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40 Creative Square Nail Designs on Black Girls

Square nails are a timeless choice for any and every woman. Whether worn long or short, natural or acrylic, flared wide or cut to a narrow coffin shape, there is no limit as to when and where square nail designs can steal the show. 

Are square nails out of style?

Square nails are trending for 2023 alongside shorter length and the 2022 favorite, squoval shape.

How many styles of nails have squared tips? 

In addition to classic square nails, coffin nails, flared nails, and ballerina nail shapes are variations of a square nail shape.

Who should wear square nails? 

Square nails look great on long fingers and long nailbeds. No matter the size of your hands, square nails are among the most popular choice especially for acrylic customers. 

Do square nails break and chip easily?

Yes. The sharpened straight-edged tips can be prone to damage including chips in the paint and cracks in the nail. The sharp corners are also more likely to snag clothing and catch on other soft surfaces.

How do I keep my natural square nails from breaking?

Maintain healthy nails at the source, keeping the cuticle well moisturized with a cuticle oil, and the full length of the nail reinforced with nail strengther. Also try to avoid over filing which can thin the nail where it is most vulnerable to breakage. 

1. Stunning nude Gucci glam square nails

The unmistakable Gucci pattern adds style and sophistication to these mixed-texture acrylics. The 3D snakeskin texture and marble finishes are a work of art

long square nails on black women

2. Pink glitter squoval stamped nails

Intricate nail design is just a stamping plate away. Here a feminine swirling floral design is created with an eye-catching glittery pink contrasting with a more subtle natural nude. Stamping plates make for beautiful results you can do at home.

cute glitter nail art on dark skin

3. Neon ombre ballerina nails

These bright nails scream summertime chic. The ombre neon rainbow pattern is pool bar, beachfront ready and begs to be paired with the loudest bathing suit money can buy

ombre nails design on black girls

4. Matte and gloss deep indigo marble coffin nails

Take the deepest blue inspiration color to all new levels. The classic color theme connects mixed and mismatched patterns, textures, shapes, and finishes. The indigo color works for both professional and casual settings.

royal blue nails on dark skin

5. Pretty pink designer bling flared nails

Every ring finger needs a little extra bling. Here the rhinestone-encrusted texture goes a long way. Designer logo stamps are taken to the next level with 3D appliques. A sweet single rhinestone on the powder pink pinkie is a classic final touch..

louis vuitton nails on black women

6. Geometric matte coffin nails

The matte finish mutes the intensity of the colors and somehow makes the bright orange subtle.

medium length square nails for black women

7. Nude and tribal pint combo ballerina nails

Elevate the neutral nude base with a bold tribal print in rich statement colors. The beige nude color pops against deep brown skin tones.

trendy square nails for black girls

8. Gold foil art on pearly white short square nails

Short natural nails don’t have to be boring. Gold foil marble nail art adds an unexpected pop to otherwise classic pearl-white nails.

simple square nails on brown skin

9. Yellow flare nails

Flare nails are a fun alternative to long square nails. The shorter length can be easier to manage for acrylic nail newbies and the flair shape gives a new dimension to 3D and french tip designs.

yellow nails on black girls

10. Dual color neon marble swirl french manicure

Summer fun neon is made to break the rules. Who says hands have to match? Here the neutral manicure base and marble swirl pattern are the anchor that ties these mismatched colors together.

neon french tip nails ideas

11. Medium-length matte orange coffin nails

Bright orange color in a matte finish adds finesse where a high gloss might scream traffic cone. Freestyle nail art in complementary colors is classy and cute.

neon nails on brown skin

12. Bubblegum pink flare nails

Soft, subtle, and pretty with a cherry on top! Bubblegum pink is perfect on brown skin.

short square nails for black women

13. Pop art ballerina nails

Flirty statement nails with cartoonish contours and pop art are perfect for the young and young at heart.

comic nail design on black women

14. “One Love” short squoval nails

There is no better way to celebrate your island roots, island style, or even just your island vacation than with this sweet hand-painted nail tribute to Jamaica.

trendy nail designs for square nails

15. Chrome marbling ombre french nails

This simple ombre french manicure is made edgy and powerful with a chrome marbling effect

metallic swirls nail art on dark skin

16. Tiffany blue short squoval nails

Tiffany blue is an emblem of class and sophistication. Nail art and glitter paint add a little fun to the classic color palette.

simple nail design on short natural nails

17. Short squoval royal blue matte nails

Matte nails are easy to achieve with a simple application of a matte top coat after the color and designs are in place. Hand-painted geometric art helps to break up the monochromatic royal blue hand.

cute nail art for black girls nails

18. All that glitters neon gold ballerina nails

Mixing up designs and colors keeps nail art exciting and unpredictable. Nail stencils help to combine the two anchor colors in precise geometric shapes.

medium length square nails ideas for black women

19. Bubble square rainbow french

The bubble-like dome-shaped nail base gives this style its name. Rainbow-colored tips are always in fashion lending this untraditional style a classic appeal.

multi-color french tip for black girls

20. Mixed media short coffin nails

Nail art is exactly that. . .ART! Sometimes a girl just can’t decide, and this design shows that you don’t have to. Various colors, patterns, and techniques come together under a single common thread: they are FABULOUS.

cute nail design on brown skin

21. Pink and Black square nails

Here the pink and black solid color nails create a color theme to tie it all together. Nail stencils can help to maintain clean lines as can a practiced steady hand.

abstract nail art on square nails for black women

22. Jamaican Pride square ballerina nails

Flag art and national colors combine in this carnival-ready look.

Jamaica nail art on black women

23. Midnight elegance square nail

The elegant sweeping black and gold swirl in contrast with the high gloss monochromatic black nails is giving evening wear, black tie, and stilettos. A seductive choice for a night out.

elegant black nails on black girls

24. Dreamy lilac short square nails

Colored rhinestones, airbrush art, and handpainted design combine in this dreamy feminine design.

cute purple nails with rhinestone

25. Matte coffin freestyle

Here freestyle brush splatter color is tied together with broad serpentine lines and dots. This adds an edgy artful appeal to the otherwise muted matte colors.

trendy nails design on black women

26. Vintage cartoon pop art

Have your little ones’ entertainment right at your fingertips. Primary colors and bright happy characters are the perfect celebrations of motherhood meanwhile keeping a smile on your kids’ face.

fun cartoon nails design

27. Flaming hot Cheetos coffin nails

Announce your favorite snack to the world in style. Handpainted art plus textured jewel tone embellishment make for a loud statement. 

cheetos theme nail art on black women

28. Tropical turquoise short squoval nails

Natural nail solid color polish is given the razzle-dazzle treatment with dual-color nail wrap on just one nail per hand.

simple square nails on brown skin

29. Black and Gold patterned freestyle

Tribal textile prints make a bold and confident statement in this black, yellow, and gold square nail design.

yellow abstract nails for black girls

30. African-inspired short coffin

Black on white opposite white on black creates visual interest and intrigue on these intricately hand-painted short nails. The thin gold metallic brush strokes are just the color pop to take this look to the next level.

short square nails design on black women

31. Negative space french manicure on square nails

A modern twist to the classic french manicure still embodies an iconic style.

nail art on nude nails for black women

32. Emerald city aura gradient square nails

These “good vibes only” nails exude only the purest love and light energy out there. Try your local salon for a unique airbrushed experience, or purchase pre-finished acrylics ready to wear.

medium length nails design for dark skin

33. Valentine’s Day purple french tips

Pink and white is not the only way to rock french tips. Here light purple tips are paired up with sweet little hand-painted hearts

cute purple heart nails for black girls

34. Embellished pink flare nails

These “pretty in pink” nails go all out to celebrate that new engagement ring. Rhinestones and glitter polish go great with diamonds!

square nails with rhinestones on black women

35. Hand painted purple flames

Square nails provide a lengthy canvas for this flaming hot work of art. The light purple matte foundation creates depth and contrast for the glittery flame design.

purple flames nail art for brown skin

36. Nude french ombre nails

These subtle short squoval nails are understated but beautiful. Try these out on natural nails, or purchase a ready-to-wear press on nail variation.

simple pink ombre nails for black girls

37. Mixed media nude ombre freestyle

The French manicure is an iconic style. This variation includes a classic French tip, white to nude ombre, and clear rock sugar nail texture for a modern take.

ombre nails with swarovski

38. Pink square nails

You can’t go wrong with soft baby pink nails. Any shape, any length, natural, or acrylic, pink is always a win.

cute pink ombre nails on dark skin

39. Pink on pink snakeskin texture square nails

The matte and texture combination is a stunning base for faith-inspired silver embellishments.

squared acrylic nails on black girls

40. Tropical Disney tribute on square nails

This hand-painted tribute to Lilo and Stich can easily become an homage to anyone’s favorite animated characters. This look is perfect for your next theme park getaway, children’s birthday party, or Disney cruise vacation.

stitch nails design for black women