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40 Captivating Fade Haircuts For Bold Black Women Worth Trying

With all the buzz we see around long hair everywhere, it can sometimes feel like there is only one way to wear your natural hair. But, rocking your natural curls in a short length can be just as fashionable and stylish. If you are looking for an edgy way to wear short hair, a fade haircut might be what your heart is calling for. This traditionally male haircut is fast becoming a go-to look for many women and it is not hard to see why– it is super low maintenance, sexy and just exudes confidence. 

Gone are the days when you have to worry about not looking feminine in a low haircut. In this article, you’ll find a varied collection of fade haircuts that will have you looking like the beautiful goddess you are. Whether you have just done the big chop, transitioning, or simply looking to cut your hair, there is something for everyone so read ahead to find the perfect look for you.

What do I need to know before getting a fade?

If you are considering getting a fade haircut, here are a few key things to keep in mind before sitting in the barber’s chair. 

Frequent touch-ups: You will need to go to the barbershop for frequent touch-ups as the style requires maintenance every 1-2 weeks.

Type of fade cuts: fade is an umbrella term that covers different varieties of cuts that involve cutting the hair short on the side. There are different types which include: high fade, low fade, mid fade and skin fade. Make sure you decide which one works best for your face shape ahead of time. 

Maintenance: a fade cut will still require bimonthly wash days with a good shampoo and conditioner the hair left on the head still needs to be kept healthy and moisturized with a leave-in spray. So you can not just abandon the hair.

How to maintain a fade haircut at home?

To maintain a fade haircut, all you really need to do is wash the hair consistently twice a month to remove any buildup of dirt and sweat on your scalp. You’ll also need to go to bed with a bonnet to prevent the uncut part of the hair from breakage.

You can spray a curl refresh spray 1-2 times a week to keep dryness in check and also apply some oil to your scalp.  Additionally, if you want to style the uncut part of the fade, you’ll need to use a leave-in conditioner to moisturize the hair and also Use some hair gel or curl-defining cream to enhance your curl definition.

What are the benefits of a fade haircut on women?

A fade cut offers many benefits for women. The main one is the ease of maintaining your hair. With fade cuts, you do not have to worry about all the hassle of detangling and braiding up your natural hair. 

It also saves you time and money as your hair products will last longer and you won’t have to spend several hours trying to style your hair. Additionally, women who live in hot climates will also enjoy the lightness that comes with a fade cut. You will not have too much excess weight on your head and you easily jump in the pool anytime without stressing about your hair.

What is the difference between a tapered haircut and a fade haircut?

A tapered haircut is a less dramatic version of a fade cut. It involves a gradual shift in the length of the hair from the top down to the sides and the back. The hair is long at the top and slowly becomes short on the sides. 

On the other hand, a fade cut creates a more stark contrast in the length change. The hair starts off fairly long at the top and is then cut very short and close to the skin towards the sides and the bottom. Essentially, a fade haircut is a more dramatic and clean cut while a tapered cut will get you a more subtle look if you do not want to cut off too much hair.

How long does it take to grow a fade?

The amount of time it will take to grow out your fade cut will vary based on how quickly your hair grows and also how low was the cut. However, you can expect your hair to grow back in 3-6 months.

What is the difference of low fade and high fade?

The difference between a low and high fade cut lies in how high up the line of separation between the close shave and the longer hair length is. The low fade has a shorter line and tapers closer to the ear, with more volume of hair at the top while a high fade has a line closer to the forehead with less volume of hair at the top.

Both looks are equally stunning on women but will require slightly different maintenance. You will need to go back for a fresh cut more frequently with a low fade while a high fade can still last a little longer.

How do you maintain colored haircuts without fading?

To prevent your colored hair from fading, make sure you do not shampoo for at least the first week after getting it colored. This will give enough room for the color to fully set into your hair.

After the first week, you can proceed to wash the hair but try to avoid using sulfate shampoos. They can dry your hair out and also fade out your color.  Try to also avoid exposing the hair to too much chlorine, minerals or alcohol. This means you may need to put a water filter on your shower head if you suspect your water may contain any of those things. You will also need to avoid hair products that contain alcohol and keep the hair moisturised with a curl refresh spray.

How often do you have to cut a fade?

To maintain the design of your fade cut, we would recommend getting a cut once a week.  If you have a busy schedule you can push the cut to about every 2-3 weeks but make sure your initial cut is extremely short so the amount of hair growth within that time will be minimal and not too noticeable.

Do all the barber shop for men can offer fade cuts on women?

Most barber shops will offer a fade cut service for women even the ones for men. However, it all depends on your location. Be sure to call ahead to confirm if the barber shop is accustomed to cutting women’s hair and don’t hesitate to clearly communicate your desired look and needs.

Is a fade haircut cheaper than braids extension?

Getting a fade haircut is certainly cheaper than braids. For one you will save money on buying hair extensions and the barber will not charge you as much. A fade haircut will cost you between $40-$80 while braids usually go as high as $200-$400.


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1. Hot Red Fade with Heart Shaved

This is a wonderful hairstyle for women who love to experiment with striking colors. The bright shade of red hair dye and the flawless heart designs are sure to get you some compliments.

heart shaved fade haircut for black women

2. Platinum Pink Dyed Natural Hair

Embrace your inner blondie with this platinum look. It is paired with pink for a subtle and stylish look. You can even take things up a notch by using pink nail polish to match.

platinum hair color on women

3. Emerald Green Curly Fade

If you still want your curls to be on display after your haircut, opt for a low fade like this one. You will need a curling cream to maintain the curl definition.

curly fade haircut on women

4. Shaved Low Cut

Are you a low-maintenance girlie who wants something that will require zero effort to keep up with? Go for this shaved low cut. Throw in some intricate V-shaped lines and you have yourself a conversation starter

low cut on black women

5. Mohawk Fade Haircut

Rock your short curly hair in a fun and chic mohawk for an edgy look that stands out. Be sure to wear a silk or satin bonnet to bed to keep the hair safe from breakage.

curly mohawk haircut for black women

6. Low Fade with Curly Top

If you want a look that is feminine and elegant. Try a low cut fade with shiny curls on the top and some zig-zag lines. You will need a hair gel to keep the hair defined and shiny but the final result is so sophisticated, you can even wear it to work.

low maintenance hair cut for women

7. High Top Platinum Cut

Not ready to chop off almost all your hair? Don’t worry you can keep things interesting with this high top platinum cut. It is a fun and youthful look that is perfect for women in their 20s.

mohawk style female cut

8. Neon Green Fade Cut

Command attention in every room you walk into with this sexy neon green fade cut. It is an eye-catching look already but you can elevate it with some lashes and a soft pink lipstick.

color fade cut for black women

9. Blonde Mohawk Low Fade

Opt for a mohawk low fade if you want something feminine and edgy. Feel free to dye your curls platinum blonde for extra drama. You can even incorporate honey blonde dye to create highlights.

long hair fade cut for women

10. Blue Low Fade with Shaved

Looking for a fashionable way to rock blue hair? This is what you have been waiting for. Go bold with a low fade and include heart designs for a touch of elegance.

afro fade cut for black women

11. Neon Cornrows with Undercut

This stunning look is perfect for those who may be sceptical about cutting their hair if it means giving up braids and cornrows. This is proof you can absolutely rock cornrows with a fade cut. Just go for an undercut and dye your hair a daring shade of neon green to achieve this look.

cornrows with fade cut for women

12. Yellow Dyed Low Cut

A golden shade of yellow dyed hair always looks incredible on women with deeper skin tones and there is no better way to do it than with this low cut. It is a sexy look that will take you from a casual day to a fun night out.

thin haircut for female

13. Platinum Skin Fade

A skin fade like this is ideal for busy women who want something that will require little maintenance. With this look, all you have to do is throw on a bonnet at night and wear a gorgeous outfit during the day.

platinum hair color fade haircut

14. Low Fade Shave with Curly Top

Add some structure to your fade cut by keeping the top curly. The volume of the curls will balance out the flatness on the sides while accentuating your face shape. Throw on a pair of stud earrings and you’re ready for any event.

short curly fade haircut for women

15. Pink Curly Fade

This pink fade cut is perfect for the summertime. The bright color gives off a fun and stylish vibe that lets everyone know you are out living your best life. Pair it with statement earrings for extra sass.

curly pink fade cut

16. Hot Pink Low Fade

This is another lovely pink look that exudes confidence. It is perfect for women in their 30s who are not afraid to show off their creativity and youthfulness.

low haircut on women

17. Platinum with Aztec Shaved

Try out a unique tribal Aztec pattern with your shaved haircut for an interesting look. You can wear this cut all through the year as long as you go for regular touch-ups every month.

shaved design platinum haircut

18. Copper Fade Cut with Coils

A low fade cut like this one where most of the hair remains untouched is ideal for women in their 40s and 50s who are looking for something out of the box. It is classy and professional. You’ll just need to moisturize the hair with a leave-in conditioner 1-2 times a week.

auburn haircolor fade haircut

19. Short Afro Low Fade

Step into your soft girl era with this low fade. It is an amazing way to embrace your afro-textured hair without worrying about any serious haircare routine. Just throw on a pair of earrings and you’re good to go.

low afro hair cut on women

20. Deep Pink Fade Cut

Make your haircut the main accessory of any outfit by opting for this deep pink look. It is such a beautiful and eye-catching look that will have you turning heads in every direction.

pink medium fade cut for black women


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Low maintenance fade haircuts for black women!

21. Ginger High Top Curls

Ginger hair is a huge trend making waves among black women right now and here is your sign to give it a try. Make your version stand out by going for a high top fade cut with defined curls.

curly medium fade cut for black women

22. Metallic Blue Undercut

Looking for a winter hairstyle you can rock when the weather is all dark and gloomy? This metallic blue undercut will brighten up your days. It is a sophisticated look that can be elevated with nose studs and a deep purple lipstick.

blue haircolor fade cut for black women

23. Red Short Curly Fade

Who says short hair can’t be fun and fashionable? With a bold red curly fade like this, you will be showered with compliments everywhere you go.

low maintenance fade haircut for black women

24. Fuchsia Thin Cut

This fuschia pink look is perfect for women who want something very light that requires no additional styling. Just tell your barber to incorporate some elegant line designs in the back for extra flair.

thin cut with shaved lines for black women

25. High Top Natural Hair Cut

Show off your natural coils with this high top fade cut. It is a sophisticated look you can easily wear to work and still pair with a sexy dress for a night out. Just apply a dollop of hair oil to your scalp once a week to keep it from being dry.

fade haircut on natural hair for black women

26. Purple Long Hair with Fade sides

Don’t want to let go of the length you worked so hard to achieve? Don’t worry, we feel you. This fade cut with long hair is the ideal look for you. Just get a subtle low fade and purple dye to up the ante and you’ve already switched things up.

perm fade haircut on women

27. Curly Top Fade Cut

What’s better than a fade cut? A high top with curly bangs. Seriously, this face framing look is drool-worthy and it keeps you looking feminine and bold. You will need to shampoo the hair every few weeks and also use a deep conditioner to nourish and moisturise your curls.

curly fade cut for black girls

28. Ginger Low Fade Undercut

This ginger low fade cut is ideal for women with deeper skin tones. It also does not require much restyling. All you’ll need is a leave-in spray and a curl sponge to enhance your coils.

ginger fade cut on women

29. Thin Platinum Fade Cut

This thin platinum fade cut is a wonderful choice for busy moms who want to avoid the hassle of dealing with their hair. Don’t worry about being too mature for this hairstyle, this look is perfect for women of all ages. Plus, who says mums can’t be youthful and flirty with their look?

platinum color female haircut

30. 4c Hair Fade Cut

Wear your 4c hair with some sass and edge by trying out this flawless fade cut. The petal design on the side is very intricate so make sure you confirm your barber can help you recreate a similar look.

butterfly shaved fade haircut

31. Platinum Thin Skin Fade

Go for a classic platinum look like this if you want your skin fade to attract a little attention. You can tie the whole look together with a silver necklace or hoop earrings.

simple fade cut with shaved line

32. Short Curly Top with Undercut

Looking for a cool way to rock curly hair to school? Try this curly high top fade. It is perfct for busy college students who may not have much time to deal with their hair.

medium fade haircut for black women

33. Wine Red Curly Top

This wine curly fade cut is an amazing look for women who want a shade of red hair that compliments their skin tone. It stunning look on its own but you can pair it with a pink lip gloss to take it to the next level.

burgundy fade haircut on female

34. Burgundy Back Side Shaved

This is another unique way to wear wine or burgundy hair. Make the back stand out by including an artistic heart and wing design.

female fade haircut

35. Light Brown Low Fade

Want to rock colored hair in a shade not too far off from your skin’s natural undertones? This light brown low fade is just what you need. It is effortlessly beautiful and perfect for women of all ages.

low maintenance haircut on women

36. Auburn Mohawk Fade Cut

Keep your curls on full display with this mohawk fade cut. It is edgy and fun but can still be paired with soft glam makeup for a feminine look. You can use perm rods to define your curls.

long curly mohawk haircut on women

37. Purple Dye Fade Cut

Being older does not mean you become boring and if you are a woman in your 40s, this lovely fade cut with purple dye is a great way to switch up your look.

perm mohawk haircut on black women

38. Curly Mohawk with Undercut

A mohawk is often seen as super edgy and non-feminine but this curly mohawk is proof we need to throw that idea right into the trash where it belongs. Beautiful and feminine, this hairstyle will have you looking like a modern goddess.

mohawk fade haircut

39. Light Pink Thin Cut

There is nothing more beautiful than a woman that stands bold and confident in her creativity and style and this pink haircut is a great way to do that. It is an easy and fun look that can be worn on any occasion. Just include a heart design to up the ante.

pink color low haircut

40. Thin Blonde Fade Cut

If you are a minimalist who loves to go makeup free on most days, this low blonde fade cut is a great way to add a dose of color to your look. It is elegant, fun, and bound to look amazing with any outfit.

blonde haircolor on short hair

41. Colored Mohawk

If you’re not into elaborative designs, you can still get a simple design and you will still feel beautiful. The good thing about fade haircuts is that you can get new designs every month if you wish. So if a particular design is starting to wear off on you, you can just wait a few weeks for your hair to grow out and you can go back to the barber for a new style.

mohawk with shaved sides on black women

42. Turquoise Green Fade Hairstyle

There’s nothing edgier than adding color to your fade cuts, if you’re nervous, just try out a temporary hair paint before committing. You do always have the option of cutting it and starting over which is a win/win situation in my book.

short haircut on black women

43. Tricolored Mohawk

If you decide you don’t like the way a color came out on your hair, just shave it all off and start over again! I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t love these colors though, they are very gorgeous and blend perfectly together. Make sure to maintain it and the design to make sure the style stays fresh and perfect for as long as it can.

Mohawks are not just for the rockstars or the boys in the band. We can do it too, and we can take it a step further.

We can add designs and color to create something incredibly edgy and creative that no one will know what hit them.

fade haircut on black women

44. Red Geometric Fade Cut

If you’re the type that likes to get her hair wet every time you get in the shower, you will enjoy getting this haircut. Because you can wet your hair however many times you want in a week without having to worry about shrinkage or dry hair. You can even go to bed without a bonnet and your hair will be fine.

The ultimate feminine style would have to be finger coils. No one can deny the feminine energy you have that is emanating from this style.

low haircut on black women

45. Mommy and Me

What could possibly be cuter than similar cuts with your baby boy? Nothing! Mom and son matching haircuts really set a trend and it is an inspiration for other mothers who might be considering taking that step.

razor haircut on black women


Fade haircuts are undoubtedly a bold look that will let you express your femininity and style while enjoying the freedom and ease that come with short hair. It is such a sexy look with so many colors and cuts to choose from so feel free to get creative. No matter what look you choose, one thing we can guarantee is that, as a black woman you will come out looking stunning after your haircut.

Fade haircut for women perfect for summer!