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40 Elegant Senegalese Twists Hairstyles with Full Style Guide

(Last Updated On: February 28, 2022)

It’s time for a new protective hairstyle, and you’ve chosen to install Senegalese twists as your next protective style. But before getting this beautiful hairstyle done, you’d first like to know the basics of Senegalese twists.

This is why I’ve compiled this list of 40 stylish Senegalese twist hairstyles you can get done for your next protective hairstyle.

senegalese twist hairstyles 2021


1) Senegalese Twist With a Deep Side Part

A quick and easy way to wear down your long Senegalese twists is to create a deep side part. This style never grows old, it makes one look polished instantly.

And you know what, it takes less than a minute to style it.

Senegalese Twists With a Deep Side Part

2) Twisted Half-Up Do

Rock your two-colored Senegalese twists in a half-updo and a half-down style. Another timeless style for all occasions.

Don’t you love how these two colors came out? They are not over the top yet bold enough.

Senegalese twists on natural hair

3) Senegalese Twist Bun

For a sassy look, why not style your Senegalese twists in a high twisted bun. It’s a pretty simple hairstyle. Be sure to take care not to pull your edges too tight though.

Senegalese Twist Bun

4) Swept Up Senegalese Twists

Sweep up your long black twists to the back and some to the sides and you have a complete look.

senegalese twist medium

5) Medium Sized Twists

If you don’t have the patience to sit for long hours but don’t want chunky twists, you can have them in medium size. To make them even more interesting, curl them towards the end using hot water.

senegalese twist medium

6) Side Part Twists

One of my favorite Senegalese twists styles is to part my twists on the side and sweep them to the left. This is the best style to flaunt your bold makeup.

senegalese twists crochet

7) Brown Senegalese Twists

Why not express your bold and fierce self with these small-sized brown Senegalese twists. Put up half of the front section into a loosely twisted bun and the rest flowing to the front of your shoulder.

blonde Senegalese Twists

8) Crochet Senegalese Twist

You can still rock your Senegalese twists without having to sit down for more than four hours. Just crochet your twists and you will be up and about in half the time.

Crochet Senegalese Twist

9) Senegalese Twist Cornrows

How about having it all, long Senegalese twist in cornrows. Yeap, I know. It looks amazing.

And you have no idea how fast it is to install them.

Long Senegalese Twist

10) Senegalese Twist Ponytail

If you think ponytails are boring, a Senegalese twist ponytail will definitely change your mind. Whether short, long, or crocheted, holding your twists in a ponytail is the ideal style.

crochet Senegalese Twist on natural hair

11) Accessorized Senegalese Twists

It’s time to put those golden cuffs, rings, and all your braid accessories to use. You can go all the way out with the accessories or just put a few here and there.

The good thing is you can always take them out when bored with them or just want a plan Senegalese twist look.

Jumbo senegalese twists

12) Swept Up Twists

How about a swept-up twist to the side and pushed back for a chic look? This is the kind of style you can rock over and over and still look gorgeous like you did the first time.

easy senegalese twists

13) Senegalese Twists with Crown

Reinvent yourself with these double-toned Senegalese twists loosely held into a crown. You know what they say about a woman’s crown, don’t you?

brown Senegalese Twists

14) Bob Twists

Bob Senegalese twists are perfect for a warm weather or someone who can’t sit for too long to get their hair done. 

15) Half-Up Half-Down Senegalese Twists

Whip up half of those twists into a loose twist bun and leave the rest flowing to one side of your shoulder for an edgy look.

Half-Up Half-Down Senegalese Twists

16) Extra Long Senegalese with Side Parting

Only bold women have the courage to rock Senegalese twists in this fierce color and length. Why not try it out, the world could do with a lot more bold women.

Burgundy Senegalese Twists

17) Shoulder Length Twists

18) Two-Tone Senegalese Twists

Try out these cool two-toned Senegalese twists. You can have them at shoulder length or mid-back. A great way to look cool for the summer vacation.

blonde Senegalese Twists

19) Thick Donut Bun

I love me a donut bun anytime. It’s the quickest way to make a statement without all the bells and whistles. The trick is to neatly arrange the twists.

Purple Senegalese twists

20) Stylish Senegalese Updo

Fancy updo’s? How about you sweep it all up to a high bun to create this stylish Senegalese updo.

Don’t you love how it accentuates your facial features? I know i do.

Stylish Senegalese twists Updo

senegalese twist on natural hair

21) Stylish Twists With A Cord

Love decorating your hair? How about twining your twists with a golden cord.

It not only decorates but gives your Senegalese twists a very distinct look.

Jumbo Senegalese twists

22) Ombre Senegalese Twist

These ombre twists are just timeless. I love that they complement any face type, makeup, and occasion.

It’s no wonder the ombre look has been a hit for countless years.

Ombre micro Senegalese Twist

23) Super Long Senegalese Twist

Fancy a Rapunzel look? Go for super long Senegalese twists.

You will no doubt turn heads with the long twists.

Black Senegalese Twists

24) Burgundy Senegalese Twists

If this isn’t courage and boldness, I don’t know what is.

Extra-long Senegalese twists in burgundy to me reads BOLD. And to make it even more dramatic, go all out with the accessories.

Butt-Length Burgundy Senegalese Twists

25) Shoulder Length Senegalese Twist

senegalese twist on natural hair

26) Senegalese Twist Color

The ponytail is an ultimate laid-back style so why not make it pop by going for these maroon twists. Whether for summer or winter, this is a great color to rock.

burgundy senegalese twists

27) Curly Senegalese Twists

If curls are your tribe, why not go for curly Senegalese twists. I love how full they look on the head.

Curly Senegalese Twists

28) Blonde Senegalese Twists

Level up your personality by going blonde. And what better way than to install these blonde Senegalese twists.

Blonde Senegalese Twists

29) Senegalese Twist Black And Blonde

A perfect combination is what these black and blonde twists in bob are. Really edge look for a vivacious woman prepared to take over the world.

senegalese twist bob

30) Long Natural Senegalese Twist

For a sexy look, swipe your long twists to the back and bring them all to the front on your left side. You have to bear with twists coming right to the front of your left eye though.

Long Jumbo Senegalese Twist

31) Big Senegalese Twists

Go big with these big Senegalese twists. Not only are they not time-consuming when installing and when taking out, but they are also very trendy and easy to care for.

Jumbo soft Senegalese Twists

32) Black And Blue Twists

Why wear the boring all-black twists when you can light up your hair, quite literally, with some blue twists underneath the black.

Blue Senegalese Twists

33) Short Senegalese Twists

Go short, thin, and curly towards the ends for a more serious look. Ideal for the office and official events.

Micro Curly Senegalese Twists

34) Long Senegalese Twists

Let loose, allow your long Senegalese twists to naturally flow on your lower back. This can easily pass as your everyday charming look.

Elegant Senegalese Twists

35) Senegalese Twist Hairstyle With Bold Twists

Let your bold twists speak of your boldness. No need to blow your own trumpet when you got these Senegalese twists on your head.

Thick Senegalese Twists Hairstyle

36) Senegalese Twists with Side Part

The side part wins all the time. And it’s easy to see why – it’s extremely simple to do and it’s one of those styles that make you look like you put real effort into your look when in actual sense, it took you a second to do the side part.

Thick Senegalese Twists

37) Twisted Half-Up, Half-Down Twists—

Add some style and flair to your twisted half up, half down by braiding it to one side. This is a style that can last you several days without requiring a touch-up or take-down.


38) Big Senegalese with Accent Color

Wanna turn heads all day every day? Why not go cray cray with these big and long Senegalese twists in burgundy.

Jumbo Red Senegalese Twists

39) Small Senegalese Twists —

If patience is your other name, try out these super small twists. These can last you for up to 16 weeks as long as you take great care of them.

Small Senegalese Twists

40) Head Pattern Senegalese Twists

Explore your creativity by trying out patterned Senegalese twists. You will have no one to compete with as very few people can rock their Senegalese twists in this style.

senegalese twist hairstyles

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