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40 Defined Twists Out Hairstyles on Natural Hair of all Lengths and Textures

How to prevent having fairy knots on twists out?

The best way to prevent fairy knots is to sleep with a satin pillowcase or bonnet. Studies have proved that satin pillowcases or bonnets reduces the friction between your hair and the pillow as you sleep which causes tangling. If you already have fairy knots, don’t comb them out! Using pre-shampoo treatment moisturizes your hair before you shampoo it. Pre-shampoo treatment coats your hair to reduce the chance of those annoying fairy knots forming.

Why do I need to twist out my hair?

There are various benefits to twisting out your hair! Twist outs are a popular style for those with kinky, coily, wavy, and curly hair. One of the reasons for the popularity of this versatile style is it’s simplicity. You can also customize your twist out to your specific hair type and length.

Does twists out prevent and helps my hair to anything?

Twisting out your hair allows you to prevent heat damage from heat styling and protects your hair from losing too much moisture. By twisting out your hair, you can allow for proper hair growth while preventing and reducing breakage. Twists out can help add volume if you’re a lover of having extra pizzaz.

How do you preserve a twist out overnight?

To preserve a twist out overnight, you need to invent in a satin/silk pillowcase and bonnet. Without one, you run the risk of having fairy knots, or an overall frizzy-looking twist out. Make sure that you never go to bed with a wet twist out. Avoid cotton pillowcases or bonnets.

How do you dry twists out fast?

Dry your twists out fast with a bonnet dryer or hair dryer. This is the easiest way to dry your twists out quickly. You can use medium or high heat. Don’t forget to separate your hair into sections. When blow drying, stretch out your hair gentle for efficient drying.

Do twist outs help with curl pattern?

Twist outs are the perfect way to enhance your natural curl or wavy pattern. Twists out can easily stretch your hair out without the use of heat styling products. A huge plus!

Why do my twist outs fail?

There are various reasons why twists can fail. Some of these reasons include you didn’t full dry out your twists, you didn’t twist tightly enough, you’re due for a trim, you twisted the twists the wrong way, or used the incorrect products. Don’t give up when your twist outs fail! Take a minute to decide what went wrong, and then try again. Watch a tutorial video on YouTube if you need extra help.

How do you wash a twist out?

For washing a twist out, shampoo and condition your hair. Use pre-shampoo treatment if you want to prevent fairy knots. After, use a microfiber towel (no cotton towels – they draw away moisture from your hair) to dry your hair. If you have the time, you can air dry. Avoid going to sleep with wet twist outs. For faster drying, you’ll want to use a bonnet dryer or standard hair dryer like mentioned above.

What can I do to achieve defined twists out?

There are some steps to take if you want to have defined twists out. Hydration is going to be your best friend. Use products such as curl smoothing and moisturizers. This will ensure your curls come out curly and bouncy. Next, you’ll want to use leave-in conditioner. The leave in conditioner will give your twists a boost of hydration. Detangle your hair with a wide tooth comb if needed.

Use the LOC method (leave-in, oil, and cream) to layer your styling products before you decide to start twisting. Do you have finer curly hair? Use the cream first, then the oil. You’ll need to know how you want your twist out to fall and how you want it parted before you begin twisting. This will make the twisting process 100x easier. Curl styling pudding can also help your twist out become and stay defined while you rock it!

Will my twists out be fine during winter?

Twists out last longer in the winter than the summer. This is because in the summer there’s a lot of humidity. With such humid air, natural hair prefers to curl and expand. When that happens, your twists out won’t last very long. The fall and winter months are the ideal times for wearing a twist out, especially if you’re having lots of trouble with frizz.


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7 Ways to Get a Really Good Twist Out

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1. Dark Brown Bob Twists Out

What you will need: SheaMoisture Frizz Control Styling Gel

side part twists out

With such a beautiful look, you’ll want to make sure it looks amazing from day 1! One of the biggest issues with twists out is maintain the frizz. To prevent frizz, make sure you have a frizz-control gel on hand. Use it every day before stepping out of the house or whenever you notice a bit of frizz coming on.

2. Mid-part Short Twists Out

What you will need: EDEN BodyWorks Coconut Shea Curl Defining Creme

short hair twists out

Look at those beautiful, defined curls! If you want your twist out curls this defined, curl defining cream is going to be your new bestie! Protect your defined curls afterwards with a silk/satin bonnet or pillowcase, so that the curls don’t lose their new bounce.

3. Afro Twists Out

What you will need: Creme of Nature Argan Oil Style & Shine Foaming Mousse

twists out on black women

Foaming mousse is just what you need for making your twist out voluminous and shiny. If you’re twist out is looking a bit dry and frizzy, a foaming mousse will take care of that in a quick minute. Apply the mouse from root to tip to prevent the curls from looking too shiny (aka grease nation).

4. Natural Twists Out with Defined Edges

What you will need: Flora & Curl Sweet Hibiscus Twist & Braid Hair Cream 

natural twists out hairstyle

There’s one thing about black hair that will probably never go out of style — edges. You can add edges to your twist out style using hair gel or cream. To keep your edges laid, you can use a scarf or headband. There are also bonnets with wide headbands that are meant to keep your edges in place while you sleep or lounge around.

5. High Bun Curls with Fringe

What you will need: SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curling Gel Souffle

twists out hairstyle on 4c hair
@Jailyn Hill

Are you a bun lover? If so, this high bun curl with fringe is calling you by your name! For those planning to wear this overnight, curling gel souffle can help maintain and build the volume of the bun. The more fringe, the better!

6. Double Ponytail Mini Twists Out

What you will need: Design Essentials Curl Enhancing Mousse

double ponytail twists out

Who knew a twist out double ponytail could look this cute? For this look, you’ll want the twist out curls as defined as possible. Applying curl enhancing mousse can help achieve defined, springy curls that will last all day and night. Let’s just say, mousse is a godsend for twist outs.

7. Medium Twists Out

What you will need: Qhemet Biologics Aethiopika Hydrate & Twist Butter

twists out on short hair

Do you prefer shorter twist out looks? This one might be up your alley! Maintain your curls with hair butter meant specifically for twisting natural, curly hair. Having the twist butter on hand will help you get good defined curls that stay together as the day goes on.

8. Twists Out Hairstyle on Short Hair

What you will need: Camille Rose Curl Maker

natural hair twists out

Twist outs are the best way to show off short, natural, beautiful hair. The key to twists out with natural hair is using a curl maker. If you want to bring out your natural curl more, apply the curl marker product while you twist. It’s also a great idea to apply this if your twist out begins to look dry. By doing this, you’ll allow your curls to fully come to life.

9. Volumed Twists Out

What you will need: Lottabody Milk and Honey Refine Me Curl Defining

twist out on black women

Give us all of the volume! If you aren’t getting the volume you want, try curl defining cream. This can allow you to build up your curls and volume the way you want. Add the curl defining cream to your twist out after washing it.

10. Mid-Part Afro Hair

What you’ll need: Shine N Jam  Extra Hold Conditioning Gel

twists out hairtsyle short hair

While side parts have been popular, the middle part isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Neither will your curls as long as you have a mousse texture foam. The foam is meant to bring out your full curl texture. Wanting to improve your curl pattern? Mousse texture foam will help ASAP!

11. Two-Strand Twist Out

What you will need: Shea Moisture Braid-Up Condition Gel

two strand twist out on black women

Everyone should do a two-strand twist-out at least once. For maintaining this twist out, consider using conditioning gel to ensure your hair stays well moisturized and your look stays looking fresh. An extra-large bonnet can help prevent frizz.

12. Brown Twists Out with Flat Twists

What you will need: Uncle Funky’s Daughter Supercurl Miracle Moisture Creme 

twists out with two strand twists bangs

If you have finer curly hair, moisturizing cream is a product you’ll need to have in your bathroom. Use this cream before heading out to ensure your curls don’t look dry and keep the texture defined. Be careful of using too much, you want your hair moisturized – not greasy and weighed down!

13. Curly Twists Out with Criss-cross

What you will need: Mielle Organics Moisture Rx Hawaiian Ginger Moisturizing Styling Gel

twists out with criss cross

Taking your twist out up a notch is as simple as adding the ever-unique crisscross design! If you really want to take it to the next level, pair this style with a pair of diamond or gold hoop earrings. Heading out? Lashes are always a good idea!

14. Jumbo Twists Out

What you will need: Maui Moisture Flexible Hold + Coconut Milk Curl Foam Mousse

middle part twist out

This jumbo twist out is for the fierce, bold, sexy ladies out there who aren’t afraid to be themselves and stand out. You’ll definitely stand out with this gorgeous, voluminous look! It’s so gorgeous you’ll have to make sure you’re using a mousse to keep up the volume of this jumbo twist.

15. Permed Twist Out

What you will need: As I Am Twist Defining Cream

two strand twist out on black women

Ever heard of a perm twist out? Well, you have now! Before you go rushing to book this style or do the style yourself, you’ll need to buy some twist defining cream. Especially if you want your twists defined like in the picture. Make sure your twists stay moisturized! That’s going to help them stay defined.

16. Defined Twists Out

What you will need: Mielle Organics Honey & Ginger Styling Gel

short twists out on girls

The hardest part of managing a defined twist out is keeping your twists looking good. Styling gel helps with frizz, which can happen even if you’re using a satin bonnet or pillowcase. For a more defined look, styling gel also helps your curls stay in place.

17. Mini Twists Out with Criss-Cross

What you will need:  Mielle Organics Pomegranate & Honey Curl Refreshing Spray

short twists out on 4c hair

Planning to keep your twist out for a long time? Refreshing spray is what you need! All you need to do is spray some on your lovely twists whenever you notice they’re looking like they need some extra help.

18. Short Copper Twists Out

What you will need: TGIN Curl Bomb Moisturizing Styling Gel 

twists out on natural 4c hair

Who said twists out have to be the usual black or brown? You can be different and stand out from the rest by having copper twist outs. Keep your color and curls in check with moisturizing curl gel. Colored hair can look and become dry fast!

19. Short Natural Curls

What you will need: Mielle Organics Babassu Brazilian Curly Cocktail Curl Mousse

twists out on natural hair

Love yourself and your natural hair with short twist out curls! You can apply some curl mousse before putting on your bonnet or going to sleep every night. This will allow you curls to stay defined, bouncy, and well moisturized. Pair with some lashes to embrace your beauty.

20. Springy Short Curls

What you will need: The Mane Choice Crystal Orchid Biotin Infused Styling Gel 

short twists out on black women

Are springy curls what your heart desires? All you need is styling gel meant for making defined twists springy. To apply, put some on from the root to the tip. Let the twists air dry or heat dry.


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21. One Sided Twists Out

What you will need: The Mane Choice Tropical Moringa Sweet Oil & Honey Endless Moisture Restorative Spray

curly twists out on black women

Do you have a problem with dry hair? Even if you don’t, moisture restorative spray allows you to keep your hair moisturized. Without proper daily moisture, you run the risk of developing fairy knots and having droopy, unappealing curls.

22. Mid Apart Fuzzy Curls

What you will need: The Mane Choice Ancient Egyptian 24-Karat Gold Twisting Gel

middle part twists out on black women

Live your best life with this mid-part twist out! To make sure your part stays even, a bonnet is necessary. If you do need to re-do your part, use a parting comb instead of a wide-toothed comb. Apply twisting gel while twisting to ensure your twists stay put.

23. Double Buns with Twists Out

What you will need: Taliah Waajid Shea-Coco Condition Daily Leave-In Conditioner 

twists out with double bun

The key to keeping your hair healthy with this look, or any twist out looks, is leave-in conditioner. Leave-in conditioner helps to prevent fairy knots, promote hair growth, and help with your curl pattern. After washing your twist out, don’t forget your leave-in conditioner!

24. Short Natural Curls

What you will need: Ecostyler Professional Styling Gel With Olive Oil

twists out hairstyle on black girls

One way to step up your twist outlook is to add color or a pair of lashes. No matter whether you’re planning on going out for the night or just want something to add to your daily look, lashes are the way to go! Not a fan of lashes? Throw on some mascara!

25. Afro Curls with Fringe

What you will need: Mielle Pomegranate & Honey Curl Defining Mousse

short twists out on black women

With afro curls, sometimes a bonnet isn’t big enough. In this case, a silk or satin pillowcase will be the next best thing. You want to ensure you’re using curl defining mousse as often as needed, for some that could be every morning or every couple days.

26. Short Burgundy Twists Out

What you will need: African Pride Black Castor Miracle Extra Hold Braid, Loc, Twist Gel

burgundy twists out on 4c hair

Burgundy twists? Yes, please! Pro-Tip: Keep your twists in place by using a twist gel. Make sure you’re twisting in the right direction when using the twist gel. If your twists are looking a little lifeless, apply some oil or moisturizing spray.

27. Shaggy Side Part Twists Out

What you will need: Oyin Handmade Greg Juice Herbal Hair Refresher 

twists out on natural 4c hair

The shaggy twistout look is to die for! Part of the shaggy look is the dry, frizzy twists, but if your twists are need of a refresh — you’ll need a refresh or restorative spray. Spray it all over your twists when they get too dry or frizzy.

28. Ginger Natural Curls

What you will need: Hairobics Unlimited All Day Locks Braid Gel

afro twists out on black women

Add some color to your life and get ginger natural curls! Considering using this look for work or school? You’ll need holding braid gel. The gel can be used to enhance your curl pattern and show it off to the world.

29. Sided Twists Out

What you will need: OBIA Naturals Curl Hydration Spray

short twists out on girls

Side twists out look good on anyone! Ready to rock this look? You can add big (or small) hoop earrings to upgrade your look and feel like Beyonce. Keep your hair tied up at night to prevent any frizz, knots, or loss of hair moisture.

30. Defined Fluffy Curls

What you will need: As I Am Smoothing Gel

chunky two strand twist out on black women

It truly doesn’t get bigger than these defined, fluffy curls. If you want fluffy curls, and not frizzy, use smoothing gel. Smoothing gel will manage any frizzy curls in a second.

31. Short Natural 4C Hair

What you will need: Curlsmith Curl Defining Styling Soufflé Gel 

short hair twist out on girls

Twists out on 4C hair couldn’t be more beautiful. Keeping this breathtaking style together is simple when you have souffle gel. Souffle gel provides moisture and defining texture to your natural hair. Apply it while twisting and anytime your twists look a little sad.

32. Mid-back Length Twist Out

What you will need: Aunt Jackie’s Curls & Coils Don’t Shrink Flaxseed Elongating Curling Gel

long twist out on black women

Sometimes, longer is better for twists out! To get the look of long curls, elongating curl gel can help you out. Due to the length of this style, it’s important to keep all of your hair in a satin/silk bonnet. Keep in mind longer hair is harder to deal with when it comes to knots. Wrap it up at home!

33. Short Bob Twists Out

What you will need: Alikay Naturals Wake Me Up Curl Refresher

natural 4c hair on black girls

As time goes on, your twists out might look dry. Some hair types might be more prone to dryness or losing texture than others. When that happens, grab some curl refresher, and you’re good to go! Be careful not to over-do it, though. You want to refresh your curls, not completely drench them.

34. Natural Curls on 4C Hair

What you will need: Aunt Jackie’s Grapeseed Style and Shine Recipes Slicked Flexible Hair Styling Glue

natural twists out on black girls

There’s nothing more beautiful than 4c natural curls. The texture is beautiful, and something you’ll want to show off. To enhance your 4c natural curls, use flexible hair glue. This will allow you to style your hair exactly how you want.

35. Middle Part Afro Curls

What you will need: Soultanicals Hair Sorrell Knappylicious Kink Drink

short afro twist out on black women

The one thing you can add to this look to spice it up is jewelry or lashes! Although it’s not necessary, if you need a bit of a boost or want a change — a beautiful necklace and a bit of makeup can go a long way. Be prepared for taking a ton of pictures. You’ll be feeling yourself!

36. Defined Short Twists Out

What you will need: AmPro Shine ‘n Jam Regular Hold Gel

twists out on black girls

The more defined you want your curls, the more you’ll need some hold gel. Hold gel keeps your curls defined throughout the day and reduce/prevent frizz.

37. Updo Natural Curls

What you will need: African Pride Moisture Miracle Rose Water & Argan Oil Curl Hair Mousse

twist out on 4c natural hair

This twist out bun up-do is one for the books. To truly bring your curls out, apply curl mousse. Apply it until you achieve the definition and volume you want your style to have. Planning on wearing this longer than a day? Use refreshing spray on your twists to make sure they stay defined.

38. Fuzzy Twists Out Curls

What you will need: Shine N Jam  Extra Hold Conditioning Gel

twist out style for black women

Welcome to the fuzzy twist out! For the ladies who can never get enough volume, you might want to try out this look. Hold conditioning gel is extremely effective at keeping your twists together. For this style, the key is to do smaller twists to build up the volume.

39. Sided Twists Out

What you will need: Bb Tropical Roots Sculpting Foam

cute twists out hairstyle with clips

There’s just something about a side twist out. Sculpting foam can help you form this beautiful side swoop. You can use a blow dryer to help the product settle into the hair faster. An extra-large bonnet is perfect for keeping this style looking clean and fresh.

40. Short Natural Curly 4C Hair

What you will need: Carol’s Daughter Coco Creme Curl Shaping Cream Gel

short twist out hairstyle on black women

The best part of getting a twist out is watching your curls come to life. If you need extra help with texture, shaping cream gel can allow you to shape your curls like you want. Protect your style by making sure you have a bonnet/pillowcase and refreshing spray.