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35 French Tip Nail Art on Black Women of All Skin Tones

A classic French manicure is all about pink and white, but the French manicures of today push the style well beyond its classic simple roots.  There are no limits to how you should rock your French tips. The style works just as well on natural nails as with acrylics.

The nail length and shape are all a matter of personal preference. The style is super feminine, and elegant, and works in every situation. It’s a choice just as popular for weddings as it is for the weekend. 

Are French Manicures still in style in 2023?

Following a limited comeback in the past, French manicures are making big waves this year. The most popular variations include the invisible French manicure, a sort of subtle white into pink ombre, barely there super thin tips like the baby French, and the double French; a thin white line echoing the arch of the initial white tip (all pictured below).

What base color should you pick for a French Manicure?

There is subtle variation between shades of pink in a classic French manicure. Your skin tone and the natural color of your nail bed should guide your decision. Deep nudes and mauves work best against deep brown complexions, while rose and powder pinks best complement lighter skin tones.

What are the different varieties of French manicures? 

The next time you are with your favorite nail technician, ask for one of these buzz word french manicure variations: Invisible French/ Baby French/ Double French, Deep French (broad-reaching polished tips that extend into the base), Glazed Doughnut French (high gloss top coat), Inverted or Reverse French (u shaped curve of polish along the curve of the cuticle against a neutral base and tip), Split French (two-toned tips) and Filigree French (finely drawn pair of arches at the tip of each nail).


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Fall Inlove with French Tip Nailart for Dark Skin

These pictures are all sourced online. To be credited for your personal picture, please contact me with the exact picture, and I’ll be sure to credit you. This post also contains affiliate links which means that I earn a small commission if you make a purchase with my link, at no additional cost to you.

1. Orange crocodile French tips

lava french tip nails design on black women

Flashy alligator skin nails are a luxurious nod to high-end shoes and handbags.

2. Black on nude animal print French tips

trendy french nails on brown skin

These almond-shaped nails take animal print to a subtle and sophisticated new level. An unexpected splash of metallic color adds depth and nuance to an otherwise neutral color palette.

3. Black and white Zebra French tips

cute black and white french nails on black women

Add black to the traditional white french tip for a twist. A mirror variation of white on black, then black on white organic freestyle brushstrokes is clean, neutral, and classic, but original.

4. Black and taupe crocodile french tips

medium length french nails for black girls

Another spicy take on alligator print that will pair nicely with handbags, belts, and shoes of the same variety.

5. Black or white classic French square nails

black and white french nails

Not sure which color to get? Why not do both! This black and white French tips is perfect for you, if you’re the type that like to do something different.

6. White French Tips

white french tip on nude nails for black women

Want something simple and subtle? These French tips are perfect for bridal occasions or other elegant parties.

7. White and blush pink glitter gel square French nails

simple french nails design for black women

These square-shaped french tips are so sweet and extra special with added glitter polish and freestyle heart art. Stencils help to keep lines crisp and exact.

8. Bejeweled stiletto white French tips

white french tip nails on brown skin

Nothing elevates a classic natural pink and white like rhinestones. A little added sparkle is the perfect ultra-feminine touch to take your classic stiletto nails to the next level.

9. Natural pink and black modern square French nails

elegant french nails on black women

Black? White? Only you make the rules, and this French manicure has declared war on the classic pink and white, in favor of a blacker approach. The clean, classic lines are undeniably French, yet all the more chic in this darker variation.

10. Invisible French ombre deep mauve and white on short coffin nails

ombre french tip nails design on dark skin

The invisible French Manicure is a hot commodity this year, with influencers singing its praises. The ombre effect does away with the classic precision lines between base and tip in favor of a softer, more subtle transition between the pink and white polishes. A sparkly gold accent nail is wedding ring ready.

11. Ultra-long square natural and white with rhinestone embellishment

classic white french nails for black girls

I’m in love with this rhinestone embellishment. It’s the perfect stand-alone piece, no additional ring finger jewelry is required. It might be fun to echo the shape and style in a hair clip or earrings.

12. Gray French tips with organic freestyle rhinestone design

trendy french tip nails ideas for black girls

This nude and gray combination is work-week and weekend ready. The neutral color palette maintains an appropriate office space energy. The rhinestones invite the happy hour energy we are all too ready for by Friday afternoon.

13. Short square black and croc french tips

simple black french nails ideas for brown skin

Short nails can be just as fun as their lengthy big sisters. These short square nails alternate solid color schemes with popular crocodile and rhinestone embellishments. No need to sacrifice the fashion and fun of nail art just because your work and long nails don’t mix.

14. Pink and black coffin deep french tips

black french tip nails for black girls

These deep french tips claim a lot more real estate on the nail base than the classic variety. 

15. Pink and tan square to flare french tips

medium length french nails on black girls

These mildly flared white and tan tips add a little more excitement to the classic pink and white variety. The subtle tan color remains corporate world appropriate.

16. Natural and white almond double french tips

white french tip on stiletto nails

The double french manicure is a top-tier influencer-approved nail fashion for 2023. The precision double edge is fierce and sexy.

17. Black and pastel french tips

pop art french nails for dark skin

No need to pick a single color! This multi-color pastel palette is as Springtime-ready as a bag of Jordan almonds.

18. Classic natural and white french with rhinestone accents

white french nails with rhinestones

Rhinestones make every nail look a little more festive! This simple addition transforms an otherwise predictable classic look into something youthful, festive, and fun!

19. Short natural and green square french nails

trendy french nails design on dark skin

A traditional french manicure calls for a rosy pink to neutral blush base. On deeper, darker skin tones the pink paint may look unnatural. Above the model has selected a creamy taupe-nude base in contrast with her dramatic lime green tips. The green is a creative spin on the classic french manicure, however, the neutral base is a fine choice in contrast with her complexion for the neon or even classic white-tipped nails.

20. Glitter french manicure with metallic silver tips

metallic silver french tip nails on black women

The glitter manicure is gaining ground this year. While not as popular as the double french or invisible french, the glitter base and metallic paint tips have definitely earned their place among the top french variations of the season.


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21. Classic pink and white on short natural nails

classic french tip nails on black girls

This look is the epitome of the classic french manicure. Pink and white? check! Natural short nails? Check!, Perfectly tended cuticles, buffed nails, and a high gloss finish? Check, Check, CHECK! A classic look that works in every situation.

22. Natural and white square gel nails

white french nails for black women

These short square gel nails celebrate the versatility of a classic french tip design. Each nail is an opportunity to elevate the look from free-hand nail design to understated nail charms.

23. Black and gold celestial matte french nails

elegant french tip nails design for black women

A little matte top coat goes a long way. Here mattified black polish is treated with a little “razzle-dazzle,” through the addition of gold metallic artwork inspired by the night sky. A knock-out date night look!

24. Hot pink and white tips with a clear natural color base

pink zebra french nails on dark skin

This look is giving barbie girl, candy land, and summertime sexy. Nothing says girlie girl like hot pink, and these marble candy swirls are serving up super sweet confectionary energy!

25. Baby blue croc marble ballerina french

cute blue french nails for black girls

This soft color contrast is as perfect as a clear blue summer sky. Is it croc skin, marble, or cumulus clouds? I don’t think it matters, as long as your nail tech can capture the same look on your hands!

26. Purple leopard ballerina french tips

french tip nail art on long nails

Animal prints let your admirers know a little bit about your wild side

27. Earthtone french tipped almond nails

cute french tip almond nails for black women

A little bit army. A little bit camo. A little bit earthy. A lotta bit lovely.

28. High gloss orchid crystal-tipped square nails

swarovski french tip on brown skin

I am obsessed with this high gloss orchid color gel paint. The ornate crystal embellishments are the perfect over-the-top complement to this painfully pretty polish choice.

29. Bold rainbow marble french on long coffin nails

long french tip nails design for black girls

Rather than settling for classic crayon box colors, this french manicure highlights obscure secondary colors in red-orange, mustard, cornflower, and sea green. An unexpected take on the rainbow.

30. Subtle nude and neon baby french

yellow french nails ideas for black girls

This barely there neon french tip manicure draws the eye but does not overwhelm it.

31. Harvest nude french tips on coffin nails

autumn french tip nails for black women

These earth tones are perfect against brown skin. A nice choice for Autumn.

32. Minimalist natural and white french tips on square nails

white french tip on nude nails for dark skin

Another barely there baby french manicure, this time in a classic mauve and white color combination

33. Kente cloth french tips

trendy french nails on black women

Celebrate your black culture with this stunning take on the french manicure. Find an experienced nail technician who can capture the essence of your African heritage right at the tips of your fingers.

34. Mixed media black and neon animal print on mid-length coffin nails

neon green french tip nails design

What a fun look. This whole style screams FORGET TRADITION! It’s the total opposite of a “classic french” incorporating solid colors, animal prints, single, and double french tips! Not to mention a little holographic embellishment for good measure. It’s absolutely perfect.

35. Metallic green almond french with nail art accents

metallic green french nails on dark skin

A little metallic paint and nail art decals make this simple almond french pop!

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