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55 Shoulder-Length Sisterlocks for Black Ladies!

Shoulder-length sisterlocks are undoubtedly a chic and stylish phase of anyone’s loc journey. At this stage, you have a significant amount of length to show off and play around with and your locs are still very light and easy to handle– making them perfect for styling. If you have been wondering how to style your shoulder-length locs, look no further. 

In this article, we’ve got a selection of some seriously stunning should-length sisterlocks styles you’ll fall in love with.

What are the differences between sisterlocks and dreadlocks?

One of the most obvious differences between sisterlocks and dreadlocks is their appearance.  Sisterlocks are smaller sections of interlocked hair created using a unique locking tool and technique. Dreadlocs on the other hand, are matted locks often created by palm rolling. They are usually thicker in comparison to sisterlocks and often take several months to properly.

Additionally, sisterlocks are light and flat at the roots, allowing more flexibility when it comes to styling while dreadlocks are often thick and not easy to style.

Can I get Sisterlocks if I have relaxed hair?

Yes, you can get sisterlocks if you have relaxed hair. However, you will need to go through a transition phase for 1-3 months to allow your natural texture to grow at the roots. This will make it easier for the loctician to create the locs. As your locs get longer, you can then start to trim off the relaxed ends.

Can I get sisterlocks if I have type 3 hair?

You can definitely get sisterlocks if you have type 3 hair since the locking technique is designed to work on all textured hair. However, you would need to get the locs retightened frequently for the first few months after the initial installation. This will help minimize the possibility of the locs unravelling.

Can I change up my hairstyle by getting box braids or cornrows while in sisterlocks?

You can definitely try other hairstyles when you have sisterlocks. One of the many perks of sisterlocks is that their smaller size makes them easy to restyle and manipulate. You can re-style them into cornrows, plaits, and twists or use hair extensions to make box braids. Here are a few examples of women restyling their locs to give you inspiration

How often should I retighten my locs?

You should retighten your locs every 4-6 weeks to keep them from loosening.

Are sisterlocks a permanent hairstyle? can they be undone?

Sisterlocks are not completely permanent. Although they can last as long as you want, they can also be combed out. Combing out your sisterlocks is the only way to get them undone but the process can take several hours or even days. This video by Youtuber, Sisterlocked & Loaded is a great source of information for how to comb out sisterlocks

Where can I get the best loctician to install my locs?

Getting a good loctician to install your locs will require adequate research. Many locticians have active social media pages so you can search on Instagram and TikTok to find one near you. However, before you choose a loctician, make sure you go through their website and check their work to make sure they have actually experienced and know what they are doing.
Some great loc experts you can start your search with include @beautibydenyse and @annubeauty. You can also check the sisterlocks website for a directory of certified lociticians to find the closest one to your location.

Can I grow my hair faster with locs, as opposed to having loose hair?

Whether you have loose hair or locs, your hair grows at the same rate. However, since locs keep the hair strands fully tucked in and protected from manipulation, you will be able to retain more length and notice more ”growth”. However, you can grow your hair just the same when it is loose if you follow the proper hair care regimen.

How much does it cost to install sisterlocs and how long do they take?

The price of sisterlocks installation varies based on your location and the length of your hair. However, you can expect to pay between $500-$1000 for the installation if you are in America. Additionally, it takes about 8-20 hours to install sisterlocks. Stylists can also sometimes charge different rates based on their level of expertise but here are the rate cards of a few different locticians on

Can I do the locks myself?

Sisterlocks are a fairly intricate hairstyle and require unique expertise and tools so we would not recommend doing them by yourself. It is best to get them done by a professional loc expert to get the best results.

Is it normal for Sisterlocks to shed?

It is normal for your sisterlocks to shed. Although it does not happen as frequently as when you have loose hair, we all naturally shed about 50-100 strands of hair every day. So, it is possible for the shed hair strands to sometimes fall off. However, if your sisterlocks are shedding excessively or too often, then it could be a sign of underlying health problems. In that case, it would be best to see a medical professional so they can help you determine what the issue is

What is the best hair regimen for sisterlocks?

The best regimen for sisterlocks is not too far from what you would do if you had loose hair. You need to shampoo your locs at least once a month to keep your scalp clean. Then follow every wash with a conditioner to soften and replenish your locs with moisture. You will also need to apply a leave-in spray to your locs 1-2 times a week and apply hair oil to nourish your scalp.


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These pictures are all sourced online. To be credited for your personal picture, please contact me with the exact picture, and I’ll be sure to credit you. This post also contains affiliate links which means that I earn a small commission if you make a purchase with my link, at no additional cost to you.

1. Bob Micro Locs

Wear your locs in a cute bob if you want something chic and low maintenance.

Short sisterlocks hairstye on women

2. Twists Locs

Two-strand twists are a great way to start your loc journey. Put your hair in mini or micro twists and in a few months you’ll have gorgeous locs.

Natural hair twists locs on black ladies

3. Short Two Strand Twists

This is another great look for those who want to use mini twists as their starter locs. It is perfect if you’re not ready to fully commit to sisterlocks. You can easily take down the twists if you change your mind.

Twists locs on black women

4. Short Micro Locs

These lovely microlocs are the perfect way to transform your short hair. You can put them in a half-up half-down look whenever you feel the need to switch up your look.

micro locs on black girls

5. Kinky Sisterlocks

Elevate your sisterlocks by using perm rods to create gorgeous curls like these. You can apply a little hair mousse to get more defined curls.

Short curly micro locs

6. Short Micro Locs

These microlocs are a beautiful hairstyle that can be worn from day to night without any additional styling. Just spruce them with hair accessories for extra flair

Short micro locs on black women

7. Ombre Short Locs

If you’ve been looking for a way to wear your locs with a little color, look no further. This ombre shoulder-length sisterlocs are just what you need.

faux locs on black ladies

8. Copper Twists

Want something with a little more drama? Dye your locs a rich shade of copper.

copper micro locs on black girls

9. Double Ponytail Sisterlocs

Pull your sisterlocks into a cute double ponytail if you want them out of the way but want to remain cute and stylish.

micro locs hairstyle

10. Dark Brown Ombre Twists

This dark brown and black ombre combo adds the perfect touch of fun and elegance to any look you pair it with.

two strand twists locs on black ladies

11. Short Micro locs Hairstyles

When it comes to styling your locs, there are numerous hairstyles you can use as inspiration. Try rocking bold colors if you are a fan of colored hair or opt for different buns and ponytail looks.

micro locs hairstyle on women

12. Short Faux Locs

These beautiful locs are an amazing choice for women with extremely short hair. You can use some loc extensions to add more length to your hair.

faux locs on black women

13. Curly Mohawk Locs

This mohawk look is a great way to make your locs stand out. You can wear this hairstyle to any occasion.

mohawk short locs

14. Short Auburn Sisterlocs

These auburn sisterlocks would look incredible on any skin tone. Keep them neat and moisturised with a leave-in spray twice a week.

Auburn micro locs

15. Side-apart Locs

An elegant side part is one look you can never go wrong with. Try it on your sisterlocks for a simple and stylish look that is sure to turn heads.

crochet locs on black women

16. Ginger Micro Locs

If you are looking for an eye-catching look that will spice up your locs, try dyeing them in this cool ginger shade. You will fall in love with the final look.

ginger sisterlocs on women

17. Brown and Black Microlocs

Want to wear color more subtly? Try this brown and black combo. You can easily wear this look to work without drawing too much attention.

two tone microlocs

18. Short Burgundy Locs

These burgundy locs are so beautiful they are bound to look stunning on anyone.

burgundy sisterlocs on girls

19. Kinky Locs

Put your locs in a half-up half-down look like this to give them a different look.

Curly sisterlocs on black girls

20. Micro Twists

These micro twists are a great way to start locs on loose type 3 curls. Leave them in for several months and your hair will gradually start to turn into locs.

micro twists locs on girls

21. Sided Curly Locs

Give your sisterlocks a much-needed upgrade by rocking them in a curly bob like this. Include a side part for extra flair.

curly faux locs

22. Sisterlocs with Fade

Shave the sides of your hair and rock your sisterlocks in this edgy high fade look. This style is perfect for women who are not afraid to wear something bold. Complete the look with a cute red lipstick and you are sure to attract notice.

Micro locs mohawk with fade

23. Copper Starter Locs

These beautiful starter locs are simply to die for! Colored hair can lose moisture quickly so be sure to keep them moisturised to prevent the hair from drying out. You can apply a few drops of hair oil to seal in the moisture.

starter locs on black women

24. Blonde Ombre Sisterlocs

Try a blonde ombre look like this if you want something bright and stylish.

blonde sister locs

25. Short Natural Twists

These beautiful twists are a great hairstyle for women who want something simple and classy.

twists on black women natural hair


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26. Natural Hair Sisterlocs

Your sisterlocks will go through different phases as they grow out. Try parting the hair in different places to switch up your look as they get longer.

natural hair transformation locs

27. Short Micro Locs

These lovely microlocs are the perfect protective style for busy moms. You do not need to do much to maintain this look. Just keep up with your retightening appointments every 2 months.

micro locs hairstyle on girls

28. Short Two Strand Twists

If you like the look of sisterlocks but you are ready for the full commitment of locking your hair, try mini twists like these. You can take them out if you change your mind or leave them in forever.

two strand twists on black women

29. Bob Sisterlocks

There is just something so elegant about sisterlocks styled into a cute bob. This is another look that will surely gain you some compliments.

bob micro locs on black women

30. Twists on Natural Hair

These stunning starter locks would look amazing on anyone. You can style them in so many different ways.

twists hairstyle on women

31. Copper Micro Locs

Try rocking your locs in a gorgeous copper look like this if you are bored of your natural shade and want to try something fun.

micro locs on black ladies

32. Pineapple Sisterlocs

Want your locs out of your face in the summer? Put them in a cute pineapple updo. Secure the hairstyle with a headwrap for more sass.

pineapple locs on black women

33. Shoulder Length Microlocs

These microlocs are the ideal choice for those with type 3 curls. Be sure to avoid washing the hair the first few weeks after installation to prevent the locs from unravelling.

sisterlocks on women

34. Side Apart Sisterlocs

Style your sisterlocks in a deep side part like this if you want to show off your length. Pair the look with some cute earrings and you are sure to look stunning.

sided sisterlocs hairstyle on women

35. Burgundy Crochet Locs

If you have always wanted to wear red hair, this is your chance. Opt for a gorgeous burgundy red and transform the entire look of your locs.

crochet locs on women

36. Kinky Purple Locs

Want something with a deeper shade that is equally eye-catching? Try this gorgeous purple look.

purple faux locs on natural hair

37. Medium Size Sisterlocs

Sisterlocks are often made in small sizes to allow easy manipulation but they don’t have to be. If you don’t want to spend hours getting your locs done, opt for medium-sized sisterlocks.

faux locs on black ladies

38. Half Bun Sister Locs with Bangs

Looking for a loc style you can wear to a party? Try this half bun and side bangs combo.

sisterlocs hairstyle with bangs

39. Curly Microlocs

These blonde microlocs are all about the curls and we are loving every inch of them. No matter how long your hair is, this is one look that is guaranteed to look amazing on anyone.

micro locs hairstyle on short hair

40. Brown Sisterlocs

These gorgeous brown locs are perfect for anyone who wants to color their hair in a subtle shade. The deep brown used here will compliment any skin tone.

short brown locs on women

41. Short Faux Locs

If your hair is too short to get the loc style you want, try using loc extensions to create a faux locs style like this.

faux locs hairstyle on black girls

42. Wavy Crochet Locs

These wavy locs are a perfect look for women who want something they can wear to work.

short wavy locs on girls

43. Brown Ombre Micro Locs

This is another great look that can be worn in a professional setting. Colored hair doesn’t have to be unprofessional if you choose deep muted shades like this brown.

shoulder length micro locs

44. Blonde Sisterlocs

Blonde hair always screams fun without doing too much. Try these blonde sisterlocks to let everyone know you’re living your best life.

blonde micro locs on black women

45. Curly Brown Faux Locs

The beautiful curls on these brown faux locs were achieved with perm rods but you can also try putting your locs in bantu knots to get a similar look.

Faux locs on black women

46. Short Crochet Locs

These medium-length locs are perfect for women in their 30s who want something low-maintenance.

Short locs on black ladies

47. Short Micro Twists

Who says short-haired girlies can’t have fun with their hair? These micro locs are so stylish and cool, you’ll never want to stop showing them off.

micro twists on black girls

48. Kinky Mohawk Locs

For a chic and elegant look that stands out, try styling your locs into this curly mohawk.

mohawk sisterlocs

49. Copper Micro locs

Black women and copper hair are almost inseparable these days and this stunning outcome is one of the reasons why. No matter your skin tone, the right shade of copper can elevate your locs in the right way.

micro locs on black women

50. Short Crochet Locs

These beautiful locs are a fantastic hairstyle for women who want something that will not require frequent maintenance. With these locs you only need retightening sessions every 8-12 weeks.

crochet locs on natural hair

51. Half Bun Sisterlocs

This dreamy half-bun style is the perfect way to style your sisterlocks if you don’t have time to do anything intricate.

half bun sisterlocs

52. Middle Apart Short Locs

You can never go wrong with a middle part. Especially when you have locs. This classic look shows off the length of your hair while instantly drawing attention to your eyes. Be sure to use mascara on your lashes to make your eye pop.

Short micro locs

53. Shoulder Length Sisterlocs

These lovely sisterlocks are an amazing look that can be worn from day to night. You can use some gel to style your edges when you want them to look sleek and more put together.

short sisterlocs on black women

54. Wavy Medium Size Locs

These wavy locs are a wonderful choice for anyone who wants a voluminous look. The medium size of these locs adds the right amount of depth to the waves.

medium size sisterlocs

55. Short Locs

These microlocs are the perfect hairstyles for the girlies who like to wear their hair short. Styling these locs will be super easy. You can put them in a half bun or let them frame your frame in a cute bob.

faux locs on black ladies


No matter their length, sisterlocks are incredibly versatile but at shoulder length, they are very at peak versatility. With so many styles and looks to choose from, you get the freedom to experiment with your locs. So enjoy them while they are at this stage, try out some of the looks from this post and feel free to combine elements from different styles to show off your creativity.