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Flawless Microlink and Brazilian Knots Extensions Hairstyles: Full Style Guide

(Last Updated On: November 10, 2022)

If you are looking for some extra length and more volume, you’d be excited to learn more about microlinks hair extensions. I know for sure that you’ve seen how much popularity this hairstyle has gained in the online space.
Even better is that they are glueless, braid-less, and are the most natural-looking extensions so far.
I would definitely not say they are a protective style, but they are a great way to switch things up, away from the sew-ins, glue-ins, and clip-ins.
Here’s everything you need to learn about microlink hair extensions before you make an appointment, from installation, maintenance, and cost to take down.

What Are Microlinks Hair Extensions?

Microlinks, also known as microbeads or micro rings are a type of hair extension where small bundles of hair extensions are bound together and attached to a small section of the natural hair using small beads made of silicone.

Microlinks are considered a great alternative to weaves, wigs, and other extensions because of how versatile they are in styling. They are also lightweight, more natural-looking, and are easy to install and uninstall.

In addition, they are last long in between retouches –  between 10-12 weeks. However, some people go as far as 6 months with them but I wouldn’t advise you to go for this long because your hair can easily lock into dreads.

Microlinks are available in different types and textures. No matter what your hair type is, you can always find an extension that matches your hair type.

Microlinks are loved, especially among the black hair community for the extra length and volume they add to black natural hair.

How Are Microlinks Installed?

There are two ways to install microlinks, the i- Tip method, and the braid-less weft method. The iTip method is where you install the tip of the hair extension into the beads using an i-Tip tool while the braid-less weft method is where you attach a traditional weave and secure it with microbeads. See how the braid-less weft is installed in this video.

How Long Do Microlinks Hair Extensions Last?

Microlink extensions can last up to 12 weeks with regular aftercare and maintenance. The regular maintenance includes, moisturizing as well as detangling and shampooing. You basically just maintain your extensions as you would your natural hair – same routine, same products. This is especially if your microlinks hair extensions match your hair type.

Are Microlink Hair Extensions Damaging?

Microlinks extensions are not damaging. They are completely safe on the scalp and hair in general. There are no chemicals needed when installing and because hair is not braided down to cornrows either before attaching the extensions like in sew-ins, there is also minimal tension put on the scalp and hair.

Are Microlinks Good For The Hair? 

If properly installed and well taken care of, microlink extensions are good for any hair texture. However, if you struggle with hair loss or other scalp issues or have excessive hair shedding, microlinks will make the condition worse. Your scalp needs to be in great health and your hair needs to be long enough,  atleast 3-5 inches so that you don’t end up with tight microlinks. When you install the hair extensions too tight, you risk getting massive breakage.

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How Do You Style Microlink Extensions?

There are so many ways to style the microlink extensions. You could do the good old ponytail, messy bun, side part, middle part, half up half down, high updo, knotted bun, low bun – name it. Watch how Robbie Leean wears her microlink in different hairstyles for some inspiration.

Do Micro Bead Extensions Hurt?

Microbeads aren’t supposed to be painful unless they are not done correctly. When installing, ensure that you leave about an inch from the root so that they are not tight. 

Can Your Hair Grow With Microlinks?

Yes, you can grow your hair with Microlinks. This however requires you to take great care of your hair extensions and by doing so, you will also be taking care of your own hair. If you regularly moisturize your extensions ( plus your hair, of course), keep your scalp clean, wash your hair often to get rid of dirt and product buildup, and protect your hair at night when sleeping, there is no reason why your hair shouldn’t grow. 

Most people worry about their hair growth when wearing microlinks because it is essentially not a protective hairstyle. But the hair will grow whether left open or in a protective hairstyle as long as it is well-taken care of. 

Brazilianknots Microlink Extensions

How Long Do Microlinks Take To Install?

The entire installation process can take anywhere between three to six hours depending on the number of pieces being installed and the length. Most people install 100 pieces which take about 3 hours. For full head installation, however, it is not uncommon to be sitted for up to six hours.

What Types Of Hair Extensions Do You Need For Microlinks?

Although the popular types of hair extensions for microlinks are bone straight and wavy textures, you can find kinky and curly hair just about everywhere. In fact, there is currently a huge demand for the afro kinky and curly microlink hair extensions because of how receptive the black community has been towards this hairstyle.

Bet you’ve seen lots of content on YouTube about 4C microlink extensions. It’s easier now to find a match for any black natural hair texture than before. 

Can you reuse the hair extensions?

Yes, as long as you get good quality hair and take care of it while you have the hair, you can reuse the hair as many times as possible. Infact, @brazilianknots often reuses her client’s hair extensions.

How Do I Uninstall Microlinks?

Installing microlinks is pretty simple. First things first, you need to make sure that you have the correct tool with you. The microbeads are usually circular in shape. When installing the extensions, they are clamped to secure the hair to the extension. When clamped,  the beads become rectangular in shape. 

Now to remove them,  you do the same thing only that you squish the bead so that it becomes circular again so that the tip of the extension can come out easily. Simply put the bead between the pliers and squeeze it. Not so hard, just lightly enough to open up the bead and make it sort of how it was initially. Then slide out the i-tip followed by the bead.

I like how Simone Sharice demonstrates the takedown.

How Much Do Micro Extensions Cost?

Microlinks hair extensions vary widely in cost depending on the quality of hair, length, and the location of purchase. The cost of installation also varies across stylists and is also influenced by the location of the salon.

But in general, expect to spend between $300 to $500 for hair extensions and up to $2000 for installation. And that’s not all, you have to factor in the cost of regular touch-ups that you must go for every four to six weeks to keep your hair extensions looking fresh.

If interested in a training course, @brazilianknots offers classes on Brazilian Knots and here is her current price as of the time of publishing

Can Microlinks Be Reused?

If they have been well maintained, you can reuse microlink hair extensions up to four times if you buy good quality hair. Though I’ve found that straighter and waiver hair extensions last longer than the curly and kinky types. For the latter types, you could switch them up after two uses.

If the beads are broken, you can always buy new microbeads and rebond before reinstalling the hair extensions.

How Do You Sleep With Microlinks?

Braid your hair into four or six sections or put them up in a messy bun then cover with a satin scarf or bonnets. This helps minimize shedding and tangling. Do not sleep with your hair out unless when sleeping on a silk pillowcase.

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How Many Packs Of Hair Do You Need?

You probably need one or two packs of microlink hair extensions. One pack contains 100 pieces of bonded hair extensions

Can You Swim With Microlinks?

Yes, most certainly you can swim with your microlinks. Because they are not attached with adhesive, you do not have to worry about them slipping out.

What Is The Difference Between Nano Rings And Micro Beads?

Nano rings hair extensions use nanorings while micro beads hair extensions use microbeads and one cannot be used for the other. The main difference between the two is the size of the rings. Nano rings are way smaller in size than micro rings and are recommended for women with thin or fine hair. 

Because of their small size, Nano rings are more costly both to purchase and to install and take much more time than microbeads. Also, nano rings need to be repositioned by a professional every six to eight weeks while macro beads can stay for up to 8 to 12 weeks before needing repositioning.

Brazilian knots and Microlink Extensions Differences

Brazilianknots Microlink Extensions

Can You Install Microlinks On 4C Hair?

Yes, you can install microlinks on 4C hair and every other hair type between 3A to 4C. There are hair extensions that match these hair types so if you prefer to blend your natural hair with the extensions, that shouldn’t worry you. Watch Vlogger Simone Sharice installing microlinks on her client’s 4C hair.

How Do You Wash And Maintain Your Natural Hair While In Microlinks?

The key to perfectly cared for and well-maintained microlinks extensions is to treat them as though they are your hair as I already mentioned. This means regularly shampooing, conditioning, and treating the hair while avoiding too much heat and too much product.

You also have to detangle your hair every day to avoid those monster snarls. For detangling, shampooing, and conditioning, it’s best to work your hair in sections. Avoid washing and conditioning your hair in circular motions as this can cause the tips to slip out, instead, scrub the scalp horizontally in between the extensions and wash the hair in an up and down motion.

Contrary to what you may imagine, microlinks are not low-maintenance, nor are they excessively arduous. They just require you to create and stick to a routine to care for your hair outside of the salon.

How Often Do Nano rings Need Maintenance?

You will need to book an aftercare and maintenance appointment with a professional every four to six weeks to keep your extensions in great condition. This is unlike microrings that need aftercare every six to eight weeks.

40 Best Microlink and Brazillian Knots Hairstyles To Inspire

1. ktip Microlink extensions

itip microlinks extensions on black women


itip microlinks extensions on black women

3. Curly Hair

curly micro link hair


itip microlinks extensions on black women


itip microlinks extensions on black women


itip microlinks extensions on black women


itip microlinks extensions on black women


curly itip microlinks extensions on black women


itip microlinks extensions on black women


itip microlinks extensions on black women


itip microlinks extensions on black women


itip microlinks extensions on black women


itip microlinks extensions on black women


ginger itip microlinks extensions on black women


curly itip microlinks extensions on black women


 Macrolink Extensions with Curly ends



 Silk Straight Microlink Extensions


itip microlinks extensions on black women


microlinks extensions on black women with curly ends


Blow-dried kinky curly MicroLink extensions


microlinks extensions on black hair


ombre hair microlinks extensions


colored hair extension


 microlink colored curly ends


colored microlink hair extensions


curly microlink hair extensions


microlink extensions with curl ends

Brazilian Knots Extensions Hairstyles

Brazilian knots are a bit different from microlinks. If you decide to do Brazilian knots, here are some hairstyles to try.

28. Curly Macrolink Extensions Transformations that Inspire

Curly Macrolink Extensions Transformations that Inspire

29. Afro Kinky Brazilian Knots Extensions

Afro Kinky Microlink Extensions

30. Curly Microlink Extensions

Curly Microlink Extensions

31. Coloured Microlink Extensions

Blue and Red Microlink Hair extensions

32. Brown and Black Brazilianknots Microlink Extensions

colored microlinks extensions
Brown and Black brazilianknots microlink extensions

33. Blown-out Brazilian knots Extensions

Blow-out Brazilianknots Microlink Extensions

34. Brazilian knotsnyc Microlink Extensions

Brazilianknotsnyc Microlink Extensions

35. Brown Microlink Extensions

Coloured Microlink Extensions

36. Kinky Curly Microlink Extensions

Kinky Curly Microlink Extensions
Image by Perfect Distraction

37. Winter Protective Macrolink Extensions

Winter Protective Macrolink Extensions

38. Brazilianknotsnyc Long Macrolink Extensions

Brazilianknotsnyc Long Macrolink Extensions

39. Brazilianknotsnyc Microlink Extensions

Brazilianknotsnyc Ironed Microlink Extensions

40. Long Straight Microlink Extensions

Long Straighten Microlink Extensions

Can you brush or comb?

ktip extensions

How To Install

Microlink hair extensions are a great alternative to weaves, wigs, and other hair extensions. Even though they cost a lot more, they are worth every coin. Besides being lightweight, I truly love how versatile these extensions are. You can wear your hair in very many styles and the beads won’t peep through. If you find hair extensions that match your hair, one can hardly tell if they are not your real hair. Yeah, they are that natural-looking!

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