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45 Edgy Fade Hair Cuts for Black Women in 2022

(Last Updated On: May 24, 2022)

Having long hair is great, but it can be time-consuming and expensive. This is why some women will choose to keep their hair short, so that daily grooming can be minimized.

However, every woman still wants to feel feminine and beautiful regardless of the length of her hair. To do this, she may choose to add a little bit of her personality, along with the creativity of the hairstylist into her look.

If you’ve been thinking of getting a haircut but are not sure what it will look like on you or whether you will still be able to keep your feminine look, then look no further than this post because I will be sharing many feminine natural haircuts that will elevate your beauty and make you feel more beautiful than ever!

These hair cuts are also ideal for women who choose to do a big chop after transitioning or before fully going natural. So rather than getting a traditional haircut that may make you miss your hair, you can opt for one of these edgy haircuts.

For a unique look, you can dye your hair and won’t have to worry about hair damage since your hair is still short. If you’re concerned about looking masculine, you can add an accessory such as statement earrings, necklaces, and makeup.

The good thing is that these haircuts can be worn to a casual or formal event, the workplace or out on a date if you wish.

How to Maintain Your Hair While in a Fade

One of the upsides of keeping your hair short is the low maintenance you get to enjoy. This means that you can just stick to your usual was day routine if you can’t be bothered with the upkeep that natural hair requires sometimes. But if you want to grow your hair out a little bit, so that you can switch up your hairstyle whenever you want, then there may be some upkeep required to maintain the hairstyle.

If you want to wear a twist-out, cornrows or some sort of a braided hairstyle, you will need products like a curl-defining cream, hair gel, foam mouse and a leave-in conditioner to maintain your hair. You will also need to maintain your regular shampoo and deep conditioning routine.

How Often Do I Need to go for a Touch-up?

This depends on how fast your hair grows and the type of look you’re going for. But I will suggest a weekly or biweekly touch-up. This way, your design will remain fresh and new.

Where Can I Get The Most Beautiful Haircut Near Me?

This post will feature three major barbers on Instagram @krewkuts, @stepthebarber and @ @dreamcutsbarberlounge (located in Georgia). To book an appointment with either one of these barbers, please visit their Instagram page to inquire about their services.

If you don’t live near any of these barbers, you can do a search on Instagram for hashtags such as #blackbarber, and you will be able to choose the best one near you.

45 Edgy Fade Hair Cuts for Black Women 2021

1) Freestyle Design on a Low Cut

fade hair cut for black women


There are many ways to be feminine and beautiful with a cut this short, like adding earrings. You can go for hoops, studs, or even follow this beauty’s example with cuff earrings and drop earrings.

The intricate design of the cut also adds another layer of femininity to this look.

if you’re the type that likes to get her hair wet every time you get in the shower, you will enjoy getting this haircut. Because you can wet your hair however many times you want in a week without having to worry about shrinkage or dry hair. You can even go to bed without a bonnet and your hair will be fine.

This haircut is perfect for women who don’t want to spend a lot of time on daily grooming, but still wants to feel feminine.

2) Hoop Earrings & Design

short haircut for black women

If you’ve been looking for a true “wash and go: hairstyle, but have been struggling to find one, then look no further because you’ve just found a true wash and go! All you need to keep this hairstyle looking fresh is to wet your hair in the morning, apply a hair gel of your choice and brush your hair into waves.

To accessorize this hairstyle, add a chunky hoop earrings and a necklace of your choice.

3) Afro Coil Fade with Design

fade haircut design for black women


If you still want to leave some hair on your head, so that you can have something to work with, you will be best served with this haircut. To get the curly look, you will need a really good twist and loc gel, along with a twist sponge to define your coils.

Pair it with a thick necklace and gold stud earrings, or something similar to your own style.

4) Shaved Sides & Multiple Studs

krew kutz haircut on black women


Make your fade cut super edgy by getting multiple stud earrings and a Daith piercing. The earrings are totally optional, but if you’re looking for a truly edgy look, this is definitely a great one.

Who says getting a haircut will make you look like a man? You don’t even need a lot of accessories to feel feminine. The good thing about leaving some hair on your head as opposed to shaving everything off is that you can get creative with your hairstyle, without spending too much time styling your hair, since you don’t have much hair to work with.

5) Simple design shaved side

krewkutz hair cut


krewkutz hair cut


Sometimes you just want something simple for your hair that still shows your personality. A shaved side with simple silver hoop earrings can achieve that for you.

If you’re not into elaborative designs, you can still get a simple design and you will still feel beautiful. The good thing about fade haircuts is that you can get new designs every month, if you wish. So if a particular design is starting to wear off on you, you can just wait a few weeks for your hair to grow out and you can go back to the barber for a new style.

6) Statement Earrings & Design

tapered haircut with design on natural hair

Put on gorgeous statement earrings and a statement necklace and rock any fade style.

This twist-out looks absolutely beautiful on short hair. You can change up the hairstyle of the middle section of your hair anytime you wish. This men’s that you can wear cornrows, roller sets, or a regular fro-hawk. It’s all up to you.

7) Double Design

female fade haircut designs

Grab attention on your double design by adding a diamond ring (it doesn’t have to be real!), some lashes, and bright red nails to complete it.

8) Full Design

If you like to feel some breeze on your scalp while going about your day, this hairstyle will give you just what you’re looking for.

tapered black female fade haircut designs


A full design edgy cut doesn’t need much at all, but some simple jewelry can add some femininity to it.

9) Straightened edgy cut

short tapered haircut female


This style is slightly similar to the styles we saw in the 60s on the popular boy and girl jazz and doo-wop singing groups. We just decided to spice it up and add a design to the side.

10) Edgy Design

hair cut designs for black woman


A design like this definitely does not take 5 minutes to create and requires serious craftsmanship. It may seem like a style that’s mostly for black men but that is not the case. Black women can rock it like no other.

11) Pointed Design w/ Hoops

low cut hairstyles for black females


Swooping, pointed designs create such an interesting effect, and paired with hoop earrings, it can really bring out the feminity in this short style.

12) Multiple Shapes Design

low fade haircut for curly hair


Of all the edgy fade cuts, this is definitely one to try. The different shapes and the way they are slanted add a certain dynamic to the style that words cannot even describe.

13) Over the ear design

female fade haircut designs


Creating a simple design over the ear is something new and still a feminine touch to a fade cut.

14) Simple Design

short tapered haircut female


short tapered haircut on twa


A simple design can go a long way, especially when paired with simple silver hoops.

15) Flames Design

low cut hairstyles for black females

This design is fire- literally! It looks like a flame meaning that this hairstyle is on fire.

16) Criss Cross

short natural hair cut on black women

Bamboo earrings are a serious throwback and this whole style gives me a 90s vibe.

17) Close Cropped Design

natural fade haircut on african american women


Whether you want a complete buzzcut, TWA, or something in between like this style, you can still be feminine as well as play with designs and get creative.

18) Throwback Design

black women with design fades


I remember seeing these designs in the heads of my cousins, and yes, I do mean the male cousins. However, this style is not just for them. It’s for the women too and they can rock it just as well, and they can look good in hoop earrings too.

19) Rich Auntie

haircut hairstyles for black women


This style reminds me of the rich auntie who doesn’t have children, is always on vacation to the most lavish destinations, and brings back the best gifts.

20) Cosmo Purple Hair Cut

stepthebarber haircut


stepthebarber haircut


21) Have Faith in Yourself

fade haircut designs on black women


Everywhere you go, you’re leaving a positive message for everyone who walks behind you. It’s not only creative, but it’s beautiful and I bet people will be tapping you on the shoulder thanking you because this was a sign.

22) Leafy Design

pixie cuts on black women

Be one with nature with a leaf-inspired design carved into your edgy haircut. Nature is beautiful and so is the way black women style their hair.

23) Mommy and Me

razor haircut on black women

What could possibly be cuter than similar cuts with your baby boy? Nothing! Mom and son matching haircuts really set a trend and is an inspiration for other mothers who might be considering taking that step.

step the barber hair cut design


step the barber hair cut design


24) Side Shave and finger coils

tinted low cut hairstyles for females

The ultimate feminine style would have to be finger coils. No one can deny the feminine energy you have that is emanating from this style.

theoriginalbarberdoll haircut

25) Burgundy Fade Hair Cut

short natural haircut on red hair

You don’t have to cut off the front of your hair- in fact, you can grow it out and cut off the rest and it makes a beautiful and feminine short haircut style.

26) Cosmo Fade on TWA Hair

short haircut on afro hair

Creating lines this defined requires perfect precision by the barber and that’s how you know how incredibly talented they are. They also have an eye for detail and are not likely to disappoint.

27) Mohawk Twist Outs with Fade Sides

short natural hairstyles on black women

You don’t have to give up your femininity when you cut your hair short. A deep bang adds that feminine touch to it while also still being edgy and unique.

28) Minimalist Star Design

low cut hairstyles for women

Find your favorite lipstick, your best earrings, and rock this star design style for everyone to see. It’s the perfect style to turn heads and get attention.

29) Purple Hair Cut on Curly Hair

short fade haircut with design for black women

A deep purple like this is perfect for the colder months, especially around Halloween- but you can wear it year-round because it looks amazing.

30) Red Hair With Wavy Fades

red hairstyle on black women


To add an extra layer of edginess, consider dying only parts of your hair. Add color to the design, and the curly section of your hair to give it a dramatic feminine look.

31) Navy Blue Natural Hair Fade With Temporary Hair Color Wax

short fade haircut on black women blue hair

Navy Blue is not seen as a typically feminine color, but it is and it looks fantastic alongside a simple edgy design

32) Temporary Deep Blue With Leaf Fade Design

shaved haircuts for black women


The leaf-inspired design looks great with a navy blue canvas of hair. Adding gold jewelry makes this a simply royal looking style.

33) Positive Affirmations Fade

short haircut for black females


Everyone who walks by you will be left with this inspirational message. Who knew we could touch peoples lives in so many different ways?

34) Multi-Color Fade Hair Cut on Curly Hair

natural haircut with colourful designs

Getting creative with color is something that naturals tend to stay away from, but who says we have to stay away from amazing things like this? Life is short. If you want to try out some color, please do it.

35) Pink Fade Haircut on 4c Hair

pink haircut on a black woman

It might seem risky to dye your whole head such a bright color, but on the bright side, since your hair is already cut short, there’s not much to lose if you decide to cut it all off and try again. It’s a great way to try different colors and experiment with looks. You can always find hair pick earrings to wear with any color you choose.

36) Deep Red Fade Haircut on Curly Hair

beautiful natural haircut on black women


Burgundy/ deep red is a perfect fall color if you can’t decide which color to dye your fade cut. Consider trying out this color to really make the design pop

37) Super Hero Fade Hair Cut on Blue Hair

blue short natural hairstyle on black women

Blue is actually a calming color and having your hair dyed these colors can help you to keep a clear head

38) Temporary Dark Blue Fade Swan Design

short natural hairstyle for black women


39) Lotus Flower on Blue Hair

Is this a hairstyle or a painting of a swan swimming in deep blue waters?

natural fade haircut on black female

40) Signature Heart Mohawk Fade Hair Cut

fade haircut with shaved sides on black women


short natural hairstyles on black women

What’s better than an edgy fade mohawk? An edgy fade mohawk with a heart cut out. There’s no limit to our creativity. This is a timeless style that will get anyone who sees you talking.

Make sure to mention the barber where you got your hair done. The best promotion is word of mouth and you are a walking billboard with this haircut.

41) Summer Color Edgy Fade Hair Cut

low cut hairstyle on black women

Yellow compliments our skin so well so why not dye our hair to match the summer sun? Adding geometric shapes is just the icing on the cake for edginess. Add a pair of earrings in the shape of our continent, Africa to add even more regalness and brightness to this style.

42) Turquoise Green Fade  Splash of Color

short haircut on black women


There’s nothing edgier than adding color to your fade cuts- but if you’re nervous, just try out a hair paint before committing. You do always have the option of cutting it and starting over which is a win/win situation in my book.


44) Silver Fox

short natural hairstyle on black women

Gray/ silver hair is already something to behold, but go ahead and add some shapes to the style to really stand out with your edgy cut. Black women are known for their creativity when it comes to hair.

45) Wedding Announcement Haircut

twa hairstyle for black women

You don’t have to flash your diamond ring… Let everyone know that you’re just married by shaving it into your hair! Why not, right? It’s creative, it’s edgy, and sometimes you’re just so happy about the news, you want to broadcast it to the world in a new creative way.




49) Colored Mohawk

mohawk with shaved sides on black women

50) Tricolored Mohawk

fade haircut on black women

If you decide you don’t like the way a color came out on your hair, just shave it all off and start over again! I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t love these colors though, they are very gorgeous and blend perfectly together. Make sure to maintain it and the design to make sure the style stays fresh and perfect for as long as it can.

Mohawks are not just for the rockstars or the boys in the band. We can do it too, and we can take it a step further.

We can add designs and color to create something incredibly edgy and creative that no one will know what hit them.

KrewKuts Barber Spotlight

fade haircut on natural hair by krew kutz fade haircut on natural hair by krew kutz

fade haircut on black women by krew kutz fade haircut on black women by krew kutz fade haircut on black women by krew kutz fade haircut on black women by krew kutz

45 Edgy Fade Hair Cuts for Black Women 2021

There are so many creative ways to cut your hair as a black woman and still look and feel feminine. Regardless of hair length, you are still beautiful and hair does not determine that, nor does having short hair take away from having beauty.

Only a confident woman can rock a short buzzed hairstyle and still know that she is still beautiful and feminine and sexy. If you were looking for a sign to get that cut, this may be it!

45 Edgy Fade Hair Cuts for Black Women 2021

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