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40 Unique Large Box Braids Hairstyles That Get Compliments Everytime!

Large box braids are a popular and versatile protective hairstyle for Black women. These braids, also known as jumbo box braids, offer a stylish and low-maintenance option for those looking to protect their natural hair while making a bold fashion statement. Here are some key points to consider when it comes to large box braids.

Are large braids a protective hairstyle? Do they cause breakage?

Large box braids are considered a protective hairstyle as they help to shield natural hair from environmental factors and manipulation, promoting hair growth and overall hair health.

The larger size of the braids also reduces the tension on the scalp, making them a comfortable choice for extended wear. To prevent breakage, its important that you don’t braid too tightly and remember to keep your hair moisturized while in braids.

Will you recommend big box braids for someone with thinning hair?

I would not recommend big box braids for someone with thinning hair because they often require large quantities of hair extensions. If your hair is very thin, these braids can be too heavy for your hair strands. The large braids will likely pull on your thin hair, creating a lot of tension that can potentially result in breakage. opt for a medium-sized braid instead if you do not want to spend hours sitting for small braids.

Who do you recommend large braids for?

I will recommend jumbo braids for women who can’t sit through long hair sessions or who only need a style that will last a couple of weeks. Jumbo braids with large parts are also ideal for women who want a lightweight hairstyle that doesn’t put a lot of tension on the scalp.

Large box braids can be suitable for Black women with different hair types, including those with thicker or coarser hair. The size and flexibility of these braids make them a popular choice for those with thicker or more voluminous hair.

How do I protect my hair at night and in the shower?

Wrap your large box braids in a loose pineapple-style bun and cover them with a satin or silk scarf to protect them at night. You can also use a bonnet. If putting them in a bun feels uncomfortable because of your sleeping position, then divide the braids into two sections and wrap both sides around the head, then secure both sides with Bobby pins before using your scarf or bonnet. This will minimise frizz as much as possible.

The same wrapping technique applies when you are in the shower, all you have to do is cover the hair with a shower cap or plastic bag to keep water out of your braids. Try to keep your head from being directly under the showerhead as much as you can.

Do large braids last longer than smaller braids?

When properly cared for, large box braids can last for several weeks, making them a practical choice for individuals with busy lifestyles or those looking for a low-maintenance hairstyle. Larger box braids will get frizzy quickly, and may not last as long as smaller braids. You can use gel and a scarf to reduce frizz so that you can wear your jumbo braids for a few more days.

Jumbo Box Braids perfect for you Summer Look!

How do you change up your style while in large box braids?

Despite their larger size, jumbo box braids offer a wide range of styling options. From classic half-up, half-down looks to elegant updos and creative ponytails, the versatility of large box braids allows for various styling possibilities, making it easy to switch up your look as desired.

The use of different colors, lengths, and accessories allows for personalization, enabling you to express your individual style and creativity.

When considering large box braids, it’s essential to care for your natural hair by maintaining a healthy scalp, moisturizing the hair, and ensuring the braids are not installed too tightly. Additionally, consulting a professional hairstylist for the installation and maintenance of large box braids can help ensure the best results.

Whether you’re looking for a protective style, a versatile look, or a way to express your unique style, large box braids offer an array of benefits for Black women seeking a stunning, low-maintenance hairstyle.

What are the best ways to make jumbo braids? Should you make large parts or use a large hair quantity?

The way you go about making your jumbo braids will vary slightly depending on your hair density, length and personal preference. You can make large parts if you don’t want the braids to be too heavy or extremely full. Large parts are also a great choice for those with fine hair since you don’t want too much hair extensions pulling on small sections of your fine hair strands.

However, if you want a fuller look, you can make medium-sized parts and use a slightly larger quantity of hair. 


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1. Honey Blonde Jumbo Braids

This is a lovely style for women who aren’t afraid to go a bold look. It is such an easy style that will take very little time. All you’ll need are packs of #27 braiding hair extension.

honey blonde long braids

2. Chunky Box Braids

if you’re all about volume and need something that will give you the fullness and thickness of your dreams, this is the perfect style for you. This style will require up to seven packs of black braiding hair because of the length and size. Feel free to add in a few pieces of gold hair threads for lovely highlights.

long large braids for black girls

3. Auburn Passion Braids

This jumbo passion braids look is perfect for special occasions. The size and fluffiness of the braids will elevate just about any outfit you pair them with.

What you will need: Packs of braiding hair in #30 color

dark brown passion braids

4. Light Brown Large Braids

if you’re a busy woman with very little time to sit for elaborate braids, a cornrow and box braids combo like this should seriously be on your radar. With no more than 8-10 braids, you’ll be out of the saloon in an hour or less. You can work in some braiding gel to keep each section neat and shiny.

What you will need: Packs of #27 braiding hair extension

honey blonde cornrows

5. Curly End Jumbo Box Braids

Give your jumbo braids a unique look by curling the ends with Perm rods. A style like this looks amazing at any length but this back-length version is truly stunning.

braids hairstyle with curly end

6. Ginger Large Braids With Cross Parts

Jumbo braids are one of the best ways to show off the intricate parts of your hairstyle since they are so large. Feel free to play with different parting shapes and patterns. This cross-parting of these braids is sure to get you some compliments.

What you will need: Packs ginger pre-stretched braiding hair extensions

copper large braids for black women

7. Waist Length Knotless Jumbo Braids

This long variation of jumbo braids is perfect for women who like to add a little drama and sass to their look. Just make sure to braid in large parts to prevent the style from feeling too heavy.

knotless box braids on teenager

8. Heart Shape Large Braids

Heart-shaped large braids are a unique and eye-catching variation of the classic braided hairstyle. For a playful and romantic twist to your hairstyle, consider incorporating these heart-shaped braids to your style.

This design not only showcases your individuality but also adds an extra element of charm to your overall look. Whether you’re attending a special event or simply want to express your creativity, these heart-shaped braids are a versatile and stylish choice.

What you will need: Wooden hair beads

Jumbo braids with hair beads

9. Large Braids With Heart

If you have been wanting to dye your hair, this is your sign to give it a try! A touch of Light pink hair dye at your nape, with a pack of pink braiding hair added in and you’ll be ready to take on any party or Valentine’s Day dinner.

medium braids with pink highlight

10. Black Pink Hip LengthBraids

This is another beautiful look that lets you play with a combo of pink and black. You’ll need to dye almost half of your hair so be sure to follow up with a curl refresh spray to replenish the hair with moisture that may be lost during the dying process.

What you will need: Light pink hair dye and packs of braiding hair in pink color

black pink box braids hairstyle

11. Jumbo Braids with Blue Highlight

This is a great choice for those who prefer a more subtle way to try out colorful braids. All you have to do is incorporate a pack of blue hair hair extensions in 3-4 sections to create the illusion of highlights.

black and blue jumbo braids

12. Burgundy Box Braids

Go for a bold look like this if you are open to fully dying your hair. It is a gorgeous hairstyle that will surely gain you a few compliments.

What you will need: permanent hair color in burgundy and braiding hair in burgundy color

burgundy box braids on black women

13. Black and Aqua Blue Large Braids

Try out these large box braids if your hair is too fine to hold the weight of jumbo braids. The fun addition of blue braiding hair makes it a lovely style to wear in the summer.

What you will need: temporary hair color in aqua blue

aqua blue box braids on blakc women

14. Emerald Large Braids

No one ever said box braids had to always come in square shapes so don’t be afraid to switch things up with a look like this. Triangle parts, 4-5 packs braiding hair in green color and you’ve got yourself an Instagram worthy look.

emerald jumbo braids on black women

15. Mid-back Length Large Braids with Cornrows

This is a head-turning look that is perfect for all age groups. You can wear it to school or pair it with a stylish dress for a fun night out. You can use perm rods to achieve the curly ends

large braids with kinky end

16. Heart Shape Large Knotless Braids

Sleek and effortlessly feminine, these braids will make your hair a conversation starter and save you time while at it. They will not take long to make. Once you have your parts down, all you have to do is smooth down the hair with generous amounts of gel.

knotless jumbo braids

17. 1B/613 Large Box Braids

A gold and black mixture like this is perfect for a young woman in her twenties. You can pair the colour in your hair with a bold shade of eyeshadow for a fun night out.

What you will need: Packs of #27 braiding hair extension

two toned long large braids

18. #30 Knotless Jumbo Braids

Brown braids like this are a great option for women with slightly darker skin tones who want something to accentuate their skin color. This hairstyle looks so beautiful and minimalist, that you can wear it on your no-makeup days and jazz the entire look with statement earrings.

What you will need: Packs of dark brown pre-stretched braiding hair extension

auburn box braids on black women

19. Super Jumbo Braids

Are you a volume girlie who is all about the thickness and fullness of your braids? Well, here is the perfect style for you. Just lay down your edges with some edge control and you’ve got yourself a look that slays at any time of the year.

giant long braids on black girls

20. Multicolored Large Box Braids

This multicolored look is perfect for women who like a little bit of drama and are not afraid to get creative with their hair.

What you will need: Bundles of braiding hair in purple, green, blue, and burgundy color or you can use 4 temporary hair color wax

long multi color box braids

Juicy jumbo braids for black girls!


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21. Honey Blonde and Light Brown Box Braids

This is a cute option for women who want to wear blonde hair but are unsure if it will compliment their skin tone. With this style, you’re not doing too much. The honey-colored braids tone down the brightness of the blonde, creating a combo that will look beautiful on any skin tone.

What you will need: Packs of #27 braiding hair extension and #613 hair extension

honey blonde box braids

22. Box Braids with Curly End

Incorporate a few packs of freetress curly hair into the ends of your braids to create more volume while showing off the beauty of your natural curls.

chunky large braids with curly end

23. Auburn Large Long Braids

An intricate braid style like this is the ideal look to wear to that special event you’ve got coming up. You can show off the unique parts and cornrows when you take pictures for the gram.

What you will need: Packs of braiding hair in #30 color

dark brown big brauds

24. Four Jumbo Braids

There are times when less really is more and this is definitely one of those moments. Four beautiful braids slicked down with gel and finished with hair accessories, who knew something so simple could be so stunning.

4 jumbo braids with hair accessories

25. Medium Knotless Braids with Beads

Elevate your look by opting for butt-length braids with wooden hair beads added in for extra flair. Be sure to opt for knotless braids to reduce tension on your scalp since the braids are so long.

butt length braids with beads

26. Freestyle Cornrow Hairstyle

The beautiful cornrows at the base of these large braids make them a great choice for women with fine hair. The artistic cornrows will reduce tension on your root once the large braids are done.

freestyle cornrows hairstyle on black women

27. Star-shaped Chunky Braids

if you couldn’t already tell, I love seeing braids in fun shapes that are out of the norm and this is another one. It can be achieved on both fine and thick hair as long as you do not braid too tightly.

giant braids hairstyle on girls

28. Brown Ombre Large Braids

Can’t decide what braid color to make? Why not give an ombre look like this one a try? The combined mixture of #27 braiding hair and #613 hair extension will look flattering on both light and dark skin tones.

ombre jumbo braids on black women

29. Hip Length Braids with Curly End

If you like long braids, you’re probably a bold beauty who loves to glam things up. So why not up the ante with a stunning look like this? Lay your edges to perfection with gel and curl the ends with perm rods.

cute braids with curly end

30. Ginger Jumbo Braids

in case you haven’t heard, Black women basically own ginger hair now because it makes our skin pop every time. This is a great way to pull off your ginger baddie look. No matter your skin tone, this shade of hair extension in #350 will look incredible on you.

ginger large braids on girls


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31. Long Chunky Box Braids

This sleek look is a great choice for women in their 30s who want stylish braids but may be too busy to sit down to something intricate. It is also very low maintenance, you only have to hydrate your hair with a hair spritz a few times a week.

long large box braids on women

32. Large Box Braids

These stunning braids are very versatile and can be worn by just about everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a young adult or a mom, as long as you are open to trying something new this is one look that will elevate your style..

large box braids on black women

33. Burgundy Large Braids

Burgundy braids are perfect for when you want a shade of red that is not too loud and dramatic. You can even wear this style to school as a teenager without raising too many eyebrows.

What you will need: Packs of braiding hair in burgundy color

large burgundy braids on black girl

34. Box Braid Cornrows on Black Girl

If your natural hair is only about 4-5 inches, you can still rock jumbo braids with a style like this. Just create medium-sized parts and include some cornrows to create the illusion of larger sections.

chunky large braids on black girls

35. Accessorized Medium Knotless Braids

Elevate the look of your braids by adding a few hair accessories. You can even include some thin cornrows in between sections for a touch of elegance.

jumbo braids with hair accessories

36. Knee-Length Knotless Braids

Jumbo braids can sometimes feel too basic but a knee-length look like this really takes them to the next level. You can show off the luscious length or style them however you like. Space buns or pigtails are a great choice for young women.

knee length knotless braids

37. Thigh Length Medium Braids

These lovely braids are another great option for fans of super long hair. Make them special with star-shaped parts and curled ends. Be sure to lay your edges with a strong hold gel for finishing touches.

long braids with curly end

38. Jumbo braids with Rainbow Beads

For a fun time out in the summer, opt for a mix of colorful beads like this one. Feel free to match the shades to your outfit.

knotless jumbo box braids

39. Knotless Jumbo Braids

This is a fun twist on traditional box braids and I think it will look beautiful on anyone who loves to get creative with their look. The zig-zag boxes are sure to attract a few compliments.

jumbo braids on black women

40. Burgundy Jumbo Braids

Give burgundy box braids a try if you are looking for a colourful look that will compliment the dark shade of your natural hair.

knee length burgundy braids

41. Large Knotless Braids

This hairstyle is perfect for days when you need a little glam. You can wear it with bold lashes and accessories with different earrings.

knotless jumbo braids on black women

Eye-catching Jumbo Box Braids for Black women!