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40 Faux Locs Protective Hairstyles To Try With Full Guide

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2022)

Are you looking for the next hairstyle to install on your natural hair? May be you’ve decided on getting Faux locs (F-oh locs) next, but before you install a faux locs hairstyle, you would first like to know what to expect before installing this hairstyle.

That’s why in this post, I will be breaking down what Faux Locs are, what type(s) of hair you’ll need, how to care for your natural hair while in this hairstyle and 40 different faux locs hairstyles you can choose from.

Before we get into today’s post, I’d like to bring your attention to the related posts below which details what to do when you have a protective hairstyle on, recommended hair products and how to maintain your natural hair while in a protective style.

I want to make sure that your hair stays healthy and growing while it’s in a faux locs hair style.

faux locs hairstyles


What are faux locs?

Faux locs are fake locs hairstyles that are meant to give you a temporary dread locs hairstyle, without the full commitment of locs. If you’ve always wanted to get locs, but you just don’t see yourself wearing the same hairstyle for many years because you like the versatility that loose hair gives, then faux locs is the best way to go.

How do I Install faux locs?

Thanks to the creativity of Black women, there are various ways you can install your faux locs hairstyle. You can either DIY it at home, or get the help of a hairstylist.

The traditional faux locs hairstyle involves braiding your hair first and then wrapping Marley Hair around the individual braid to give it the natural dreadlocs look.

This method takes hours, and so many women would opt for the cheaper and less time-consuming crochet method.

Four Popular Ways To Install Faux Locs

1. Traditional Faux Locs Wrapping Method by DOPEaxxPANA

2. Single Crochet Faux Locs Method by TheChicNatural

3. Cornrows Crochet/Individual Crochet Combo Method by Freedom Styles

4. Butterfly Faux Locs, Distressed Faux Locs or Boho Faux Locs Method by Queenss Lounge.

This hairstyle has many names, but it’s achieved b wrapping passion twist hair around individually braided hair.

Can I install faux locs on my short natural hair?

You can install faux locs on your natural hair if it’s at least 2 inches long, without putting too much tension on your scalp. The most popular method to install faux locs on a TWA is with the rubber band method. Check out the tutorial below by Ayanna Sabrina.

What type of hair do I need for faux locs?

Depending on the look you’re going for, how much time you have on your hands, and your budget, you can choose from a variety of hair types below.

How many packs of hair do I need for a faux locs hairstyle?

The number of packs you’ll need all depends on your preferred size, length, thickness and chosen hairstyle. The amount needed can also depend on the method of installation used as some faux hairstyles require more hair than others.

For example, if you’ll be installing faux locs with the traditional method, you can use 2 packs of Freetress deep wave and 5-6 packs of Marley hair.

And if you’re going to be installing the distressed/butterfly look, you can use about 6 packs of passion twists hair. This means that most faux locs hairstyles will require about 5-7 hair packs, though you may need more if you will be going for a more lengthy look.

How do you maintain your faux locs hairstyle?

You can maintain your faux locs hairstyle in the same way you’ll maintain any braided hair extensions style. Since your hair is wrapped inside two levels of hair extensions, you have to remember to maintain a moisturizing hair regimen.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to keep your hair and scalp hydrated. Hydration is key and the best way to do that is to use leave-in conditioner sprays and lubricate your scalp with oils.

Be sure not to over-moisturize your hair so that your hairstyle doesn’t frizz up too quickly or even become smelly, due to all the moisture applied.

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10 Tips to Maintain Your Natural Hair in a Protective Style

How long do faux locs last?

The good thing about faux locs is that they tend to look better the longer they are worn. Depending on your hair type and how you maintain it, they can last from 4-10 weeks.

You don’t want to keep the extensions in your hair too long, especially if you want to maintain moisturized hair that keeps growing.

Do faux locs damage your hair?

Faux locs can damage your hair if not properly cared for, which means that you can’t neglect your hair just because it’s in a protective style and you can’t see it.

To ensure that your faux locs hairstyle does not damage your hair, it’s best not to use too much hair and make sure you or your hairstylist do not pull on your hair too tight.

To ensure that you don’t lose your edges, which is very common with protective styling, you can leave the baby hair undone and just use an edge control gel to lay it down.

You can also re-braid your hair every week or so to ensure that you don’t lose your edges. Finally, remember not to keep your hairstyle in for longer than two months.

How do you sleep with faux locs?

With that much hair on your head, it can be difficult to find the perfect sleeping position at night. It’s common to feel an uneasiness in the first few nights due to the weight on your head, but with time, you will eventually get used to the added weight and sleep easily at night.

To maintain your hair at night though, it’s best to pack your hair in a top knot and protect it with a satin bonnet or silk scarf to keep it in place. You can also sleep on a satin pillowcase to ensure that your hair stays moisturized and frizz-free.

Can I wash my faux locs hairstyle?

To cleanse your hair, mix your favorite shampoo with water in a spray bottle and spray the roots of your hair with it, making sure to gently rub it in. After, rinse with water, but make sure to avoid getting your hair drenched so that your hair doesn’t feel too heavy.

Drenched faux locs can be difficult to dry and it can result in a moldy and smelly hairstyle, which you obviously don’t want. Over-washing your hair can also cause it to frizz too quickly, which will shorten the lifespan of the hairstyle and cause it to look unkempt. After cleansing, use your favorite moisturizer to give it a little bit of hydration.

5 Signs It’s Time to Wash Your Protective Style

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Why are faux locs so painful?

They’re not supposed to be! Aches and pains are signs that your faux locs have been installed incorrectly.

Usually, the two most common problems are using too much hair or having it installed too tight.

Having too much hair installed too tight can cause too much strain on your scalp which can lead to premature shedding and hair loss. To ensure that your faux locs isn’t painful, make sure your hairstylist does not pull on your scalp too tight.

Avoid These 10 Common Protective Styling Mistakes If You Want Long Hair

Can you keep Faux locs in forever?

No, you can’t because it’s a temporary hairstyle like any other protective hairstyle. For a more permanent look, you can visit a Loctician to loc your natural hair without using hair extensions.

40 Best Faux Locs Hairstyles to Inspire Your Next Protective Style

These pictures are all sourced from Pinterest. To be credited for your personal picture, please contact me with the exact picture and we’ll be sure to credit you.

1) Collar Bone Length Soft Faux Locs

You will need 4-5 packs of Marley hair and 2 packs of deep twist hair, in order to get the curly ends.

short goddess faux locs with beads

2) Half-Up Half-Down Waist Length Faux Locs

You will need 5-6 packs of 24 inch Marley hair and 3 packs of deep twist hair, in order to get the curly ends.

long faux locs with top knot

3) Messy Faux Locs with Accessories

You will need 5-6 packs of 16 inch Marley hair and 2 packs of deep twist hair, in order to get the curly ends.

messy faux locs with accessories

4) Triangle Part Individual Faux Locs

You will need 5-6 packs of 16 inch Marley hair and 2 packs of deep twist hair, in order to get the curly ends.

triangle part Individual faux locs styles

5) Top Knot Faux Locs with Hair Beads and Rings

You will need 5-6 packs of Marley hair and 2 packs of deep twist hair, in order to get the curly ends.

faux locs with marley hair

6) Bohemian Butterfly Faux Locs

For butterfly faux locs, you will need to wrap curly hair such as passion twists hair around itself to recreate this look.

You will need 5-6 packs of passion twists hair.

butterfly faux locs

7) Ombre Individual Crochet Faux Locs with Curly Ends

You will need a total of 5-6 packs of color 613 and color 27 Marley hair and 3 packs of similar color deep twist hair, in order to get the curly ends.

IG: @stylesbymolly_

faux locs with curly ends

8) Triangle Part Tricolor Goddess Faux Locs With Curly Ends

curly goddess faux locs hairstyles

9) Collar Bone Length Butterfly Faux Locs With Passion Twists Hair

butterfly faux locs on dark skin

10) Diamond Shaped Faux Locs With Curly Ends

Long faux locs extensions crochet

11) Soft Faux Locs With Marley Hair

faux locs with marley hair

12) Messy Faux Locs in a High Bun

messy faux locs

13) Blonde Individually Wrapped Faux Locs

faux locs blonde

14) Gypsy Faux Locs in a Bob

gypsy faux locs bob

15) Soft Brown Faux Locs

faux locs updo styles

faux locs on short hair

16) Messy Gypsy Faux Locs with Strings

gypsy long faux locs

17) Burgundy Faux Locs

burgundy faux locs crotchet

18) Short Faux Locs With Strings

short faux locs style

19) Knee Length Honey Blonde Individual Crochet Faux Locs

Knee Length Crochet Faux Locs

20) Wavy Ombre Faux Locs

Ombre Wavy Faux Locs

21) Shoulder Length Curly Faux Locs

curly faux locs

22) Hip Length Long Freetress Goddess Faux Locs

faux locs hairstyle

23) Hip Length Long Faux Locs

Hip Length Crochet Faux Locs

24) Individual Faux Locs With Marley Hair and Freetress Hair

faux locs style

25) Bohemian Goddess Faux Locs

bohemian long faux locs

faux locs hairstyles pictures

26) Waist Length Goddess Faux Locs

Hip Length faux locs ideas

27) Honey Blonde Faux Locs with Kanekalon Hair

faux locs with kanekalon hair

28) Knee Length Goddess Faux Locs Wig

This might be a wig. But you can install a hairstyle this long without using a wig.

knee length faux locs Wig style

29) Loose Feathered Faux Locs

IG: @hairbyarie

 bohemian long faux locs on 4c hair

30) Medium Length Faux Locs

IG: @SImplygeniee

 faux locs on natural hair

31) Bob Curly Faux Locs

bob faux locs with curly ends

32) Soft Faux Locs With Curly Ends

goddess faux locs style

33) Half Up Half Down Goddess Faux Locs

faux locs hairstyle

faux locs hairstyles on 4c hair

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34) Duotone Crochet Faux Locs

IG: @adinagossyp

faux locs colored

35) Long Goddess Faux Locs With Braid Rings and Strings

long goddess faux locs

36) Voluminous Waist Length Goddess Faux Locs

waist length goddess faux locs

37) Soft Top Knot Goddess Wavy Faux Locs

goddess wavy faux locs

38) Crochet Bob Faux Locs

IG: vanitybybydanit

short bob crochet faux locs

39) Tapered Bob Faux Locs

marley hair faux locs

40) Messy Bohemian Short Faux Locs

IG: @SImplygeniee

long faux locs

Which is your favorite hairstyle and which one are you going to be trying first? Let me know in the comment section.

faux locs hairstyles on 4c hair

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