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40 Dyed Locs Hairstyles That Look Good on All Skin Tone

How to maintain the color of my locs?

What to do after you dye your locs?

How often do you wash colored locs?

How long after getting dreads can you dye them?

How do you prepare locs for color?

Does dyeing can damage my hair?

What shampoo to use after coloring locs?

Can you use color wax on locs?

How do you detox colored locs?

How long does hair dye wax last?


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1. Burgundy Mohawk Locs

Burgundy petal locs

2. Two-toned Curly Locs

Green & Lime Green Curly locs

3. Dark Choco Sisterlocs

Choco brown dreadlocks

4. Pink Purple Ombre Locs

Pink dyed locs hairstyle

5. Royal Blue Starter Locs

Blue starter locs hairstyle

6. Brown Ombre Microlocs

Sisterlocs hairstyle on black girls

7. Forest Green Freeform Locs

Green locs on women

8. Ocean Blue Petal Locs

Petal locs hairstyle on black girls

9. Honey Brown Locs on Light Skin

Honey brown locs hairstyle on women

10. Mermaid Theme Locs

Dyed starter locs hairstyle

11. Brown to Light Brown Ombre Microlocs

Brown Sisterlocs hairstyle

12. Pink Purple Freeform Locs with Shells

Purple locs hairstyle

13. Blue Updo Locs

Blue dyed locs on black ladies

14. Wavy Latte Ombre Locs

OMbre locs hairstyle

15. Short Burgundy Sisterlocs

Burgundy short locs

16. Lime Green Bohemian Locs

Green locs on blakc girls

17. Pink Long Sisterlocs

Dyed sisterlocs on women

18. Double Flower Petal Locs

Dyed petal locs on black girls

19. Hot Red Wavy Sisterlocs

Burgundy locs hairstyle

20. Ginger Locs

Dyed locs on black women


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21. Hot Pink High Pony Locs

Dyed dreadlocs on black women

22. Blonde Medium Locs

Blonde locs hairstyle

23. Multicolor Freeform Locs

Dyed freeform locs on ladies

24. Auburn Twisted Locs

Auburn Dyed locs hairstyle

25. Mid-Back Length Burgundy Locs

Burgundy dyed locs

26. Peek-a-boo Two Strand Twists

Peek a boo hairstyle on locs

27. Auburn Twisted Locs

Dyed Freeform locs hairstyle

28. Sea Green Starter Locs

Dyed locs hairstyle on black women

29. Accessorized Blonde Two Strand Twist Locs

Blonde locs hairstyle

30. Copper Braided Locs

Braided locs on black girls

31. Black Green Locs

Green mohawk locs

32. Fuschia Petal Locs on Dark Skin

Dyed petal locs on black women

33. Summer-themed Dyed Locs

Dyed locs hairstyle

34. Ginger Two Strand Twist

Dyed dreadlocs on black women

35. Black Pink Ombre Micro Locs

Ombre microlocs hairstyle ideas

36. Bob Cut Sisterlocs

Sisterlocs hairstyle on girls

37. Long Burgundy Two Strand Twists

Burgundy locs on black women

38. Strawberry Pink Dreadlocks

Dyed locs hairstyle on women

39. Ginger Locs

Dreadlocs on black girls

40. Copper Microlocs on Dark Skin

Dyed dreadlocks on Black women