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40 Captivating Fade Haircuts For Bold Black Women Worth Trying


45 Edgy Fade Hair Cuts for Black Women

40 Tapered Haircut for Beautiful Black Women

40 Alluring Half-up Half-down Hairstyles on Black Women

 40 Stylish Undercut and Shaved Sides Hairstyles on Black women That Look Classy

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These pictures are all sourced online. To be credited for your personal picture, please contact me with the exact picture, and I’ll be sure to credit you. This post also contains affiliate links which means that I earn a small commission if you make a purchase with my link, at no additional cost to you.

1. Hot Red Fade with Heart Shaved

heart shaved fade haircut for black women

2. Platinum Pink Dyed Natural Hair

platinum hair color on women

3. Emeral Green Curly Fade

curly fade haircut on women

4. Shaved Low Cut

low cut on black women

5. Mohawk Fade Haircut

curly mohawk haircut for black women

6. Low Fade with Curly Top

low maintenance hair cut for women

7. High Top Platinum Cut

mohawk style female cut

8. Neon Green Fade Cut

color fade cut for black women

9. Blonde Mohawk Low Fade

long hair fade cut for women

10. Blue Low Fade with Shaved

afro fade cut for black women

11. Neon Cornrows with Undercut

cornrows with fade cut for women

12. Yellow Dyed Low Cut

thin haircut for female

13. Platinum Skin Fade

platinum hair color fade haircut

14. Low Fade with Curly Top

short curly fade haircut for women

15. Pink Curly Fade

curly pink fade cut

16. Hot Pink Low Fade

low haircut on women

17. PLatinum with Aztec Shaved

shaved design platinum haircut

18. Copper Fade Cut with Curls

auburn haircolor fade haircut

19. Curly Low Fade

low afro hair cut on women

20. Deep Pink Fade Cut

pink medium fade cut for black women


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21. Ginger High Top Curls

curly medium fade cut for black women

22. Metallic Blue Undercut

blue haircolor fade cut for black women

23. Red Short Curly Fade

low maintenance fade haircut for black women

24. Fuchsia Thin Cut

thin cut with shaved lines for black women

25. High Top Natural Hair Cut

fade haircut on natural hair for black women

26. Purple Long Hair with Fade sides

perm fade haircut on women

27. Curly Top Fade Cut

curly fade cut for black girls

28. Ginger Low Fade Undercut

ginger fade cut on women

29. Thin Platinum Fade Cut

platinum color female haircut

30. 4c Hair Fade Cut

butterfly shaved fade haircut

31. Platinum Thin Skin Fade

simple fade cut with shaved line

32. Short Curly Top with Undercut

medium fade haircut for black women

33. Wine Red Curly Top

burgundy fade haircut on female

34. Burgundy Back Side Shaved

female fade haircut

35. Light Brown Low Fade

low maintenance haircut on women

36. Auburn Mohawk Fade Cut

long curly mohawk haircut on women

37. Purple Blue Dye Fade Cut

perm mohawk haircut on black women

38. Curly Mohawk with Undercut

mohawk fade haircut

39. Light Pink Thin Cut

pink color low haircut

40. Thin Blonde Fade Cut

blonde haircolor on short hair


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  5. How long does it take to grow a fade?
  6. What is the difference of low fade and high fade?
  7. How do you maintain colored haircuts without fading?
  8. How often do you have to cut a fade?
  9. Does all the barber shop for men can offer fade cuts on women?
  10. Does fade haircut cheaper than braids extension?

1) Colored Mohawk

If you’re not into elaborative designs, you can still get a simple design and you will still feel beautiful. The good thing about fade haircuts is that you can get new designs every month, if you wish. So if a particular design is starting to wear off on you, you can just wait a few weeks for your hair to grow out and you can go back to the barber for a new style.

mohawk with shaved sides on black women

2) Turquoise Green Fade Hairstyle


There’s nothing edgier than adding color to your fade cuts, if you’re nervous, just try out a temporary hair paint before committing. You do always have the option of cutting it and starting over which is a win/win situation in my book.

short haircut on black women

3) Tricolored Mohawk

If you decide you don’t like the way a color came out on your hair, just shave it all off and start over again! I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t love these colors though, they are very gorgeous and blend perfectly together. Make sure to maintain it and the design to make sure the style stays fresh and perfect for as long as it can.

Mohawks are not just for the rockstars or the boys in the band. We can do it too, and we can take it a step further.

We can add designs and color to create something incredibly edgy and creative that no one will know what hit them.

fade haircut on black women


If you’re the type that likes to get her hair wet every time you get in the shower, you will enjoy getting this haircut. Because you can wet your hair however many times you want in a week without having to worry about shrinkage or dry hair. You can even go to bed without a bonnet and your hair will be fine.

The ultimate feminine style would have to be finger coils. No one can deny the feminine energy you have that is emanating from this style.

low haircut on black women

5) Mommy and Me

What could possibly be cuter than similar cuts with your baby boy? Nothing! Mom and son matching haircuts really set a trend and is an inspiration for other mothers who might be considering taking that step.

razor haircut on black women