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30+ Metallic and Chrome Nail Designs on Black and Brown Skin

Chrome nails have recently become popularized amongst celebrities like Zendaya, Beyonce, and Rihanna. When the effect first became available it was scarce and expensive. Now that chrome powders are lower in price and readily available, the trend has made its way to the general public.

What is the difference between chrome, metallic, and holographic nails?

Metallic nails are achieved by using deeply pearlized metallic paints. Think of the pearly fine glittery effect of a classic gold, silver, or bronze color paint. Pearly metallic finishes are available in any and every color.

A Holographic finish offers less shine than chrome but is known for its signature rainbow ombre color effect.

Chrome is generally monochromatic and offers a high-shine mirror finish. The final result is uniform molten metal-like, without visible glitter, foil, or pearlized particles.

How do you get chrome nails? 

Chrome nails require an:
LED nail lamp
Gel base coat
Gel top coat
Chrome powder or Metallic gel polish
Apply gel color as usual, curing under LED light between coats. Rub chrome powder into each nail BEFORE applying the gel top coat to seal in the high gloss. Cure nails under LED one final time.  Holographic nails require the same process, except with holo powder instead of chrome powder.

Do chrome nails contain actual chrome?

No. Chrome powders are made up of fine particles of glass, metal, and colored pigment. Silver, not chrome, is encased between two layers of gel polish to create a tiny little mirror on your fingertip. This process “mirrors” the science behind every other mirror you’ve seen. 

Do Chrome nails cost more?

Chrome powder application will come with an additional charge added to the base cost of your nail service. Expect to pay between $3 to $20 additional, depending on the nail tech and where you live.

How long do chrome nails last?

Chrome gel color lasts as long as a standard gel color manicure, from 1-2 weeks.

Whether you get your chrome color in the nail salon or DIY at home, one thing is clear: Metallic, Chrome, and Holographic nails are a must-have for 2023.


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Get that Lavish look with these Metallic Nails

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1. Holographic stiletto nails

trendy holographic nails design on black women

Transform your monochromatic black stiletto nails with a quick dusting of chameleon color mirror powder. Dark gel polish helps to create the most dramatic background for the holographic chrome effect

2. Green Blue Violet holographic coffin nails

midnight blue chrome for black girls

Here a blue base softens the holographic effect.

3. Rosegold metallic stiletto nails

metallic pink stiletto nails for dark skin

These rose gold stiletto nails are both subtle and stunning. The chrome powder magnifies the metallic polish to a mirror shine

4. Iridescent holographic short natural nails

holographic nails on black women

Holo pigment unicorn powder is applied over dark gel polish of any shade to achieve a similar look. Here a dark blue base creates a multi-faceted shine that changes color with different angles

5. Lime green metallic square nails

metallic green nails for dark skin

Any color can achieve new chromatic levels with the application of chrome powder before applying your top coat.

6. Mother of pearl chrome coffin nails

trendy metallic nails for black women

These pearly white chromed-out nails catch the light in blindingly new ways. Coordinate with your makeup, jewelry, or some holographic shoes.

7. Purple holographic coffin nails

holographic nails design for black girls

Deep lilac paint is elevated with a holo powder mirror effect. 

8. Powder pink chrome metallic ballerina nails

metallic coffin nails for black women

Soft baby powder pink is an unexpected color choice for a metallic effect.  The mirror effect is less dramatic but just as shiny as with darker bases.

9. Rosegold chrome metallic coffin nails

rose gold chrome on black women

These rosegold chrome nails are begging for some coordinating accessories. Both the polish and matching sweater highlight the beauty of mahogany brown skin.

10. Copper metallic natural squoval nails

simple metallic rose gold on short nails

Here metallic polish compliments a rose gold ring and warm bronze undertones on the skin. Metallic polishes contain pearly glittery particles but no mirror shine.

11. Cotton candy ombre chrome medium-length coffin nails

blue ombre chrome on brown skin

pink and blue ombre paint application is brought to a high shine with chrome powder

12. Mixed media black and mirror paint stiletto nails

mirror nails on black girls

Art and style collide in this luxurious chrome-on-black combination style. Rich black high gloss gel lacquer contrast dramatically with the liquid silver chrome finish on the index fingers. The black base makes for the most dramatic mirror effect.

13. Gold metallic modern manicure

metallic gold nails on black women

The visible gold particles are tell-tale of gold metallic polish as opposed to a gold chrome finish. This modern take on a french manicure is edgy and precise with the help of stencils.

14. Blue silver mirror coffin nails

mirror effect nails for dark skin

A blue-black gel color base provides the perfect backdrop for icy blue silver chrome nails.

15. Pearl iridescent chrome almond nails

pearl white chrome on black girls nails

Shiny silver bands pair perfectly with this delicate white pearl iridescent finish. The final look is simple, clean, and feminine.


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16. Chrome royal blue coffin nails

simple metallic blue nails for dark skin

These royal chrome nails are serving up blue steel! This electric blue color is futuristic and fun

17. Lemon lime holographic almond nails

metallic gold and green nails design for dark skin

playing around with holographic powders can achieve a whole range of colors against the same base color. Here yellow metallic polish is brought to a chrome-level high shine on the middle nail and treated with a green holo powder ombre effect for a lemon-lime effect throughout the rest of the hand. 

18. Green glitter and chrome combination almond nails

trendy metallic nails for black girls

This deep hunter green paint is treated to glitter effects at various particle sizes. Larger microns of glitter is visible to the naked eye. The high gloss mirror-like shine is achieved by smaller particle chrome powder. Nail gems and a stunning statement ring help to complete the look

19. Indigo holographic almond nails

simple metallic midnight blue nails for black girls

Deep indigo polish shines with galaxy purple-blue brilliance.

20. Tropical splendor lime and fuchsia chrome accent nails

multi-color chrome nails for black girls

This lime-green fuchsia combo is tropical vacation ready. The matte hand-painted design is a shocking contrast to the chrome shine finish applied to the same paint palette on a pair of accent nails. A dash of glitter against the matte finish is the final dramatic finishing touch.

21. Pink chrome french manicure

metallic purple french nails for dark skin

A chromatic variation on a classic design. Tape or stencils will help to keep the lines sharp, clean, and precise.

22. Black and gold foil chrome almond nails

metallic gold nail art on black women

Nail foils are a tried and true way to add metal finishes to nail designs. Here black matte polish, combine with gold foil appliques and solid gold metallic paint on the opposite hand

23. “I do” powder blue metallic almond nails

metallic nails design on brown skin tone

Powder blue takes on a daring new edge with the addition of a high-shine chrome powder. This understated chrome effect is the perfect “something blue,” for the walk down the aisle. This look says bridal but can easily transition to a cold-weather honeymoon immediately after the nuptials. Bunny slope anyone?

24. Monochromatic and ombre rose gold metallic nails

elegant rose gold chrome nails for dark skin

Simple metallic polish is made special by an ombre application alternating with a solid application. The pearlescence is shiny without a mirror reflection.

25. Gold chrome coffin nails

metallic gold nails design for black girls

Gold chrome nails for the 24-carat Black Girl Magic win.

26. Iridescent pink and blue metallic natural nails

holographic pink and white nails on black women

Holo powder applied to various color nails achieve different degrees of drama. The bubblegum pink polish casts a slight green-gold holographic shimmer, while the blue-black base polish highlights the full rainbow glitter hologram effect. 

27. Rosegold chrome coffin nails

metallic rose gold nails for black women

This rosegold application shines like a brand-new penny. The mirror shine is clear enough to check your lipstick in!

28. Gunmetal chrome stiletto nails

mirror effect nails for brown skin

Classic chrome powder on black nails! The sharp stiletto tips, blinding high shine and perfect polish application is dangerously sexy! These chrome stiletto nails look like they could draw blood, approach her with caution!

29. Green chrome stiletto nails

metallic green nails on black women

Here the chrome is not the star of the show. A green chrome finish is a backdrop to hand-painted accent designs and gold-tone nail charms. Chrome french tips alternate with full coverage polish application for an unexpected twist.

30. White pearl holographic stiletto nails

holographic nails design for brown skin

Holo powder is applied along the full length of the nail, and later in an ombre effect along the tip of a single nail. Clear pearls and rhinestones adorn the remaining nails adding a little extra flavor to this Saturday night, to Sunday morning design.

31. Ruby red chrome coffin nails

metallic nails for black girls

Mirror mirror on my nails! These perfectly polished red chrome nails are deliciously bright! The shiny red is candy apple chic, and Christmas morning sweet. Wear these beauties from Halloween through the winter holidays!

32. Chrome mirror almond nails

mirror nails for dark skin

These chrome nails cast a green-gray color. The high mirror shine makes it nearly impossible to guess the base color. Pewter? Gray? Gold? Is it the polish or the light in the room? Trial and error will earn you the perfect shade.

33. Red metallic ballerina nails

metallic red nails for black girls

These sexy red nails are made sweet with bows and rhinestone designs. This winter-ready look is giving Christmas eve and Valentine’s day.

Fall inlove with these Metallic and Chrome Nails for dark skin