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50 Gorgeous Gel Nail Designs on Natural Nails for Black Women

Gel nail polish are one of my favorite nail designs because they look so realistic and they last longer than regular esmalte nail polish. If you use your hands a lot for work and are not comfortable getting long nails which may get in the way of being productive, then you can opt for gel nail polish on your own natural nails.

Unlike Acrylic nails, you don’t have to deal with adding an extra length to your nails which can feel heavy and uncomfortable. They might even chip off, causing damage to your nails, and maybe even resulting in bruises.

This is the reason why I often opt for using my natural nails when I go get my nails done. If I want longer nails, I just grow out my nails by a few centimeters, so that my nails can be shaped into styles such as square, almond, or stiletto shape.

In this post; I want to share fifty gel polish designs you can get the next time you go for your nail appointment. These nail designs are ideal for Black women of all ages, professions, and even skin tone.

You can start out by choosing a design that best goes with the outfit you will be wearing to a special occasion or the season you’re in.


As a woman, doing your nails is one of the most important self-care routines. It always feels great when you look down at your nails and see lovely-looking colorful nails. Nothing to boost your mood, confidence and generate positive feelings like lovely-looking, well-done nails.  

To help you achieve gorgeous-looking gel nails, here are some great answers to questions you probably have about gel nails. 

After this, we will outline various interesting-looking gel nail designs that will inspire you to get yourself amazing gel nail designs for every occasion. 

What are gel nails, and how are they different from regular nail polish?

Gel nails are a type of nail treatment where gel-based polish is applied to the nails and UV or LED light is used to dry the gel polish and give it that smooth finish. Gel nails are different from regular nail polish which dries naturally while the applied gel on the polish cannot dry naturally and must use UV light to cure the polish and set it onto your nails. 

Is gel nail polish worth it?

Gel nail polish is worth applying and is a favorite for many women because it lasts longer compared to standard nail polish. It is also worth it because it does not chip and can stay on for weeks and only requires removal when the nails grow out too far. 

How long do they last?

Gel nails can last up to a month or more with proper care and depending on the quality of gel nail polish that was used. You can do a simple routine of applying cuticle oil and hand lotion to keep them looking fresh and attractive. 

Are gel nails better than acrylic?  And what are the differences?

Gel nails are not necessarily better than acrylic nails because these two nail techniques are different. Gel nails are made up of gel nail polish that you apply directly to your nails. Many women will opt for a gel nail polish over regular nail polish because they last longer than regular nail polish. 

Whereas, Acrylic nails are articial nails that are added on top of your natural nails to provide more length and durability to the nails. Many women might opt for acrylic nails because it allows them to naturally grow their natural nails underneath the acrylic nails, without worrying about their nails breaking off. 

I’ve heard women tell me that they chose acrylic nails because they are trying to stop the habit of biting their nails. This is because acrylic nails are so hard and sturdy that you need special tools to remove them. Merely biting them with your teeth isn’t enough.

Unlike Gel nail polish, acrylic nails requires an extra step of applying the acrylic and drying them under a UV light, before the gel nail polish can be applied on top of it. The extra step and strong toxic smell of acrylic is the reason why it costs more to install.

Another benefit to acrylic nails is that you can get them to be as long as you want, and you can shape them into stylish shapes such as stilettos, almond shape or square. The possibilities are endless with acrylic and coupled with the fact that they can last for several weeks. Which makes the investment all worth it. 

Can gel nails damage my nails and how do I safely remove them at home?

Gel nails are beautiful and last long but they can also be tough on the nails. They have been known to cause nail brittleness, peeling, and cracking.  Also, repeated use has been known to cause early aging of the skin on the hands. 

As for safely removing gel nails at home, acetone is the most effective way to remove them, and using plastic food wrap is recommended instead of foil. Acetone is a safer and gentle option than picking or filling off gel nail polish. 

How much does Gel Nail polish cost and can I get them done at home

Gel nail polish can cost between $5-$10 more than the standard nail polish manicure. Most nail salons will charge $35 for gel nails. The removal process of gel nails could also be between $10 and $20. 

What to do before getting gel nails?

Before you go and get your gel nails done, you will need to follow a few steps and if you are doing them at home you will need the following: 

  • LED or UV lamp
  • Crystal or glass files
  • Nail buffer
  • Cuticle oil 
  • Orangewood sticks
  • Rubbing alcohol 
  • Top coat
  • Base coat 
  • Gel polish colors 
  • Top coat

You will then need to do the following before you begin the process of gel nail polish application. 

  • Prepare your nails for gel polish by shaping them 
  • Push back the cuticles 
  • Get rid of the dead skin 
  • Buff your nails 
  • Do cleansing and dehydration

What should you avoid after gel nails? Can I wet my hands immediately after getting gel nails?

After you have had your nails done and look fabulous you must avoid any long periods in water for a while like washing, swimming, or long baths. You can get your hands wet but avoid prolonged contact with water after you have had your gel nails done. 

You must also avoid picking or peeling the gel or filling or pushing the cuticles back because this will cause major damage to the gel seal and result in chipping. yo

How often should I redo my gel nails?

Most people redo their nails in 2-week intervals but that can be extended to 3 or 4 weeks. To maintain that beautiful look of your nails remain consistent and regularly schedule your appointments for that repeat gel nail treatment.

What gel nail colors look best on Black women?

Some colors look fabulous on black women such as burgundy, chocolate brown, cobalt blue, pink, nude, silver, gray, and red. These colors pop beautifully against the skin tone of most black women.  

Are the UV lamps dangerous to your skin and health?

The UV or LED lamps indeed emit ultraviolet (UV)radiation which has left many wondering whether there are skin cancer risks present. According to experts, UVA rays have been associated with skin cancer and premature skin aging but, even the most intense UV lamps only present a moderate UV risk.

To keep yourself safe, during your gel manicures, it is advisable to apply sunscreen to your hands 20 minutes before you expose your hands to UV light. This is according to the Skin Cancer Foundation. 

1. Elegant Yellow With Black and White Dotted Pattern 

This is a beautiful design perfect for a casual mellow look for summer or special occasions that require dressing up in mellow colors. This elegant design will help complement your summer outfit. 

simple nail art design for black women

2. Azure Blue with Pink And Yellow Patterns

This is an amazing color if you want to showcase some colorfulness in a playful cultural way. This is a lovely option when you want to bring out that lovely cultural look to your nails. The bright colors make your gel nails pop in that lovely way.

blue polish on black women natural nails

3. Blue Shades With Yellow, Black, and White 

This design has different shades of blue, yellow, and dotted patterns of all three colors. It is lovely if you want an adorable combination of these three colors. You can’t go wrong with this design especially if you want something colorful and mellow at the same time.

cute nail art on short natural nails

4. Cerulean Blue With Iris Petals 

This is an amazing nail gel option for those who love earthy tones. This is a gel nail design that will give you a fabulous look. The consistent blue with a break of iris petals colors creates this amazing color contrast that will give off a unique and beautiful look. 

simple short nail arts on black women

5. Subtle Pastel 

 If you love mellow colors then you are in for a treat with this one.  This is a beautiful design that will have your nails becoming the envy of many who will look upon them.  They are a beautiful choice if you want your gel nail colors to pop but in toned-down shades. 

pastel color nails on natural short nails

6. Yellow With Funky Pattern And Glitter 

This one is perfect for casual summers and if you love mellow colors that still look elegant. The yellow and funky pattern will work wonderfully especially if you are wearing dark outfits and want the gel nails to pop.

yellow and gold nails on dark skin

7. Classic Green With A Touch Of Black And White Pattern 

This is an attractive shade of green that will have you looking glamorous. It is one gel design that will glam your nails without disappointing you. 

abstract nail art on short natural nails for black women

8. Peach And Glitter 

The peach and glitter is a great option for anyone who loves peach and a touch of glitter to bring about some brightness. A simple but elegant gel nail option especially if you want something professional and do not attract attention but it is still feminine. 

cute pastel pink on short nails of black women

9. Purple Floral Pattern

A lovely option if you love natural colors. The lavender gel nails blend perfectly with the white patterns and it’s perfect if you want something modest but still very attractive. The white leaves pattern breaks the lavender monotony giving the whole set a unique look.

short natural nailart for dark skin

10. Glitter, Pastel Blue  and Flower

If you love unique gel nail designs, then this cool example will be it. It has two shades of blue and one flowery pattern which makes it amazingly cool. 

purple gel nails on black women

11. Periwinkle, Glitter, and SilverTops 

This is a lovely-looking design of periwinkle-colored gel nails made interesting by the addition of shiny-twinkling accessories. Lovely for anyone who wants to make a strong gel nail statement. Unforgettable to anyone who sets eyes on them. 

purple nails with rhinestone for black girls

12. Emerald With A Checked Pattern 

 A breathtaking emerald gel nail design that will never disappoint. It is made interesting by a break in the monotony of a checked pale pattern which creates an amazing contrast.  

geometric nail art on short natural nails

13. Glossy Dark Purple With White Feathered Design

A beautiful gel nail with a dark purple base and a glossy finish which also features beautiful miniature feathers done to create a contrasting pattern between the nails. 

glittered purple polish on natural nails for black women

14. Blush Pink and floral design

All the nails are pastel pink except for one on each hand which is adorned in bright colors. This is to create a beautiful contrast and make the pastel pop more. 

cute simple nails design on dark skin

15. Mint Green In Style 

Mint green is a cool and fresh style just as its name suggests.  In this design, all the nails are mint green except for one with streaks of different bright colors. It is such a lonely style for anyone who loves the mint green color and would love to experiment, 

cute nailart on short squared natural nails of black women

16. Canary Yellow 

This is such a beautiful color that will pop anytime you feel you want to make your gel nails noticeable. The yellow will stand out and with multicolored addition on each finger, this design is complete in style. 

bright yellow nails on black girls nails

17. Peach With Detail 

This is an adorable peach that will look lovely anytime, the details of additional pastel colors give these nails a classy and unique look. 

simple neutral color nail art on black women

18. Purple and Blue Ombre

These lavender gel nails have a single grey streak in each to give them character and uniqueness. It is a great option for those who love lavender and grey in a complementary way. 

purple ombre for black girls nails

19. Light Pink Gel Nail Polish

 Pantone is one gel nail color that is very feminine and this design does not disappoint. It is a gel nail color that is bold and beautiful as all gel nail designs should be. 

baby pink nails for black women

20. Glossy Finish With Detail

Different art is created on the nails and then a colorless finish is added to give these nails the glossy look.  The nails are a beautiful work of art depicting different images on each nail. The collection is nothing short of spectacular.

cute nailart for black women

21. Pinkalicious

These gel nails will remind you of delicious desserts hence the name. Gorgeously girly, they feature a beautiful shade of pink that will only evoke happy feelings when you have them on your nails. 

pink nails design for short natural nails

22. Blue Yellow Combo 

Some nails are yellow, some are pink while others are both blue and yellow with a beautiful blend where the two colors meet. Two have a touch of green and the effect is truly magical.  

yellow blue nails for dark skin

23. Bright Minimalistic Yellow 

This is a bright yellow design that doesn’t appear on all nails. While in other nails it appears in full color in others it appears as a streak and black-dotted to create not only a minimalistic look but an animal print. It is a lovely option for bright-color lovers.

bright yellow nails for black women

24. Black Power Design 

This is a busy gel nail design that features various art forms which feature things like a fist holding a flame, a zebra print, a tribal pattern, a plain black, a plain red, and a flag of sorts making this one very busy gel nail design. It is perfect for artistic people.

cute nailart design on black women

25. The Artsy Pink And Blue 

Pink and blue have complemented one other on this gel nail design. There are additional prints like the dotted and white artistic marks to give it flair and make it more interesting. 

nails design on short natural nails for black women

26. Peach and Golden Glitter 

Peach and brown glitter no doubt impresses. All the nails are peach color and nothing screams uniqueness like an added golden glitter creating an attractive pattern. 

short natural nails for black women

27. Baby Blue and Black Polka Dot 

This is a beautiful and simple gel nail design that will never disappoint. Some nails are baby blue while others are polka dotted and add a beautiful finish to create a stunning collective. 

baby blue nails design for black girls

28. Crepe With Bubble Pearls And Golden Studs

This is a gel nail design that never fails to make a statement. Anyone who looks at this design will look twice because once is not enough. The beautiful detail with the white bubble-like pearls and the golden studs is unforgettable. 

light pink with rhinestones for black women

29. Deep Violet And Patterned Streaks 

This solid violet color will always make beautiful gel nails. All the nails are a solid violet but two have patterned streaks of violet, golden glitter, black, blue, and others creating a lovely design.  

purple nails for black women

30. Royal blue And Animal Print 

A solid royal blue has been combined with the animal print to create this spectacular gel nail design. This is one design that will always stand out.   

cute leopard print on short nails

31. The Artistic Gel Nails 

This gorgeous gel nail design comprises different images and colors on each nail. There is a colorful animal print, plain peach color, a black wire mesh amid a blue background, a doodle, and a dapple of different colors. Nothing short of magnificent.   

leopard print nails on black women

32. Black And White Art

Black and white have never looked this spontaneous. The beautiful pattern amid a white background makes this design look like it is inspired by a certain native tribe rich in culture. It is perfect for culture lovers. 

black and white nailart on black women

33. Mint Blue And Pastel Orange 

This is one lovely combination that will remind you of delicious treats.  Some nails are plain pastel orange or mint blue while others have the two colors combined to create a spontaneous blending pattern. 

green orange nails design for dark skin

34. Patterns, Silver Glitter, And Baby pink 

This pattern shouts class and creativity. Black and white patterns, silver glitter, and baby pink will never go wrong as part of an eye-popping gel nail design. 

abstract print on short natural nails of black women

35. Emerald Green With Detail 

Emerald green is an eye-catching color, but when beautiful details are added, only awesomeness is depicted here. The lovely golden details added make this design a favorite of many ladies. 

elegant green nails design for short nails

36. Mint green 

Grey green is lovely and has not only different patterns of the same but features golden glitter on one of the nails to create uniqueness. 

simple nail art for black women

37. Pastel Pink With Black Splashes 

Pastels featuring black will always mesmerize. The intricate black splashes give this design a lovely look.

short square nails design for black girls

38. Yellow And Polka Dot

The combination of these three is like a match that was meant to be. It is undoubtedly a popular design thanks to its splendidness. 

black and yellow nail art for dark skin

39. Mint Blue And Flowered 

This simple but elegant gel nail design comprises this unique color which is well accentuated  with an image of intricate floral patterns. It is a great design for those who love fresh-looking nail art designs that remind them of spring. 

flower print on short natural nails of black women

40. Black Love And Gold Glitter

Black love has been powerfully expressed in this design. The gold glitter, text of black love, and the unique black heart image are all strong expressions of ideas. They make an expressive design. 

black and gold nailart for dark skin

41. Coral Pink And Patterns 

This lovely design will be the talk of everyone who sees it. The v-shaped beautiful patterns on the nails that are not coral pink are nothing short of stunning.

cute pink nails design for black girls nails

42. Emerald green 

Emerald green always wins even in an argument. Combined with an emerald-colored glitter this would be the best design for social gatherings like parties.

teal nails design for short nails of black women

43. Crimson with patterns 

Crimson is an attractive color for gel nails and when a distinct pattern is added as in the case here, this style of gel nails can be said to be truly satisfying.

neon orange nails design on black women

44. Purple And Yellow Combo 

When two shades of purple meet and combine with a bright yellow, this is what happens. It is a spectacular combination whose result means gorgeousness. 

short yellow and purple nails for black women

45. Playful  Gel Nails 

These are lovely and remind you of adorable kid themes. They are lovely and perfect for wearing if you are attending a kids’ event or want something unique to help you look vibrant. The yin and yang sign on the nails is an absolute winner. 

short acrylic nails design for black women

46. Barbie Pink 

Barbie pink will never disappoint and it appears as vibrant as ever in this design. It has been  combined with an interesting design to make this gel nail design stand out even more than it already is on its own.

cute abstract design on short natural nails for black women

47. The Different Design 

It is a different design because each finger has a different form of art painted on it. No two fingers alike causing this breath-taking look. Reminds you of different-colored candy. 

cute nailart for black womens natural nails

48. Sunflower, Glitter, Blue, And Yellow

This is one gel nail design that will bring a smile to your face. It features beautifully done gel nails with golden glitter, a sunflower image, and blue and yellow colors. No doubt a design to brighten your days.

yellow and pink gel nails for dark skin

49. Blue And Grey Combo 

Blue and grey have blended so beautifully here. The grey even bears an animal print after black marks and stands alone on some nails while the dark blue represents that shade strongly. A yellow strip on the animal print achieves the dramatic effect desired.

cute leopard print nail art for black girls

50. Luminous Colors  

Beautiful colors evoke warm feelings the moment you set your eyes on them. Luminous orange, purple, green, and beige creates this glorious display of colors on this nail design.

multi-colored short nails for black women


Gel nail polish is here to stay thanks to the benefits that we have looked at above. If you are thinking of rocking them always, then by now you know there is no shortage of designs. The above designs should inspire you or provide you with beautiful designs to rock on your nails for a long time.


glittered blue nails design for black women nails


dark blue nails design on black women
simple blue nails for black girls natural nails
pastel colors for black girls nail

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