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40 Unique Matte Nail Designs On Dark Skin Women

While It may sometimes seem like glossy nails get all the attention and hype, matte nails are one stylish trend that can never go out of fashion. Whether it’s the velvety crispy texture or the smooth finish that makes every design and color pop, there’s just something undeniably classy and subtle about matte nails.

So, it’s no surprise they are a favorite with those who like an understated and cool look to their nails.

If you’re not into glossy or glittery nail colors and are looking for something more subtle, you’re in for a real treat because, in this post, we’ve put together some seriously stunning matte nail designs you can use an inspo and try for your next manicure.

What Nail Colors Look Good In Matte?

Matte nails look incredible in a variety of colors, but because of their smooth finish, they tend to look best in deep colors like brown, black, burgundy, grey, and nude. They also look stunning in bright shades like red, pink, white, or blue.

Do Matte Nails Last Longer Than Glossy Nails

Matte nails do not last as long as glossy nails. This is because the matte polish surface tends to chip and crack much more easily, so you’ll notice that your matte nails start to look dull much faster than if you have a glossy finish.

There is no definitive time that can be given to the longevity of matte nails. However, you can expect them to last about 3-5 days if you are using regular nail polish and up to two weeks if you use gel nail polish.

How Do I Make My Nails Matte?

The best way to achieve matte nails is to simply use a matte top coat. After you have applied about two coats of your preferred colors, finish it off with one coat matte top coat.

If you don’t have a matte top coat, then you can DIY your way to a matte finish using a few methods. First, you can apply your nail polis, follow it up with a gloss top coat and then use a nail buffer to gently remove the shine.

Another method you can try is to place your nails over a facial steamer for a few minutes until they become matte. Keep in mind both of these methods will vary in how they turn out, so if you’re trying out a matte nail design yourself be careful not to overdo it with the nail buffer or let your hands hover on the facial steamer for too long.

How Do I Maintain Matte Nails?

If you want to maintain your matte nails and get a slightly longer wear out of them, you need to avoid applying any oils or creams around the nail bed. Doing this will ensure the nail polish stays matte and does not start to get greasy and pick up dirt from your surroundings.

If you have the time, you can also apply an additional coat of matte top coat when you notice the matte finish is starting to wear off. However, you’ll need to lightly buff the nails before applying the matte top coat.


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Trendy matte nails on dark skin

These pictures are all sourced online. To be credited for your personal picture, please contact me with the exact picture, and I’ll be sure to credit you. This post also contains affiliate links which means that I earn a small commission if you make a purchase with my link, at no additional cost to you.

1. Nude Matte Nails on Dark Skin

matte neutral colors on dark skin

Starting off, we have this cute brown and nude combo which you have to admit is pretty hard not to fall in love with. With its modest oval shape and matte finish, it is the perfect choice to try if you want something that will carry you from work to a fancy occasion.

2. Soft Pink Square Matte Nails

cute matte pink nails for black women

The great thing about matte nails is that you can always make them pop by adding a few details and accents and that’s exactly what this dreamy deep pink design does with the addition of curvy white lines on two nails.

3. Green Camouflage Matte Nails

matte green nails for black girls

Matte nails and an edgy look always seem to go hand in hand and if you’re looking for something to give you that could edginess, try this green design with its cool camo detail.

4. Stilleto Matte Nail with a Button Down T-Shirt Design

matte purple stiletto nails for black women

If you’re a fan of stiletto nails and have been looking for a way to make them look more subtle. Then this combo of matte purple polish and cool abstract lines should definitely be on your inspo list.

5. Matte Acrylic French Manicure

matte multicolored on squared nails

Looking for a unique way to rock French tips? These acrylic matte finish elevated with multicolored tips are the perfect mani design for you. If you’re trying to recreate the look by yourself, be sure to use nail stencils to get the perfect color separation.

6. Melanin Inspired Nude Matte Nails on Dark Skin

matte neautral colors on black women nails

If you’re opting for matte nails for their natural look, then there’s no better way to rock them than with deep shades of brown nail polish. You can mix multiple shades to get the stunning effect created here. Just be sure to use a base coat to allow the color to adhere to your nail properly.

7. Matte Coffin Nails With Geometic Design

matte navy blue nail art for black girls

If you want to give the matte nail look a try but don’t want to cover your nails entirely with one plain color, you can add a touch of glitter polish and unique shapes on a single nail as done here.

8. Matte Flaming Pink French Tips With Rhinestones

matte nails design with rhinestone for black women

French tips always look good in any design you make but to really take them up a notch for an upcoming party or special date, make them matte and jazz them up with some rhinestones.

9. Matte Red Square Nails

matte red nails for dark skin

When it comes to matte nail designs there’s nothing more iconic than a popping shade of red polish. You can try them in any nail shape you prefer but here they are done in a cute square shape that makes them perfect for any occasion.

10. Minimalist Short Matte Nails on Light Skin

simple matte nail art for black women

For a simple look with a hint of color, the cool-colored lines on these short matte nails are definitely worth trying.

11. Lime Green Almond Shape Matte Nails

matte green abstract nail art on black women

Stand out this summer with these lime green almond/stiletto-shaped nails.

12. Brown and Marble Matte Coffin Nails With Jewels

elegant matte nails design on black women

If you want to try black matte nails but don’t want a plain black look, you should definitely try this dreamy mix of red and white patterns with rhinestones for a touch of drama.

13. Short Blue And Magenta Matte Nails

short matte nails on dark skin

Mix and match different colors like blue and purple along with a cute dotted design if you want a simple look that is both eye-catching and colorful.

14. Dark Green Ballerina Nails

matte green on long coffin-shaped for black girls

Opt for a matte dark green coffin nail with some length if you’re looking for a look to carry you through fall and winter. To create this look you can start off with matte dark green polish and top it with a matte topcoat

15. Melanin Dripping Matte Nails on Brown Skin

matte nails for dark skin

For days when you want a nail design with a slightly spooky and glammed-up vibe, a mixture of black, white, and brown matte designs like this one is the ideal look to try.


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16. Matte Navy Blue Nails With Gold Flakes

matte blue with gold for black girls nails

Matte blue nails are the ideal universal nail design as they tend to look stunning on any skin tone. Add some gold flakes to make a popping backdrop for your melanin-rich skin.

17. Melanin Matte Nails For All Skin Tone

matte neutral colored nails for black girls

For fans of nude nails looking for a trendy way to rock them, this cool combination of different shades of nudes is definitely worth recreating for your next manicure.

18. Short Square Matte Nails With Pink, Black and Zebra Designs

matte pink nails design for black women

Can’t decide what color to choose for your matte nails? Then try combining black, pink, and zebra print for a cool look that is sure to attract some attention.

19. Blue Matte Acrylic Nails With Rhinestones

matte blue nail art with rhinestone

These blue matte nails with their rhinestones and glossy white accent nail are simply swoon-worthy. They are the perfect set for a party or date.

20. Summer Square Nails

matte cartoon nail art design for dark skin

Looking for a nail design to pair with all your summer outfits? Look no further than this stunning abstract art design.

21. Multicolored Matte Nails

matte muli-color nails for black women

Ok by now you’ve probably noticed matte nails look incredible in nearly every color. So, why not consider them in a mixture of primary colors like green, blue, red, and yellow

22. Mint Matte Nails With Geometric and Glitter Designs

matte nails design for black girls

A cool trick for making your matte nails not look so flat is to mix and match different textures as done here. Add some glitters, stones, cool patterns, and even a different color to match the main color

23. Simple Blush Pink Matte Nails

matte baby pink nails for dark skin

If you’re one for all things simple and subtle, then these coffin matte nails were meant for you. The shade of baby pink polish used here will look beautiful no matter your skin tone.

24. Camouflage Pink Matte Nails with Glitters

cute matte pink nail art for black women

If you prefer a pink design with a bit more pizzaz then the mixture of rhinestones, leopard print, and matte finish in this set is sure to leave you drooling.

25. Pink Matte Nails

matte pink nails for black girls

This is another pink matte design you can try if you want something simple but with a slightly brighter hue for the warmer months. To make the pink color pop out, apply a matte top coat.

26. Nude And Black Matte with 3D Flower Nails

3d matte nails on black women

With its eye-catching flower accessories and deep hues of black and brown, these 3D matte nails are one stunning set we can’t get enough of.

27. Deep Brown Matte Coffin Nails

matte brown nails for black women

Staying on the nude side of the spectrum, these dark brown matte nails make the perfect nude design for deeper skin tones.

28. Green Christmas Themed Nails

matte nails christmas theme design

Ho, ho, ho! These Christmas-themed nails are a must-try for the holiday season. Be prepared for multiple compliments where you go!

29. All Pink Nails with Diamonds

cute pink matte nails with swarovski

You’ll be obsessed with these matte pink nails if you love pink. Add the jewels to really spice it up! Don’t forget to take pics!

30. All Black Nails with Gold Nail Decor

matte nails design on black women

Black nails for a black queen. No one can ever go wrong with black nails, especially with gold nail decor. Show everyone that you’re black royalty.

31. Matte Green Nails with Jewels

matte green matching feet nails

There’s something about matte green nails that looks amazing on darker skin. If you want to level up your manicure, you can never go wrong will gold or silver nail jewels.

32. Bear-Themed Brown and White Nails

cute 3d matte nails for dark skin

These adorable bear-themed nails are incredibly unique! Everyone should get these nails at least once in their lifetime. Cuticle oil and hand cream will help keep your nails/hands in good shape.

33. Black Leopard Matte Nails

elegant matte black nail art

Animal print nails are always a yes. If these nails are on your mind, you’ll want to make sure you add silver nail diamonds.

34. Burnt Orange Matte Nails

simple matte brown nails for black women

Simple, classy, and beautiful — these burnt orange matte nails compliment every outfit and occasion. Don’t forget to buy some cuticle oil to keep your cuticles in shape even after you’re appointment.

35. Peach Camouflage Themed Nails

matte orange nail art design on brown skin

Camouflage lovers will fall in love with these peach camouflage nails! You can get the camouflage design on 1 or 2 fingers (or all of them if you genuinely want to).

36. Blue Almond Shaped Nails with Gold Jewels

simple matte black nails on black women

Gold nail decor adds a level of spunkiness to these matte nails. You can get these nails almond or coffin-shaped for the best look.

37. Purple Matte Nails with Silver Jewels

matte purple nails with rhinestone

Not everyone likes bare, dull nails. Ask your nail technician to add some nail decor, like jewels, to level up your nails. Nail decor brings your nails from drab to fab in 5 seconds!

38. Coffin Shaped Matte Green Nails

simple matte green nails on dark skin

Are you someone who prefers to keep their nails simple? You’ll be obsessed with these classic matte green nails. You can even change up the shape if you’re feeling feisty! Cuticle oil will be your best friend after your nail appointment.

39. Multi-Colored Matte Nails

matte neutral colors on dark skin

Instead of one single color for all nails, what about multiple colors? Remember to keep your nails and hands moisturized with hand cream. Moisturized hands are happy hands!

40. Black Nails with Flower Designs

short matte black nails design on dark skin

Black nails are a staple in the nail world that won’t go anywhere anytime soon. Adding a flower design makes this nail set stand out! If you tend to have dry hands, put hand lotion on throughout the day as needed.


Matte nails are a super chic and classy nail trend that comes in different hues, patterns, and designs, and given how flawless they turn out, they deserve a special spot in our hearts. Just scrolling through some of the stunning designs in this post should be enough to prove it to you. So, if you’re ready to give out boss babe vibes, hop on the matte nail trend and try a cool matte nail design.

Try these beautiful matte nail arts!