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35 Trendy Black Girl Nail Designs For All Skin Tones

We all know when it comes to getting the perfect manicure, the right nail art design can make or break the entire vibe of your nails. For black women choosing the right nail art or color to compliment their skin tone is even more important.

While any design can be done on any skin tone, you don’t often find a lot of nail art designs that feature black women when your browse the internet for inspiration. 

So to save you the stress of finding nail art inspirations, I scoured the internet for the best nail art designs on black women to give you a nice collection with different ideas you can choose from. Read ahead, and you’ll find some seriously mouthwatering designs.

What Nail Color Is Best For Dark Skin?

Technically, there’s no shade of nail polish that does not look stunning on melanin-rich dark skin, but the best options you can try include red, yellow, burgundy, glossy black, and orange.

If you prefer something a bit more subtle and close to the natural undertones of your skin colors, then the best colors would be nude, dark brown, and slightly dark beige shades.

Do White Nail Designs Look Good On Dark Skin?

White nail designs look very good on dark skin. They create a stark contrast against the backdrop of your skin tone and let your melanin pop out even more. And the best thing about choosing white is that there’s not just one shade of white to choose from. You can opt for a pearly white, beige-white, off-white, or shimmery silver white.

What Are The Best Nail Colors For Black Women?

Some of the best nail colors for black women include chocolate brown, burgundy, purple, pink, cobalt blue, silver, gray, nude, and red.

How Do I Choose The Best Nail Art For My Skin Tone?

The best way to choose nail art for your skin tone is to first decide if you want vibrant colors or more neutral shades that will blend with your skin tone. Then choose a nail polish color that will compliment your skin tone.

If you have medium to light skin tones, choose the lighter shades of whatever color you prefer, and if you have a darker skin tone, it’s best to use deeper shades of those colors.

 A great example of this is the color blue for example. Bright blue shades will look great on lighter skin tones, while a deeper shade, like navy or cobalt blue, will look best on darker skin tones.

After that, you can choose just about any nail art design you want, depending on the occasion.

How Can I Create Nail Art On My Own?

If you’re trying to save cost and do your own nails with some cool art to go with it, it is best to choose very simple patterns.

The best art designs you can go for include abstract lines, color combos, or a uniform color with a single statement shape.

Once you have decided on the nail art you want to try creating then follow the steps below to get the perfect results:

  • Clean your nails by removing any old nail polish you may have on.
  • File and shape your nails into the desired shape with a nail file.
  • Apply a base coat of your preferred color.
  • Then start creating the nail art. Depending on what look you’re going for, you may need to use nail guides, nail art brushes or even nail stickers

For example, if you’re trying to create a french manicure design, you’ll need to place the french manicure sticker at the tip of your nail before painting the rest of the nail.

Here is a video to give you some ideas and tips on creating your own nail art.


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The Most Beautiful Nail Art That Black Women Are Loving Right Now

These pictures are all sourced online. To be credited for your personal picture, please contact me with the exact picture, and I’ll be sure to credit you. This post also contains affiliate links which means that I earn a small commission if you make a purchase with my link, at no additional cost to you.

1. Matte Coffee Brown And Shimmers

brown nail designs on black women

This combination of matte and shimmery brown is a great way to play with different textures while sticking to a simple color.

2. Blue Crystal With Gold Flakes

Black woman nails

A blue crystal nail art like this is a calming manicure that is sure to get you some compliments and you can take it a step further by adding some gold flakes.

3. Space Grey Pattern French Tips

blue nails on black women

For a fun look to match the cool winter weather, this swirly French manicure is a great option to try.

4. Pink Animated Nail Art

black women nails

Give your manicure a youthful and dramatic look by adding some animated accessories.

5. Abstract Body Nail Art

black girls nails

Draw some extra attention to your nude nails by including some fun body shape art to make them stand out.

6. Autumn Themed Almond Shaped Nails

@bree.supreme    nails

This is another great design for those who prefer to stick to a single shade while combining different textures.

7. Mixed Pattern Nail Arts

black girl nail files

If you’re a fan of abstract nail art, try mixing different patterns on each nail for a look with some fun.

8. Blue French Manicured Stilleto Nails

black girl nail files

French manicures and stiletto nails are a paring that will never go out of fashion and if you’re a fan of long nails this combo is the perfect option to try.

9. Gray With Black Print

marble nail designs on black women

The addition of black lines over this soft grey manicure makes for chic nail art you can wear on any occasion.

10. Pattern And Shade Mix

black girl nail files

When it comes to nail art, the most fun you can have it, the better it often looks and this design with different patterns and shades on each finger is proof of that.

11. Purple Sequence With Gold Glitters

beautiful nail designs on black women

Purple sequence nails like these are one design that always looked elegant and well suited to special occasions, add some gold glitters and they look even more incredible.

12. Mixed Pattern Square Nails

long nail designs on black women

Take your square nails to the next level by adding some rhinestones and mixing different designs on each finger.

13. Blue Rhinestones Nail Art

square nail shapes on black women

Keeping with the theme of adding stones to your nails, this is another flawless nail art that will make blue your favorite color.

14. Blue Butterfly Nail Art

blue nail designs on black women

Want something more subtle? Try these popping blue butterfly nails. You can easily DIY this design and finish it off with some butterfly stickers.

15. Hearts French Manicure

minimalistic nail designs on black women

Heart and french tips are certainly a chic and dainty pairing for romantic occasions.

16. Psychedelic French Tips Nail Art

If you want a solid and simple design you can wear to work, these creative nails are the way to go. Just add a top coat of clear nail polish to make the shade pop out.

17. Metallic Gold Nail Art

metallic gold and glitters on Black women

All that glitters really is gold when it comes to these shimmery stiletto nails. It is a stunning nail design that will look amazing on anyone.

18. Mixed Shades Stilleto Nails

glamorous nail designs on black women

Stilleto nails are already dramatic in their own right but when you want to really give that a bit more sass, a lovely mixture of different shades and textures is the way to go.

19. Pastel Line Nail Art

pastel nail designs on black women

If you’re looking for something colorful to rock in the spring, pastel nails are always a great option to choose but you can tone down the colors by adding black abstract lines.

20. Brown Shades French Tips

nude nail designs on black women

We all love a cute nude nail from time to time but this nail art with different shades of nude and brown is really a great way to elevate the entire look.


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21. Gold Pattern Nails

Pink and glitter nails on black women

There is simply no other word to describe this gold pattern nails but chic. It is a super cute nail art design you can wear for many different occasions.

22. Spooky Details Nail Art

Halloween nail designs on black women

Looking to give your nails some dark and glamorous personality? Incorporate a few spooky stickers. It’s the perfect look for Halloween.

23. Ombre Nail Art

natural nail designs on black women

Ombre nails are a classic design that always look flattering no matter your nail length or shape and if you’re a fan of subtle color gradients it is the ideal look to for.

24. Colorful Accessories Nail Art

press on nails on black women

Transform your nails into a cute little book with different characters by adding some fun accessories.

25. Glittery Nails With Gold Flakes

acrylic nail designs on black women

For a cute nail design that is sure to never go out of fashion, try combining different colors and add a touch of drama with some shiny gold nail polish.

26. Blue Accents Coffin Nails

blue nail art on black women

Try this comic book-style nail art for a manicure that pops out and instantly grabs attention.

27. Black French Manicure

simple nail designs on black women

A simple French mani with black tips is a stylish and easy look to DIY. Just use French manicure guide stickers to get the perfect tip.

28. Purples Designs Nail Polish

Purple nail designs on black women

Take your glossy gel nails a step further by including some cute purple sequence designs.

29. Blue Cheetah Print Nails

press on nails on black women

A fun way to play with different shades of a color like blue is to create this animal print style.

30. Glossy Ombre Nails

glossy nail designs on black girls

Want your ombre nails to look even more stunning? Add a top coat of clear polish to make the color gradient pop out.

31. Short Nails With Gold Foils

natural nail designs with gold foil on black women

These short green nails are a simple yet regal design that looks incredible on short nails but can be recreated on long nails as well.

32. Brown and White Stiletto Nails


Subtle colors can pop on dark skin which they make a perfect design if you want something simple yet eye-catching.

33. Long Gemstones Coffin Nails

acrylic nail designs on black women

Give your nails the extra bling they deserve by adding gemstones to a single finger. It’s a great way to make your nails dramatic without going overboard.

34. Brown Swoops Line Art

squiggly nail designs on black women

Elevate your nude nails with some swirly brown lines to give them more detail.

35. Pink Geometric Patterns

geometric matte pink nails on black women

Take your pink nail polish to greater and cuter heights by including curved patterns with different colors.

Super chic nail arts for dark skin tone


The main thing to keep in mind is that when it comes to nail art, there is a slew of different designs out there, and many of them look amazing on black women of all shades. From vibrant color combos to trendy french manicures and fun patterns, there is an option to suit every season.

So, the next time you’re heading to the nail salon, get out of your comfort zone and try out some of the stunning nail art designs in this post. They’ll only make you look like the queen you already know you are.