40 Stylish Crochet Braids Styles You Should Try Next

(Last Updated On: November 21, 2019)

Protective styling season is upon us. To get you ready, I have put together this list of the most stylish crochet braid hairstyle right now. In this post, I will be sharing a variety of crochet braid hairstyles suitable for all hair textures and length.

One thing I love about crochet braids is that they are so easy to install and take down. It’s also an ideal styling option for someone who is trying to grow their hair out or cover up bald edges. You can either install the hair by yourself or get a hairstylist to do it for you. Whatever option you end up choosing, please make sure you don’t braid your hair too tightly.

crochet braids styles on natural hair

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How to take care of your natural hair while it’s in crochet braids

It’s also crucial that you take care of your hair underneath. To do that, I recommend using one of these leave-in conditioner sprays, so that you can moisturize your hair without applying heavy creams. You should also lubricate your scalp with one of these hair growth oils so that your scalp doesn’t dry out while your hair is in a protective style.

How to prevent itchy scalp when you have hair extensions on

If you find that your hair itches after installing hair extensions, I suggest pre-soaking the hair extensions piece in a bowl of diluted apple cider vinegar. You can then wash off the vinegar smell with your favourite shampoo and rinse off with conditioner to add extra softness to the hair.

How long can you keep in crochet braids?

You can keep them in for up to 6-8 weeks depending on how your scalp feels and the environment you’re in. For example, if it’s very hot where you’re at, you might only need to keep the crochet in for about 4 weeks so that your scalp can get some fresh air. 

Are crochet braids damaging to hair?

Depending on how your hairstylist braids the cornrows underneath your crochet, it may or may not damage your hair. This is why it’s so crucial to inform your hair stylist to loosen up when braiding. You should also caution her when braiding the hair around your edges. If possible, you should have her leave your edges loose, and you can just use an edge control gel to define the baby hair. This way, you can enjoy your hairstyle without experiencing damage. 

Does crochet braids break your hair?

No it doesn’t break your hair. The only thing that will break your hair is if your crochet is too tight or the cornrows are too tight. You can also experience breakage if you completely neglect your own hair underneath and you don’t moisturize it at all.

How many packs of hair do you need for crochet braids?

Depending on the style and length you’re going for, you might need up to ten packs of hair. Most crochet hair on Amazon usually come in a bundle, so you can buy enough packs for your hair.

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40 Of The Most Stylish Crochet Braids Hairstyles


1. Red Crochet with Bantu Knots and Fulani Braids 

Hair Used: Jamaican Bounce Hair

bantu knot crochet braids hairstyles

2. Spiral Curl With Bantu Knots on the Side

Hair Used: Kenzy Spiral Curl Hair

curly hair crochet braids

3. River Goddess Locs Crochet Braids With Leave Out 

Hair Used: River Faux Locs

Goddess locs crochet braids styles

4. Passion Twists Crochet Braids

Hair Used: Passion Twists Pre-Looped Crochet Hair

passion twist crochet braids

crochet braids hairstyles on natural hair

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5. Spring Twists Crochet Braids

Hair Used: Spring Twists Pre-Looped Crochet Hair

spring twists crochet braids


6. Boho Hippie Crochet Braids 

Hair Used: Freetress Hippie Crochet Braidsboho hippie braids crochet braids hairstyle

7. Bouncy Curls Crochet Braids

Hair Used: Toni Curls Crochet 

crochet braids styles

8. Box Braids Half-Up Half-Down Crochet Braids

Hair Used: 7 Packs Pre-Looped Braided Hair box braids crochet braids

9. Caribbean Curls

Hair Used: 4 Packs of 24″ Bahamas Curl  X-Pression Braid Caribbean curl crochet braid styles

10. Curly Faux Locs Bob

Hair Used: 12″ Deep Wavy Faux Locs Crochet Hair

Faux Locs crochet braids styles

11. Goddess Locs Crochet Braids

Hair Used: 6 Packs Soft Faux Locs Crochet Hair 

crochet braids styles

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12. Curly Hair Crochet With Bangs

Hair Used: Malibob Jerry Curly Twist Hair

Curly Hair Crochet Braids Styles

13. Dominican Water Waves Crochet Braids

Hair Used: 4 Packs Ocean Wave Crochet Braids 

Crochet Braids Styles

14. Fulani Braids With Kima Crochet at the Back

Hair Used: 4 Packs 8″ Kima Crochet Braid Hair

Crochet Braids Style

15. Top Knot Half-up Half-Down With Curly Hair 

Hair Used: Deep Wave Crochet Hair

Crochet Braids Hairstyles on natural hair

16. Invisible Part Wand Curls 

Hair Used: 6 Packs Wand Curl Crochet HairShort Crochet Braids Styles

17. Gogo Curl Short Bob Crochet Braid

Hair Used: Jamaican Bounce Crochet

short crochet hairstyles

18. No Cornrow Crochet Braid 

Hair Used: Box Braids Crochet Hair 

no cornrow crochet braid

19. Senegalese Twists Crochet Braid

Hair Used: Havana Mambo Twists Crochet Braids 

Senegalese Twists Crochet Braid

20. Knot-less Straight Hair With Leave-Out

Hair Used: Pre-Loop Crochet Yaky 

Knotless Crochet Braid styles

crochet braids hairstyles

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21. Wavy Hair Crochet Braids With Human Hair Extensions

Hair Used: Pre-looped Italian Yaki 

crochet braid with human hair

22. Versatile Deep Wave Crochet Braids

Hair Used: FreeTress Synthetic Hair Braids Deep Twist 

Crochet Braid Hairstyles on african american hair

23. Chunky Havana Twists Crochet Braid with Side Cornrow 

Hair Used: Havana Mambo Twists Hair

Crochet Braid styles with marley hair

24. Marley Twists Crochet With Braid Rings

Hair Used: Burgundy Havana Mambo Twists

crochet hair with marley twist

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25. Kinky Twists With Twisted Hair at the front to give off a braided finish

Hair Used: Senegalese Twists Crochet Hair

crochet braid hairstyle with kinky twist game of fros

26. Mohawk Curly Hair Crochet Braid

Hair Used: 10″ Bohemian Curl Crochet

Crochet Braid hairstyles

27. Mohawk on Unraveled Jamaican Bounce Hair

Hair Used: Jamaican Bounce Hair

Crochet Braid Hairstyles

28. Ocean Wave Short Hair Crochet 

Hair Used: Ocean Wave Hair

water wave crochet braids

29. Ombre Jamaican Bounce

Hair Used: Ombre Jamaican Bounce Hair

Crochet braids styles

30. Versatile Red Hair Jerry Curl 

Hair Used: Burgundy Deep Wave Crochet Hair

crochet hair styles for round faces

31. Sassy Curl Crochet Braid

Hair Used: Marly Bob Crochet Hair 

crochet braids styles for short hair

32. Ombre Curls Crochet 

Hair Used: Marly Bob Crochet Hair 

crochet braids styles for short hair

33. Box Braids Crochet Braids With Shaved Sides

Hair Used: Box Braids Crochet Hair 

Crochet braids styles on 4c hair

34. Short Curly Crochet With a Side Braid

Hair Used: Deep Wave Crochet Hair

Crochet braids on natural hair

35. Spanish Curl Crochet Braids

Hair Used: Afro kinky Curly Jerry Curl Crochet 

Crochet braids styles on black hair


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36. Tea Braid Crochet

Hair Used: Ocean Wave Hair

crochet braids on short natural hair

37. Twist Out Crochet

Hair Used: Afro Kinky Marley Braids 

Crochet braids on natural hair

38. Vixen Crochet Up-do With Marley Hair

Hair Used: Afro Kinky Marley Braids 
crochet braids hairstyles on natural hair


39. Vixen and Knot-less Crochet with Kanekalon hair

Hair Used: Xpression Braiding Hair
vixen crochet braids

40. Knotless Crochet Without Leave Out

Hair Used: Xpression Braiding Hair

knotless crochet braids

To prolong the lifetime of your hairstyle, be sure to wrap your hair at night with a silk scarf and secure it with a satin bonnet. Overtime, your edges might start to loosen up, so to keep your hair looking neat, just use an edge control with an edge brush to keep your edges defined.

Which crochet braid hairstyle will you be trying next?

crochet braids hairstyles on 4c hair

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