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50+ Jumbo Twists Hairstyles That Looks Elegant on Black Women

There are certain times in life when it’s better to go big or go home and the moment when you decide to get jumbo twists is one of them. Chunky, voluminous, and effortlessly stylish, these fun versions of regular twists are a great way to spice up your look and the best thing about them is that they don’t take long to install. Just an hour or two in the braiding chair and you’re done.

In this article, we have curated a timeless selection of some of the best jumbo twists out there. So read ahead to find the best option for you. 

Are jumbo twists heavy and will they pull on my edges?

The type of hair used will determine the weight of your hairstyle. For a lighter weight, I suggest using kinky hair extensions because regular braiding hair extensions can feel very heavy.
You can also choose to only install a few strands of braids so that you won’t have a lot of hair to work with.

Another method to reduce excess weight is to get a short hairstyle such as the first few hairstyles shown below. We have included a few hairstyles to choose from that will not pull on your edges or feel heavy.

How do I keep my twists from unraveling?

To keep your twists from unraveling, you can try braiding the roots for about half an inch, then proceed with the twists. This will ensure the hair extensions are properly secured. 

You can also try the rope twists technique where each section of hair is initially twirled around itself before proceeding to make the two-strand twists.

For the ends, you can secure your hair with rubber bands so that it doesn’t unravel. You can also use gel to keep your ends together or curl them to prevent unraveling.

You will see examples of these techniques in the recommended hairstyles below.

Is it fine to swim with this kind of hairstyle?

Like most protective styles, it is fine to swim with your jumbo twists. However, you need to take a few precautionary measures. Before jumping into the pool or beach, wrap your twists and cover them with a swim cap or turban to prevent them from absorbing a lot of water.

If you can not get your hands on a swim cap that’s large enough to protect your hair, I will suggest keeping your head out of the water so that your hair stays dry.

How long do jumbo twists last?

Jumbo twists can last anywhere between 4- 6 weeks with the right maintenance. They don’t last as long as smaller twists or jumbo braids because jumbo twists get frizzy much faster. It might also start to feel heavy over time, and you will want to take it down sooner than expected.

How do you wash long jumbo twists and maintain your natural hair?

The best way to wash long jumbo twists is to focus on washing your scalp. If you try to wash the full length of the braids, they will soak up too much water and become frizzy. 

To wash your twists, put some shampoo into a spray bottle and mix it with water. Then spray the shampoo directly on your scalp in between each section of twist. Gently use the pads of your fingers to rub the scalp from the edges down to your nape. Then, rinse with warm water, making sure to focus the water directly on your scalp instead of the actual twists. You can put the twists in a loose bun as you do this.

Let your twists air dry after washing. Then, apply some leave-in conditioner down the length of your jumbo twists to help moisturize the hair. You can also follow up some hair mousse down the length of each twist to tame any flyaways and help you maintain the sleekness and shine of the hairstyle.

Additionally, finish off the process by applying some hair oil to your scalp.

For a video tutorial on how this is done, please watch this video by Shanique.

What hair and how many packs of hair do you need for jumbo twists?

The look you’re going for will also determine what hair to use. You can choose from kinky hair extensions to regular braiding hair. You can also choose from a variety of hair colors available, for a unique look.

The quantity of hair extensions you need for jumbo twists will vary based on a few factors such as your hair density and desired length and thickness.

Your hair stylist can recommend the number of hair packs to buy before your next hair appointment. But if in doubt, you can buy more hair than needed, and use the remaining hair for your next style.

There are also hair stylists who provide hair as part of their service, which makes everything easy. In this case, you won’t need to worry about the type of hair or quantity needed. Just show up for your appointment!

Do I need to straighten or stretch my hair before getting twists so my hair can blend in?

Since these twists are very large, your natural hair pattern will be more noticeable in between the hair extensions. So it is best to stretch the hair before installing the twists.

This will help your hair blend in seamlessly with the added hair and also result in a cleaner finish. You do not have to straighten your hair. All you need is a blowout using a blow dryer to achieve the stretch you need.

How do you install jumbo twists?

To install jumbo braids, start by dividing the hair into even-sized square sections. Then use hair ties to secure each section of hair. Grab a generous amount of braiding hair and use a crochet hook to add the hair to the roots of your natural hair. 

Then divide the hair into two sections and twist it tautly from the roots down to the ends. This video from YouTuber, Jari Maril is a great and well-detailed guide on how to achieve flawless jumbo twists.


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These pictures are all sourced online. To be credited for your personal picture, please contact me with the exact picture, and I’ll be sure to credit you. This post also contains affiliate links which means that I earn a small commission if you make a purchase with my link, at no additional cost to you.

1. Jumbo Twists Bob

If you are worried about your jumbo braids being too heavy, this is a lovely variation to try. The bob length keeps things light and easy to manage.

What you will need: Hair cuffs and Elastic bands

Short large senegalese twists on black women

2. Short Chunky Passion Twists

These beautiful short passion twists are a stylish look for busy mums who prefer something easy to style that keeps their hair out of the way. They are also fairly easy to install, all you need is pre-twisted ombre passion braiding hair and some hair accessories for added flair.

bob knotless passion twists with accessories

3. Goddess Boho Jumbo Twists

If you have fine hair, jumbo twists can sometimes look a little flat because of the large sections. To give your twists a little more fullness, a boho version like this is a great look to try. The added pieces of curly hair will add a bit of softness and volume.

large bohemian twists for black girls

4. Jumbo Marley Twists

These stunning Marley twists are perfect for women who want something that is not too far off from their natural texture and they look especially amazing on women in their 20s who are not afraid to experiment with their hair.

What you will need: #27 Marley twists hair

brown ombre jumbo twists

5. Updo Jumbo Passion Twists

Switch up the final look of your jumbo twists by opting for an updo style like this. It is the perfect accessory to finish off a full glam makeup look. Feel free to include some lashes for an extra touch of drama.

High Ponytail Spring Twists

6. Waist Length Jumbo Senegalese Twists

Senegalese twists are a wonderful protective style that exudes elegance and simplicity. Try out this jumbo look if you love long hair but don’t want to sit too long to get your hair done. You can use perm rods to curl the ends for extra drama.

Senegalese twists with Curly End

7. Jumbo Kinky Twists

Want a hairstyle that will blend in with your natural coils? These kinky twists are the ideal look for you. With a few Pack/s of #350 pre-twisted passion twists fed into your hair, you’ll have people doing a double take to confirm if it’s all your natural hair.

High bun burgundy Jumbo Twists

8. Waist-Length Senegalese Twist

These beautiful long Senegalese twists are the perfect summer hair. They are not too full so you can swim with them and they will not get too heavy.

Semi Loose Jumbo Twists on Women

9. Shoulder-Length Large Passion Twists

Get creative with your jumbo twists and try a crochet passion twist variation. It is elegant and perfect for women of all age groups. Just finish off your edges with some gel to keep things neat.

Short Spring Twists

10. Loosely Twisted Dark burgundy Twists

Opt for loose twists if you want you want your jumbo twists to really be the center of attraction. The dark wine braiding hair used for this particular look will compliment any skin tone.

Dark Wine Jumbo Twists on Black Girls

11. Blonde Ombre Senegalese Twists with Large Parts

Upgrade your jumbo braids by making them in a lovely shade of blonde. This combination of 1B and #613 braiding hair looks beautiful on lighter skin tones.

Ombre Passion Twists on Black women

12. Jumbo Havana Twists

The fullness of these Havana twists is bound to make anyone look like a queen so give it a try if you’re after a look with some drama. It is a great hairstyle for special occasions.

Medium Length Jumbo Twists

13. Butt-Length Twists

If you’re a fan of long hair who is worried jumbo twists might be too heavy for you, this is your sign to get them done. Just tell your stylist to feather the ends of your twists so they will thin out towards the ends and not require so much hair.

Long medium Twists hairstyle

14. Dark Brown Jumbo Twists

These brown jumbo twists will give you a look fit for a goddess. They are effortlessly beautiful and can be styled in many different ways.

What you will need: #30 braiding hair

Jumbo Twists with Curly ends

15. Hip Length Senegalese Twists

This is another long-twist style that is perfect for the summer. It exudes a carefree vibe that is ideal for when you are having fun. Accessorize the ends with some colorful hair ties for extra flair.

Long Senegalese Twists on Girls

16. Pineapple Headwrap Twists

Pull your jumbo twists into a pineapple updo when you want a laid-back look that still keeps you looking sophisticated. You can add a stylish boho hair scarf and some wooden earrings to elevate your outfit.

Twists with headwrap style on Women

17. Chunky Jumbo Twists

Black chunky twists are a classic look you can never go wrong with and they always look incredible no matter what occasion you wear them to.

Large Twists Hairstyle

18. Two-Toned Havana Twists

Don’t be afraid to play around with colors when making your twists. You can mix bundles of #27 twists hair and #613 twists to recreate this lovely look.

Blonde Brown Havana Twists

19. Short Invisible Locs

Try something unconventional by opting for these invisible locs. They are classy, unique and perfect for fans of bob-length hair.

Short Invisible Locs

20. Goddess Short Locs

Work in a few curly hair pieces into your invisible locs to create this sophisticated look. Brush down your edges with some edge control to elevate the entire finished result.

Short Boho Locs on Girls

21. Knee-Length Jumbo Twists

Want something fashionable and versatile enough to take you from school to a night out? Give these beautiful knee-length twists a try.

Long Spring Twists on black girls

22. Havana Twists with Beads

These Havana twists are guaranteed to gain you some compliments. The rubber band parts and the wooden hair beads are really what make this look stand out from the crowd so don’t skim on accessorizing.

Short Spring Twists with beads

23. Passion Twists Crochet

If you have a busy schedule and can’t find the time to get your twists done. These crotchet versions were made for you. Just grab some pre-twisted crotchet hair and work them into your hair and you are good to go.

Passion Twists crochet hair on black women

24. Ponytail Senegalese Twists

These ponytail twists are the perfect face-framing hairstyle to wear when you want to show off your glam makeup on a special occasion.

What you will need: #4 Passion Twist Braiding Hair

Dark brown ponytail twists

25. Hot Red Invisible Locs

If invisible locs have caught your eye but you want them done with a little something extra, go for a striking shade of red like this. You may need to dye your hair to ensure your natural hair blends in with the red braiding hair used to achieve this hairstyle.

Red short invisible locs

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26. Short Chunky Passion Twists

If you think shot hair is boring, think again. These chunky jumbo twists just give off goddess energy and they frame the face very nicely. Use some gold hair accessories on the ends to perfect the look.

Chunky twists with accessories

27. Long Senegalese Twists

For women in their 30s who prefer a classic black look, these Senegalese twists are a wonderful option you can wear all year round.

Medium twists on black women

28. Bohemian Jumbo Twists

Make large parts and sleek down your hair with some gel to achieve this gorgeous jumbo twist style. It is a very simple hairstyle that won’t take long to install or take down but it really elevates any outfit you pair it with.

Bohemian Jumbo Twists

29. Jumbo Twists with Headwrap

You can style your jumbo twists into a wrapped updo like this one when you are running errands and need your hair out of the way. Moms and busy college students will fall in love with the functionality of this look.

What you will need: boho hairwrap

Havana twists with head scarf

30. Short Invisible Locs

These short Invisible locs are the ultimate hairstyle for minimalist babies who love the voluminous look of jumbo twists but want to keep it simple.

What you will need: Pack/s of light brown braiding hair

Short jumbo twists hairstyle

31. Accessorized Long Passion Twists

Spice up your twists by incorporating hair cuffs for a fashionable and laid-back look during summer festivals. Throw up a pair of sunglasses and you’re ready to live your best life.

Long passion twists on girls

32. Jumbo Spring Twist

Spring twists are one of our favorite protective styles because they always make black women look like the gorgeous queens they are. To achieve the fullness of this jumbo look, you’ll need some bundles of #4 marley twist hair.

Jumbo Havana Twists on Black women

33. Jumbo Senegalese Twists

These jumbo twists are very versatile and can be worn on different occasions. Whether you’re rocking them to class or pairing them with a sexy dress for a night out. All you need is beautiful nude lipstick to perfect this look.

Senegalese twists hairstyle

34. Two-Tone Jumbo Senegalese Twists

Everything about this hairstyle screams confidence and we are definitely here for it. The long length and ombre colour combo make it a fantastic look for women who love to stand out and play around with different hair colors. Be sure to include a heart-shaped part on the side to take things up a notch.

What you will need: 1B, #27 twists hair and #613 twists hair to achieve this long twists and color or you can use this 1B/30/27 Ombre Hair

Ombre Jumbo Twists with kinky ends

35. Large Twists with Blue Highlights

Add some blue braiding hair to a few sections of your twists if you want colourful highlights that can easily be covered up when you want to switch up your look.

Passion with with Highlights

36. Light-Weight Twists

Elevate your look by going for these hip length twists. They are effortlessly beautiful and very versatile. You can pull them into a low bun or let them flow to keep your middle part on full display.

Knotless Passion Twists

37. Hip Length Copper Twists

This is another stunning jumbo twist with a middle part that will help accentuate your face shape. The shade of copper hair used is also one that compliments any skin tone so don’t be afraid to try it out if you are on the darker side.

What you will need: Pack/s of #350 pre-twisted passion twists

Copper Long Twists on Women

38. Waist Length Chunky Twists

Try out these long passion crotchet passion twists when you need an everyday protective style that will last you for up to a month.

waist length passion twists

39. Knee Length Large Senegalese Twists

These spring twists are perfect for the colder months when you won’t get too sweaty when you go out. You will need to make sure they are always covered with a bonnet before you go to bed if you want them to last long.

Large twists with curly end

40. Jumbo Twists with Highlights

Keep your work look super stylish and subtle with these jumbo twists. The highlights are enough to add a touch of sass to your outfit without being too overwhelming.

What you will need: T1B/30 passion twists crochet hair

Ombre jumbo twists

41. Large Black and Copper Twists

If you want a fun and age-appropriate hairstyle for a teenager, this mixture of black and #350 pre-twisted braiding hair is a wonderful choice.

two-toned jumbo twists on black women

42. Loose Ginger Jumbo Twists

If you have been wanting to try out ginger hair, these loose jumbo twists are your chance to embrace that pop of color. They look incredible no matter what season you wear them.

What you will need: pre-stretched braiding hair in #350 color

Loose jumbo twists hairstyle

43. Loosely Twisted Style

Give knotless jumbo twists a try if you have fine hair. It will reduce tension on your scalp and prevent breakage. Be sure to slay your edges with some gel.

Knotless havana twists

44. Spring Twists with Defined Baby Hair

Got a party or special date coming up? This is the perfect look for you. Sleek twists like this one with flawlessly laid edges will compliment any outfit you pair them with. Just finish things off with a bold smoky eyeshadow and some blush and you’re guaranteed to keep heads turning.

Springy twists on black women

45. Blue Kamikaze Twists

These kamikaze twists will delight fans of brightly colored hair. It is a unique look that will require dying your hair. So make sure you apply some hair refresh spray to moisturize your curls after the twists are installed.

What you will need: blue ombre braiding hair or use this candy blue hair dye

kamekaze twists on black women

46. Blue Ombre Passion Twists

If super light blue is not your vibe, then go for these ombre twists. The deep shade of blue ombre passion braiding hair is not too loud and compliments any skin tone.

ombre spring twists on black girls

47. Jumbo Senegalese Twists

Senegalese twists can be done on about 6-12 sections of hair for a sleek and simple look that saves you time. You’ll need a generous amount of gel and mousse to maintain this hairstyle.

What you will need: #4 Passion Twist Hair Water Wave Braiding Hair

Fluffy jumbo twists

48. Loose Jumbo Marley Twists

Can’t decide whether to get twists or faux locs? Try out this gorgeous combination of the two. The kinky hair extension used for these jumbo twists creates the illusion of locs

Jumbo Faux locs on black women

49. Blonde Jumbo Senegalese Twists

These blonde spring twists are the perfect compromise for women who love blonde hair but are worried it may be too bright for their skin tone. The mixture of black, #613 braiding hair and #30 passion twists crochet hair really creates a stunning shade that will look very natural on any skin tone.

Ombre passion twists hairstyle

50. Long Knotless Passion Twists

You can never go wrong with black passion twists like this one. The long length makes them all the more beautiful and you can easily pull them into a loose bun whenever you want to switch up your look.

Knotless jumbo twists

51. Black Senegalese Twists

These beautiful Senegalese twists are simple and perfect for anyone who wants big twists but may not be comfortable with the extreme jumbo look.

Medium senegalese twists

52. Waist Length Passion Crochet Twists

These beautiful crotchet twists are an amazing look for women in their 20s and 30s. Make them in a deep middle part to pull focus to your face.

Knotless long passion twists

53. Large Passion Twist

To make your large twists as full as possible, make them in medium parts. That way the volume of your hair be the statement piece of any outfit you wear. If you are going for a no-makeup look, you can accessorize with a gold chain.

Chunky Twists on black girls

54. Medium Passion Twists

If jumbo twists seem a little too extra for your taste but you still want a twist style that does not take too long to install, these medium-sized twists may be what you need.

Spring twists hairstyle on women


So there you have it, a varied collection of amazing jumbo twists to satisfy your every need. You can mix and match elements from different hairstyles so feel free to get creative and create your own unique own unique look.

Captivating Jumbo Twists for Black Girls