to her wet hair, part in the middle, and put the hair into two buns.

Sleek down the edges and accessorize each bun with a colorful bow. And voila! You are ready to step out.

cute black baby hairstyles for short hair

8) Cute Hairstyle For 5-month-old

Got a fussy baby? How about just making her curls pop and leaving it at that. Get a good curly creme for babies and use your fingers to work it through the hair. Lay them edges and leave the beautiful fussy baby alone. Of course with shinier, bouncier, defined curls.

hairstyles for 5 month old black babies

9) Easy African American Baby Hairstyles For Newborn

Looking for an infant photoshoot hairstyle? How about a chunky flower headband to match their outfit. Use baby oil on their hair to make it look shinier.

black infant hairstyle for 1 month old

10) Simple Black Baby Hairstyles

Instantly get her ready for a playdate by accessorizing her short hair with a bowknot headband.

simple black baby hairstyles

11) Cute Little Headband on a 9-Month-Old Baby

Accessorize their little fro with a cute headband leaving out some hair in a cute messy way.

9  month old baby hair styles

12) Cute Hairstyle For 3 Month Old Baby Girl

Take some hair at the front and clip it with a bow barrette.

 baby girl hairstyles for 4 month old

13) Black Baby Hairstyles For 10-month-old

For a sassy curly look on short hair, do two mini-buns in the front and accessorize with flowery hair clips. Apply some baby hair cream on the rest of the hair and leave it out as a curly fro.

infant black baby hairstyles for short hair

14) Matching Hairstyles For Twin Girls

Baby oil and a cute double-bow headband are all you need to pull off this infant hairstyle.

hairstyles for twin black babies

15) Buns on a Crawling baby

Chunky buns look great if your baby has a head full of hair. Moisturize her hair, follow up with coconut oil, and put her hair into four buns.

african baby girl hairstyles

16) Headwrap on a 6-Month-Old Baby

Go for that true African look with an Ankara head wrap. Make use of your Ankara fabric leftovers, you don’t have to buy a new one. You only need a small size to pull off this look.

Headwraps are also a cute way to disguise babies’ bad hair days. Who knew babies have them too?

baby hairstyles in kenya

17) Afropuff on a 12-month-old baby

Bun, bangs, and a headband it is. Hold their hair in a bun. Don’t mind about getting it perfectly done.

Just apply their favorite hair curling cream and do a loose bun while leaving out a small section in the front.

Apply some more curling cream on the left-out hair as you use your fingers to enhance their curls. Finally, accessorize with a headband.

little black girl hairstyles

18) Afropuff hairstyle on a 4-month-old baby

Nothing beats a curly fro on a baby. Add a colorful mini-bow headband, and you have a photo-ready baby.

African american babies hairstyles

19) Fro Out on a 7-month-old baby

Another quick and easy hairstyle is a curly afro. Use a curling cream, coconut oil, and your fingers to achieve this look.

If well done and well taken care of, the curls can last for some days. You will however need a curling mist to refresh the curls.

Fro Out on a 7 month old baby 

20) Simple Hairstyle on a 2-Month-Old Baby

 A mini curly fro accessorized with a headband on this munchkin. Use a baby oil to bring out the curls and shine.

black baby hairstyles for short hair

21) Mega Fro on a 10-Month-Old Baby Girl

How about a fro with a floral headband to make their first year. Look for bright-colored floral headbands like this sunflower one. Doesn’t she look bright like the sun?

hairstyles for 1 year old black baby girl

22) Messy Curls on an 11-month-old baby

Clip a barrette on your girl’s fro to add a touch of cuteness.

little black girl hairstyles

23) Black Baby Hairstyles For 1-month-old baby

Don’t you love how sleek that hair looks? Use baby-holding gel to achieve this look. For an older baby, you can use a styling gel.

black baby hairstyles for newborn

24) Cute Hairstyle for Baby with 4c Hair

Wide headbands are not only for fros. You can use them to spruce up their mini puffs too. Use black elastic bands when doing their mini-puffs so that you can play around with headbands of different colors.

These mini puffs are ideal for babies with kinky 4c hair that may start to feel unmanageable and painful to comb through. 

6 month old black baby girl hairstyles

25) Cute Hairstyle for 6-month-old babies

There are different ways to place headbands on your baby’s hair. For this exact look, place it around the top half of her head. Make sure it’s secure so that it doesn’t keep falling off.

simple black baby hairstyles

cute hairstyles for babies with short hair

26) Cute Hairstyles for Baby Photoshoot

Turn up their cuteness meter with a cascading flower hairband. Don’t forget to moisturize and oil their little growing fro.

easy black baby hairstyles for infants

27) Easy Hairstyle For Babies With Kinky Hair

Not all African babies are born with soft silky hair, some come with their hair coarse already, making it hard to work with every day.

If this sounds like your baby, use fancy elastic hairbands to style their hair instead of fussing with it.

natural hairstyles for babies

28) Simple Hairstyles For Mixed-Race Babies

Ponytail and a mini-bun combo can last for several days. For this sleeked-down look, use a holding gel.

You can also use a curl-enhancing cream, so the ends of the ponytail come out curly.

mixed race black baby hairstyles

29) 2-Month Old Baby Girl Hairstyles

Infants look adorable in wide elastic bands. There is no excuse not to find a good elastic headband.

There are plenty of them and come in a variety of colors. You can buy a few to match her outfits. I love that they stay in place even with the many movements 3-month-olds tend to make.

3 month old baby girl hairstyles

30) Easy hairstyle For 2-months old baby

For a hairless baby, a large bowknot headband looks good on any day. It takes away from the lack of hair.

You can do a DIY bowknot using a scarf as well. Don’t know to tie a bowknot? Learn from this video tutorial.

 black babies hairstyles


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31) Cornrows and Beads on 8-month-old Baby

This hairstyle is perfect for active babies with lots of hair. Instead of having to comb through her hair on a daily basis, you can cornrow her hair, so that it lasts for several days. 

 black baby hairstyles with beads

32) 5 Month Old Black Baby Hairstyles

For silky smooth hair, the best way to rock it is to leave it in a fro. Oil your baby’s hair as you run your fingers through her TWA.

For a princess look, accessorize with a wide satin headband that has a large bow on the side.

cute black baby with headband

33) 3-Month-Old Hairstyles With Coarse Hair

For a baby with coarse hair, all you need is to accessorize with a big flower. Moisturize their hair to make it look soft and smooth.

Lay the edges as well with baby oil or a baby gel for a more polished look.

black baby hairstyles with coarse hair

34) Simple Cornrows on Dark Skin Babies

For babies with kinky 4c hair, you can start braiding their hair as early as 6 months old. This way, your child’s hair will stay moisturized and growing. And you won’t have to deal with dry hair, breakage, and painful hair days. 

Braided hairstyles for black babies

35) Black Baby Hairstyles For Short Hair

I love babies in turbans. They look so gorgeous and ladylike. Doesn’t she look like a little sophisticated woman?

easy african american baby hairstyles

36) Easy Hairstyle For Babies in Daycare

This hairstyle is ideal for babies in daycare or with an active lifestyle. All you need is to wet her hair and brush it into a puff. You can also accessorize it with a headband.

black toddler girl ponytail hairstyles

37) Black Baby Girl Hairstyles For Curly Hair

A fancier twist to the baby fro is to put their hair into two little puffs on the half front of the hair and leave out the rest as a fro. You can then accessorize the little puffs with matching bow barrettes.

black baby hairstyles for weddings

38) Black Baby Hairstyles For Short Curly Hair

Tired of the plain mini-puffs? Why not accessorize it with two cute bows. This will definitely add a glitzy twist to the puffs especially when you want to step out with your baby and don’t have the time to take down the puffs.

black baby hairstyles for 8 month old

39) Hairstyles For 1-Year-Old Black Baby Girl

The good old headwrap. I love headwraps for their versatility, and on babies, I love how glamorous they look.

Babies can wear a headwrap in so many ways, with some of their hair out, with all their hair covered or you can put their hair in a bun or ponytail and then wrap it.

You can also tie the wrap into a side or front bow or knot. See how versatile a headwrap is? Make sure to fill up their wardrobe with a variety.

headwrap on 1 year old black baby girl

40) 10-Month-Old Black Baby Hairstyles

For a 10-month-old, leaving their hair out in an afro is the best decision you can make. You do not want complicated hairstyles for a crawling baby. It’s gonna be a race you can hardly win.

10 month old black baby hairstyles

41) 7-Month-Old Black Baby Girl Hairstyles

If your 7-month-old has longer hair, apply styling baby oil and put their hair in two or three puffs.

7 month old black baby girl hairstyles

42) Half cornrows on a one-year-old baby girl

Well, this may seem like a time-consuming hairstyle but it actually isn’t if your baby can sit still for an hour. Leave out a section of the front hair and cornrow the rest towards the middle.

Apply curl-enhancing gel to the leave out, part in the middle, and put the hair into two ponytails. This hairstyle will last for up to a week, you only need to do touch-ups to the leave out.

cornrows hairstyle on 1 year old

43) Simple Hairstyle on a 9-Month-Old Baby Girl

Put a section of their front hair in two small puffs and leave out the rest of the hair in a fro. This hairstyle is ideal for babies with lots of hair.

1 year old black baby girl hairstyles

44) Five-Month-Old Baby Girl Hairstyle

You can never go wrong with a Mini mouse headband on a baby’s afro. Get a matching outfit, and your baby is ready to step into her birthday party in style.

nigerian baby hairstyles

45) Black Baby Hairstyles For Christening

Ribbons are a versatile hair accessory and a staple in every baby’s wardrobe. You can tie it into a bow to complete a princess look. 

3 month old black baby hairstyles for weddings

46) Natural Hairstyles For 1-Year-Old Black Baby Girl

Isn’t she lovely in sleeked-down twin puffs? You can achieve this look by using a curling gel on her hair when it is wet.

hairstyles for 1 year old black baby girl

47) 6-Month-Old Black Baby Hairstyles

No baby’s wardrobe is complete if it lacks a trendy colorful turban headwrap. They come in so many styles but I find the bun one to be more popular.

Every mom must love them for how easy they are to put on.  They also come in handy when you got no time for complicated styling.

7 month old black baby hairstyles in a turban

48) Black Baby Hairstyles For Short Hair

For babies with growing hair, you can change up their style with a simple headband.

black baby hairstyles 11 month old

49) Comb Out Fro on an 11-Month-Old Baby

For active babies that are learning to walk and crawl, you can introduce them to big girl hairstyles like these fro out. 

hairstyles for 1 year old black baby girl

50) African American Hairstyles for 8 months old babies

If your baby has a head full of hair. This afro would look adorably cute on her.

mixed black baby hairstyles  for 8 month old


As you can see, you can be as creative and playful with your baby’s hair without using hair extensions or braiding it up too tightly. All you need are some hair accessories, and you’re ready for any occasion.

natural Hairstyles for Black Babies age 1 month to 12 months