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40 Creative Pop Smoke Braids Protective Hairstyles To Try

Pop smoke braids popularized by the late rapper, Pop Smoke. This hairstyle is also known as tribal or jumbo feed-in braids with a middle part.

There are several varieties of this hairstyle, due to the creativity of hair stylists around the world.

You can either recreate this hairstyle using your own natural hair, or you can add some extensions to it for length and volume.

How long do pop smoke braids last?

Like any other cornrows, this hairstyle can last up to 6-8 weeks, depending on your natural hair texture, how you care for your hair and how the hair was braided.

If you want to wear this hairstyle for at least a month, you should remember to always sleep with a satin scarf, so that your hair can stay in place while you sleep.

You can also keep your hair looking fresh by applying some foaming mousse on the braids about once a week. Then apply some edge control gel around your edges for a fresh new look.

How many packs of hair do I need for pop smoke braids?

The type of hair you use and the hairstyle you’re going for will determine how many packs of hair you’ll need.

If you will be using bundled pre-stretched hair extensions like these ones, you can get away with using up to 3 packs of hair.

How much does it cost to get my hair braided?

Between $100-250 depending on the hairstylist, your city and your chosen hairstyle.

How Do You Sleep With Pop Smoke Braids

Like any other hairstyle, you must ensure your pop smoke braids are covered in a silk or sating bonnet before bed. This will prevent any damage or frizz that could come from having your braids rub against your cotton sheets and pillow cases. If your pop smoke braids are really long, you can wrap the ends in a loose bun or twist them before tucking them into your bonnet to prevent them from getting in the way while you sleep.

Do Pop Smoke Braids Damage Your Edges?

Pop smoke braids are known for their signature cornrows that lay very close to the edges, so with the wrong installation technique and maintenance routine, it is possible for the style to cause damage to your edges as it puts a lot of strain and tension around the hairline.


 To prevent any damage to your edges, ensure that the stylist making your braids does not install them too tight because that could pull harshly on the hairs on the edges and make them break off. When taking down your pop smoke braids, you also need to be gentle when taking down the hair around the edges, as this is where most people make the mistake of pulling too harshly and pulling off the delicate hairs on the hairline in the process.

Do I Need To Straighten My Hair Before Getting Pop Smoke Braids?

Many people often assume that you need to have your hair straightened to get braids done. However, that is very unnecessary. Your braids will still turn out neat and frizz-free when it is braided in its naturally curly state, and straightening the hair just exposes it to more risks of potential heat damage. The hair also grips the braiding extension better when it is in its kinky state, which would make the style longer, so you really do not need to flat iron or straighten the hair before getting pop smoke braids.

If you do feel like your hair braiding your hair in its shrunken state would affect the outcome of your style, then a better alternative to straightening the hair is to use a heatless stretching method like the banding method or simply putting the hair in 4-6 chunky braids after washing.

Can I Wash My Hair While In Pop Smoke Braids?

You can absolutely wash your hair while it’s in pop smoke braids. However, the hair tends to develop frizz very easily when it is washed in a protective style like pop smoke braids, so it is best to only do this after about 4 weeks of having your braids in.

When you do decide to wash your hair, you can opt for a dry shampoo and focus it on the scalp to minimize the possibility of frizzing up the style. However, if you decide to use regular shampoo to do the cleaning, ensure you focus all the shampoo on the scalp and gently use your fingers to massage the braids. After rinsing, make sure to follow up with a conditioner or leave-in conditioning spray and oil to bring back moisture and shine to the style.

Pop Smoke Braids Protective Hairstyles
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Beautiful Pop Smoke Braids Hairstyles to Inspire Your Next Hairstyle

 1. Pop Smoke Braids on Little Girls

With its cute curvy front part and beaded ends, this simple yet adorable look is the perfect style for little girls as it is won’t take so long to install.

What you’ll need: A few packs of braiding hair

2. Pop Smoke Braids on Toddlers

pop smoke braids on toddlers

Need a cute style for your toddler that is both fun and youthful? Opt for this pop smoke braids style. Be sure to decorate with colorful beads to add some personality and flair to the look.

What you’ll need: A few packs of braiding hair , beads

3. Kids Pop Smoke Braids with Beads

pop smoke braids on girls with beads

There’s just something so lovely about the leafy pattern of this pop smoke braid style. The addition of beads and fun hair cuffs make it the perfect style for kids.

What you’ll need: A few packs of braiding hair

4. Simple Pop Smoke Braids on Kids without Extensions

Pop Smoke Braids without Extensions

Not a fan of using extensions on your hair? Then opt for these simple pop smoke braids. This style looks incredible no matter what length your hair is at, but it is best to do this if your hair is at medium length.

What you’ll need: Hair cuffs

5. Chunky Pop Smoke Braids on Teenagers

Chunky Pop Smoke Braids on Teenagers 

f you’re looking for a versatile style that your teenage daughter can wear to school, fun occasions, and parties, then this chunky style is the perfect one.

What you’ll need: A few packs of braiding hair

6. Stitch Braids Pop Smoke Braids

mika styles pop smoke braids

Stich braids have a signature look that always stands out from the slew of different braid styles out there, and if you’d like to give your pop smoke braids a fun pattern that stands out, then you should opt for this stitch braids version.

What you’ll need: A few packs of braiding hair

7. Zig Zag Purple Pop Smoke Cornrows


Zig Zag Pop Smoke Cornrows

Another cute style with a unique pattern, these zig-zag pop smoke braids give the hair a fun structure that is sure to attract some compliments. The purple color is also an eye-catching yet modest shade that perfect for any occasion.

What you’ll need: A few packs of deep purple braiding hair

8. Zig Zag or Straight Pop Smoke Braids

Zig Zag Pop Smoke braids

Still can’t decide what parting design you want for your pop smoke braids, this double combo of zig-zag will surely tempt you to get one. They are both beautiful and will look lovely on any face shape. If you’re feeling a little creative, don’t hesitate to even mix the two.

What you’ll need: A few packs of braiding hair

9. Tribal Feed-In Pop Smoke Braids with Ginger Hair

Tribal pop smoke braids With Color

Everything about this style just screams perfection, and if you’re looking for an elegant way to rock pp smoke braids for a fancy dinner or party, this is the perfect look to for. The beautiful shade of ginger will also pair nicely with different make-up looks.

What you’ll need: Ginger braiding hair

10. Tribal Feed-In Cornrows

Tribal Feed-In Cornrows 

Tribal braids are a great way to give your braids a beautiful structure while showing off your best facial features. This is the style to go for if you’re looking for a style that will grab attention from any direction.

What you’ll need: A few packs of braiding hair

11. Stitch Braids Cornrows with a Bohemian Finish

Stitch Braids Cornrows

A sitch braid version of pop smoke braids with a flowy boho vibe, this style seriously has everything you need for the summer or festival season. The seamless blend of the curved parts and curly weave attached at the middle makes the entire style pop.

What you’ll need: A few packs of braiding hair and water wave freetress braiding hair

12. Side Parted Pop Smoke Braids

simple pop smoke braids on women

If you want something stylish and easy, this side part cornrows will be ideal. Because there are only a few cornrows, you will be able to take down the hairstyle in less than an hour.

What you’ll need: A few packs of braiding hair

13. Three Layers Pop Smoke Braids

Three Layers Pop Smoke Braids

Pop smoke braids can sometimes make the face look flat. However, if you’re looking to give your braids some dimension and make natural face shape pop out, then these three layered pop smoke braids are the ideal style to try.

What you’ll need: A few packs of braiding hair

14. Eight Pop Smoke Braids

Eight Pop Smoke Braids

Don’t want to spend forever sitting in the braiding chair? these eight pop smoke braids are definitely going to be your new go-to look. They are cute, thick, and can be installed in the shortest time possible.

What you’ll need: A few packs of braiding hair

15. Jumbo Pop Smoke on Women

Jumbo Pop Smoke braids on Women

This jumbo look is perfect for you if you like your braids to have a thick shape and volume.

What you’ll need: At least three packs of braiding hair

16. Light Brown Pop Smoke Braids

light brown pop smoke braids for black women

These light brown pop smoke braids are a chic yet simple style you can rock with numerous outfits. They also look great on many skin tones.

What you’ll need: Light brown braiding hair #30

17. Curvy Pop Smoke Braids

This curvy pop smoke braid is a great style to choose if you want your braids to have a lovely parting design that stands out. 

What you’ll need: Maroon braiding hair

18. Medium-Sized Pop Smoke Braids

Pop Smoke stitch braids hairstyle

If you’re not a fan of the jumbo look of traditional pop smoke braids or simply have thin hair, these medium-sized pop smoke braids would be perfect for you. The minimal size of the braids also allows your make-up to pop out and make your face the star of the show.

what you’ll need: A few packs of braiding hair

Try These Pop Smoke Braids Hairstyles
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19. Two-Steps Pop Smoke Braids on Teenagers

Two-Steps Pop Smoke Braids on Teenagers

This two-step look is another great way to create a nice multidimensional look for your braids if you’re not a fan of the typical flatness of pop smoke braids.

What you’ll need: A few packs of braiding hair

20. Multilayered Pop Smoke Braids

Three-Layers Pop Smoke Braids

Keeping with the layered look, these multilayered pop smoke braids have a fun and stylish design that will attract some compliments.

What you’ll need: A few packs of braiding hair

21. Four-Layers Jumbo Pop Smoke Braids

Four-Layers Jumbo Pop Smoke Braids

Want your braids to have some depth and volume? These chunky pop smoke braids and their four layers are the perfect style for you.

What you’ll need: A few packs of braiding hair

22. Banana Style Pop Smoke Braids

Curvy Pop Smoke Braids

A banana-style braid is a classic look that always adds a lovely shape to the hair while pulling attention to the natural contours of the face, and these pop smoke braids versions would be perfect if you want to look cute while commanding attention.

What you’ll need: A few packs of braiding hair

23. Touch Of Gold Pop Smoke Braids

 Pop Smoke Braids With Blonde Hair

Add a pop of color to your braids by opting for a few gold-colored braids in the front section. It is the perfect way to play with colored braids without going for a fully bright look.

What you’ll need: A few packs of braiding hair and gold braiding hair

24. Pop Smoke Braids With Beaded Ends

 Pop Smoke Braids With Beads

Want to look cute and youthful with your pop smoke braids? Then be sure to accessorize with some wooden beads.

What you’ll need: A few packs of braiding hair and wooden hair beads

25. Micro-Jumbo Pop Smoke Braids Combo

Creative Pop Smoke Braids Hairstyles

With swirly lines and micro-jumbo braids combo, this pop smoke braids style is an elegant look that would be perfect for special occasions.

What you’ll need: A few packs of braiding hair

26. Simple Medium-Sized Pop Smoke Braids

Tribal Stitch Braids Cornrows

If you want a simple protective style you can wear to work and easily dress up for a fun night out, then this medium-sized look is perfect for you. It is simple but has a lovely length you can show off.

What you’ll need: A few packs of braiding hair

27. Mid-Length Pop Smoke Braids

Shoulder Length Pop Smoke Braids

Don’t want overly long braids that get in your way but still want some length? Try these mid-length pop smoke braids. Be sure to accessorize with hair bands for a dramatic flair.

What you’ll need: A few packs of braiding hair and hair rings

28. Black And Blonde Pop Smoke Braids

Tribal Pop Smoke Braids With Two-Tone Colors

If you’re looking for a colorful hairdo that you can rock in the summer but are not ready to commit to a completely colored hairstyle, then this black and blonde combo would be great. It features blonde hair extensions feed-in at the middle for a fun and eye-catching color combination.

What you’ll need: a few packs of blonde braiding hair and color 1b braiding hair

29. Loose Pop Smoke Braids

Pop Smoke Braids For Short Hair

If you don’t like your braids made so tight that they hurt for days after getting them made, then opt for a loose pop smoke braid style. Each braid is made chunk and fairly loose to give the hair a soft and full look.

What you’ll need: A few packs of braiding hair

30. Ombre Pop Smoke Braids

Small Pop Smoke Braids

Ombre pop smoke braids are also another great way to combine colors and give the hair a cool structure. This style features a combination of black that seamlessly flows into golden brown towards the ends.

What you’ll need: Ombre braiding hair

31. Center Parted Pop Smoke Braids

Pictures of Pop Smoke Braids

Make your pop smoke braids in a sleek center part if you’re looking for a style that will soften the edges of your square or diamond-shaped face. It is also a great style to help elongate the face.

What you’ll need: A few packs of braiding hair

32. Tribal Pop Smoke Braids With Hair Rings

Long Pop Smoke Braids

This tribal style is a great style to go for if you want a look you can accessorize while channeling a fun cultural vibe.

What you’ll need: A few packs of braiding hair and hair cuffs

33. Chunky Brown Pop Smoke Braids

Jumbo Pop Smoke Braids on 3b Hair

Opt for this chunky brown style if you want a look that will complement your light or dark skin tone really well.

What you’ll need: Deep brown braiding hair

34. Side Part Pop Smoke Braids

Small Pop Smoke Braids

This is an alternative version of the hairstyle which is normally parted in the middle. But if you’re the type that likes to add your own creativity to a style, you can go with this hairstyle.

What you’ll need: A few packs of braiding hair


35. S-Pattern Pop Smoke Braids

s-pattern pop smoke hairstyle

Want your pop smoke braids to stand out from the rest? Opt for this s-pattern version. It is a unique and cute style you can pair with any outfit.

What you’ll need:A few packs of braiding hair

36. Pop Smoke Braids With Mini Triangles


These pop smoke braids have a unique pattern of mini triangle braids that give the entire look an irresistible structure. They’re a great style you can wear on special occasions.

What you’ll need: A few packs of braiding hair

37. Fiery Red Pop Smoke Braids

red pop smoke hairstyle

Looking for an attention-grabbing style you can rock in the summer? Opt for these fiery red pop smoke braids. With this style, you can choose a shade of red braiding hair  that compliments your skin tone, so don’t be afraid of looking too flamboyant

What you’ll need: Red braiding hair

38. Copper Pop Smoke Braids

copper zig-zag pop smoke hairstyle

These copper pop smoke braids are another lovely color that looks incredible on any skin tone. They are the ideal style to try if you want a touch of brightness in your braids but don’t want something too dramatic.

What you’ll need: Copper red pre-stretched braiding hair

39. Purple Low Lights Pop Smoke Braids

pop smoke haistyle with purple low lights

Give your pop smoke braids the illusion of volume by opting for a low-light style. This style uses small bits of purple braiding hair to create a color gradient, and it will look great on anyone.

What you’ll need: Purple braiding hair and a few packs of black X-pression hair

40. Locs Pop Smoke Braids

locs pop smoke for mens

If you have locs and are looking for a trendy way to style them, then hop on the pop smoke braid trend by braiding them up for this cute style.


The bottom line is that pop smoke braids are a trendy and cute protective style that grew in popularity and demand after popularizing the late rapper pop smoke. With their middle part jumbo aesthetic and multiple variations and designs, this cute style is an evergreen hairstyle to rock in any season or occasion.

40 Creative Pop Smoke Braids Protective Hairstyles To Try
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