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Looking for the most elegant, yet easy updos to try on your 4c hair? In this post, I have compiled a list of 40 beautiful updos to try out. These hairstyles can be done on short hair, you only need to add a kinky hair extension such as Marley hair to be able to replicate the hairstyle. 

To get the polished and smooth look in this post, you will need to do a blow out with heat. If you don’t want to add heat to your hair, you can stretch your hair with African threading or the banding method, then comb your hair out after taking out the hair bands or thread. Please note that your updo may turn out to look different from your inspired hairstyle. 

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40 Beautiful Updos to Try on Your Natural Hair, Regardless of Length or Hair Texture

These pictures are all sourced from Pinterest. To be credited for your personal picture, please contact me with the exact picture and I’ll be sure to credit you. This post also contains affiliate links which means I earn a small commission if you make a purchase with my link, at no additional cost to you.

1. Faux Hawk Updo on Short 4c Hair

This style is done best with Marley hair extensions and gel to slick it back. Eco Styler is a great gel with a stronghold. Rubber bands and a rat tail comb are also needed for this hairstyle. This hairstyle is best done on dry hair with just gel or a small amount of cream. 

Product used: Marley hair extensions, lots of bobby pins, and a hair gel such as the eco styler gel

black updo hairstyles with twists

2. Two-Strand Twist High Updo on Stretched 4c Hair

This style is best done on blown-out hair to get this smooth effect. Bobby pins will help keep everything in place while you are twisting. A rat-tail comb will keep the parts nice and straight, and also tease the hair for more volume in front. 

Product used: Lots of bobby pins, and a soft hold hair gel such as the eco styler gel. 

black updo hairstyles with twists

3. Rolled Chunky Updo on Blown Out 4c Hair

This style is best for dense, thick hair as it will give it more volume and oomph. Bobby pins and rubber bands are important for creating this hairstyle. 

IG: Tasalahq

natural hair updos for weddings

4. Copper Toned Flat Twists with Roll-n-Tuck Ends 

For this hairstyle, oil sheen, bobby pins, and a rattail comb will be your best friend. This is a very intricate hairstyle so make sure to have a lot of patience. I would also suggest an edge control for keeping flyaways down but it is not mandatory. This style can still be beautiful without it. 

IG: Klsnaturals

5. Classic Updo on Medium Length 4a/b Hair 

To keep this hair tucked, you will need lots of Bobby pins to keep it in place. It would also be a great idea to have some gel to smooth down the sides. Using a lot is not necessary, as you just need a small amount to make it look smooth. 

natural hair updos for weddings

6. Game of Fros Updo with Side Cornrows

For this beautiful hairstyle, to keep the cornrows from frizzing up, you will need some soft hold gel. It would also be a great idea to have two mirrors while styling so that you can see the back of your head, and make sure that the style is even. For the middle section, you will need bobby pins to keep the twist together. This hairstyle is best for denser hair to get the thick look but will work with any natural hair.

IG: Game of Fros 

rotective hairstyles for short natural 4c hair

7. Loosely Twisted Top Knot Updo 

This simple hairstyle by Fatou is one of my favorite hairstyles that I love to do when I put my hair up in a bun. All you need to do is to pull your stretched natural hair into a bun, loosely twist small sections of your hair, and tuck them in the middle with bobby pins. To get a smooth bun look, wrap your hair with a silk or satin scarf for a few minutes and take it down afterward.  

IG: @abanaturelle


8. Interwoven Back With a Pompadour 

An intricate hairstyle like this will take a lot of time and patience to complete. A few pins will keep the hairstyle from unraveling and stay beautiful throughout the day. You may need the help of a hairstylist due to the intricacy of the back hairstyle.

IG: Divine Oasis Salon & Spa

black hair updos for weddings

9. Smooth Roll-n-Tuck Frohawk with Couple Flat Twists on the Sides

To achieve the cornrows, some gel and bobby pins will be your best friend. This is a beautiful hairstyle you can do yourself at home to try when looking for something new. For some sheen, spray the finished hairstyle with a spray sheen

black hair updos for weddings

10. Intertwined Twists Updo on Short Natural Hair

If you have a shorter hair length that’s at least six inches long, you can achieve this hairstyle either by yourself or with the help of a hairstylist. All you need to do is to stretch your hair by doing a blowout or with the banding method. For some sheen, spray the finished hairstyle with a spray sheen

black hair updos for weddings

11. Multipurpose Natural Hair Updos for Weddings 

For intricate hairstyles such as these, you will need some bobby pins, rubber bands, and hair gel. The level of detail you’re looking for will depend on the occasion you’re going to and the length and volume of your hair. Though you can still achieve these hairstyles by adding some kinky hair extensions.

IG: Klsnaturals

black updo hairstyles with twists

12. Twisted Rear Updos Perfect For Brides 

A bride that plans to wear a wedding veil on her wedding will be best served by this hairstyle because she can just clip her veil at the back of her hair, on top of the twisted hair. And when it’s time to take down the vel for the reception, she can easily do that without worrying about messing up her hairstyle. 

IG: Klsnaturals

13. Overlapping Updos on Long Natural Hair 

This hairstyle gives a unique twist on a braided style. A loose braid ending in a bun is a fresh new take on a simple cornrow style. This hairstyle may look more complicated than it looks, so it’s best to get the help of a hairstylist.

Product used: Lots of bobby pins, and a soft hold hair gel such as the eco styler gel. 

IG: khamitkins

black updo hairstyles with twists

14. Faux Hawk Buns

This is a very simple style that won’t take too much of your time. If you’re a little pressed for time, this is a great style to do. Just part a few sections and use rubber bands to make the buns. Make sure to slick it back with gel and a brush. 

black updo hairstyles with twists

15. Simple Twist Low Bun Hairstyle

This is a very simple low maintenance style that won’t take too much time at all and you can wear it again. Just a simple brush and bobby pins for this style is all you need. Add a headband or some hair clips for some extra personality. 

IG: Klsnaturals

16. Rolled and Twist Hairstyle

This hairstyle would look best with the added extensions. It gives it so much more volume and it reaches for the sky. To achieve that gorgeous swoop in the front, use lots of bobby pins. 

IG: Klsnaturals

17. Hair Updo on Colored 4c Hair

Adding color to your hair can make a hairstyle stand out more and just look a lot more fun. As naturals, we don’t need to be afraid of color. We can color our hair and still have healthy, beautiful natural hair. 

black updo hairstyles with twists

18. High Twisted Hair Updo

To be successful with this hairstyle, using extensions will make it look a lot closer to the photo. If that’s not your thing, a simple faux hawk style is just as beautiful. This style will also require some gel and edge control. 

IG: Klsnaturals

black updo hairstyles with twists

19. Rolled Updo with Side Two-Strand Twist

Heat styling will stretch the hair and work a lot better for this style. It will give it a lot more volume as well because it will not shrink to your head so easily. 

natural updos for medium length hair

20. Twisted and Braided Crown Updo

Have a lot of bobby pins and edge control handy for this style. This elegant updo is perfect for a night out or an office party. It’s so pristine and looks professional, like the beauty in this photo. 

IG: @4adaniels

21. Elegant Twist Hair Updo on 4C Hair

Every elegant hairstyle can be brought to another level with a rhinestone tiara or hairclip. These hairstyles are gorgeous on their own but there’s nothing wrong with a little bling every once in a while. 

natural updos for medium length hair

22. Looped Elegant Hair Updo

This is a beautiful style fit for a queen. Don’t forget your bobby pins and your crown!

IG: @bellanaija

4c hairstyles

23. Twisted and Rolled Hair Updo

There is something so beautiful about smoothed down edges with a  textured updo. Some people shy away from it or laugh at people who do it but they just don’t understand or know how to rock it perfectly like the beauty in this photo. 

black hair updos for weddings

24. Twisted Caramel High Bun Crown Hairstyle

We see buns all the time but how often do we try out twisted buns such as this? It’s beautiful, yet simple while being a lot more interesting than the buns we’re used to. 

quick updos for natural black hair

25. Twisted High Buns with Clean Base

Black women look beautiful with shaven hair and the talent for styling really shines through with this hairstyle. Of course, having some of your hair shaved off definitely can cut down on styling time! 

natural updos for medium length hair

26. Crown Braid Low Bun Hairstyle

A simple bun will never go out of style! Add a twist around the bun for a beautiful touch.

natural hair updos for weddings

27. Rolled Curls Hair Updo

You don’t always have to stretch your hair to achieve gravity-defying styles like this. Letting your natural texture shine through can still be beautiful. Sometimes all our hair needs is a brush and a good gel to slick down the edges. 

IG: Tasalahq

updo hairstyles

28. Cornrow Two-Strand Side Twist with Top Bun

Flat twists are such a versatile and simple hairstyle that doesn’t take much time at all. Adding a top bun will add an elegant touch to such a simple style. 

IG: Tasalahq

natural updos for medium length hair

29. Rolled 4c Hair Updo

4C hair can do such amazing things when it comes to hairstyles. We can create amazing creations like this just from the way our hair grows from our scalp.

versatile natural hairstyles

30. Elegant High Hair Bun with Accessories

You can never go wrong with a simple, but gorgeous bun! Accessories can really take a simple bun to the next level as well as adding a gorgeous twist to the front.  

versatile natural hairstyles

31. Faux Hawk Updo with Cornrow Style

Small cornrows like this will require a steady hand and lots of patience and skill. If you don’t want to add the extra hair to this style, twisting your hair into bantu knots will still make this style look elegant and graceful. Top this look off with a beautiful clip or chain.

versatile natural hairstyles

32. Rolled Updo on Colored Hair

For this style, it looks like it was blown out with a blow dryer to give it a smoother look. Occasionally blowing your hair out is good for your hair to stretch it and try different styles. Heat styling doesn’t always have to be damaging. We don’t need to be so afraid of it.

We also don’t need to be afraid of color! As long as we are treating our hair and taking care of it weekly, we can use heat and color to switch up our styles. If you’re afraid to chemically lighten it or you don’t want to commit to one color, you can always try a color wax and switch up your color whenever you want. 

black updo hairstyles with twists

33. Hair Buns with Metal Cuffs and Beads Updo

This style used extension hair but this style would still be so beautiful with just two space buns. Beads and metal cuffs like this can be found at any beauty supply store but can also be found online. A link for extension hair can be found at the beginning of this article. The beads and cuffs make this style stand out so much more. Make sure to cover your hair with a satin scarf or bonnet to preserve it. 

black updo hairstyles with twists

34. Elegant Twisted Hair Updo

Our hair is so versatile and beautiful. We can do amazing things to it like this and look magnificent. This hairstyle reminds me of a tornado, without the devastation. The only thing “devastating” about this style is how devastatingly beautiful it is. 

black updo hairstyles with twists

35. Rolled and Twisted Hair Updo

To get the hairstyle to have this much volume and density, extensions are definitely recommended. Using a ponytail and twisting into the curls would be a great idea for this updo. Using gel and edge control will keep the rest of it smooth and shiny. Baby hairs not needed. 

black updo hairstyles with twists

36. Rolled Faux Hair Style with Cornrow on Sides

black updo hairstyles with twists

37. French Braid Twisted Hair Updo

For density and volume, adding extensions will give you the look in this photo. This is a beautiful hairstyle for your wedding day. It’s so elegant and simple and putting a veil over it would look so beautiful. 

IG: Solange Hair and Beauty

black updo hairstyles with twists

38. Chunky Twisted Hair Updo

A fancy style like this takes time, patience, and practice. The two mirror hack will also work well with this hairstyle since most of the hairstyle is at the back of the head and nape of the neck. You also will want to have a number of bobby pins at your disposal.

IG: Game_of_fros

black updo hairstyles with twists

39. High Bun Twisted Hair Updo

For this hairstyle, using a shoelace to create a puff is a great hack that I’ve learned. Tighten the shoelace to your desired length and tie it tightly so it does not come undone. After creating the puff, you can create the twists using bobby pins. Another great benefit of using a shoelace is that the puff won’t wiggle or come loose while you are creating the twists. Just make sure to tuck it in or use a black one so no one will be able to see it. 

black updo hairstyles with twists

40. Elegant Rolled Updo

This style also should be done with two mirrors so you can work on the back of your head a lot easier. Having someone help you with it would be a better idea so it will come out so beautiful and last longer. The different layers of colors adds another element of beauty to this style. 

IG: Tasalahq

black updo hairstyles with twists


Which one of these hairstyles is your favorite? Which one(s) will you be trying next? Do you have a question about how to achieve any of these hairstyles if you have a different hair length or type? Please let me know in the comments section.