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30+ Defined Braid-Out Styles on All Natural Hair Types and Textures

When it comes to low-manipulation styles for natural hair, you can never go wrong with a braid out. Effortlessly beautiful and elegant, this popular natural hairstyle keeps your hair safe from breakage and gives you gorgeous defined curls for days. Now, the great thing about braidouts is they can be done on different hair types and you can even wear them on long or short hair–the styling possibilities are truly endless.

So in this article, you’ll find a varied selection of braid-out hairstyles. Try some of them on your next wash day or save them as inspiration for your next salon appointment.

What is the best way to get a well-defined braid out? Should I do small or large braids for best results?

To get the best definition on your braid out, make small braids. This is especially important if you have tighter coils in the type 4 end of the spectrum. You will also get more volume this way.

Should I use a hair gel or curl cream for a defined braid out? What is the best product to use?

If you want a really defined braid out, gel is the perfect styling product. It will enhance your curls and give you that popping juicy look. However, keep in mind that gel can sometimes leave the hair looking a little flat so if you want more volume, you will need to fluff your braid out after loosening the braids. To get the perfect braid out, you will also need to moisturise the hair with a leave-in conditioner first and then use a hair butter to seal in that moisture. This is important as the key to a juicy braid out is well-moisturised hair.

Is it better to braid on wet or dry hair for a good braid out?

You can do a braid out on dry or wet hair. Neither option is better than the other. They simply produce different results. Wet hair equals more definition and shrinkage while dry hair will give you an elongated look but with a little less definition.

Can 4c hair get a defined braid out?

4c hair can definitely get a defined braid out. In fact, a braid out is one of the best ways to achieve curl definition on 4c hair. This video by YouTuber, Lynda Jay will show you how to get the perfect braid out on 4c hair.

How long can a braid-out last? How do you refresh it after a few days?

A braid out can last between 4-10 days with the right maintenance routine. Once you notice your braid out is starting to look a little rough, you can refresh the style by spraying the hair with some water and applying a little bit of leave-in conditioner or hair milk. Then braid the hair up again and leave it overnight before unravelling. If you want more definition during your refresh routine, you can go in with a little bit of hair mousse before braiding.

What is the difference between a braid-out and a twist-out? Which is better?

Twist outs and braids outs are both low-manipulation hairstyles that result in popping defined curls, the main difference between the two lies in the styling technique. A twist out requires you to do two or three-strand twists while a braid out will require three-strand plaits or cornrows. Another key difference between both hairstyles is the final look. Twist-outs often result in a wavy/curled appearance while braid outs give tighter ringlet curls. Additionally, braid-outs tend to last slightly longer than twists outs.

If you are wondering which is better, that will depend on your hair. Braid outs may be a better choice for those with a looser hair texture whose hair may not get a good hold with twists while those with tighter typer 4 hair may prefer twists out because it allows them to get a better curl definition. Want to get a good look at the difference between the two? check out this video from Youtuber, Barbara Birungi

How do you preserve your braid-out so it lasts long?

To help your braid out last long, you need to avoid any additional manipulation after the initial fluffing. Any attempt to restyle the look or play with different parts will create frizz and ruin your definition. Once the hair has been set in the style you want from day one, just leave it alone.

Additionally, you need to cover the hair with a satin bonnet before going to bed to prevent friction and tangles while you sleep. You can lightly coat your hands with a little hair oil and fluff the hair each morning to bring back the volume and bounce.

How do you protect your braid-out at night while you sleep?

To protect your braid out at night, you need to cover the hair with a silk or satin bonnet. You can opt for a silk pillowcase for extra protection. It is also important to use a sitting scrunchie to put the hair in a loose bun to avoid flattening out your curls while you sleep.

Are braid-outs a good low-manipulation hairstyle?

Braid-outs are a great low-manipulation hairstyle. They last about a week and keep you from having to constantly touch and style your hair every day, thereby minimising breakage and dryness.


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1. Short Mini Braid Out

If you have medium-length type 4 hair, a braid-out look like this one is perfect for you. Be sure to braid in small sections to get good definition.

What you will need: Leave In Conditioner

short braids out style on black girl

2. Fluffy Braid-out Curls

Try a fully fluffed braid out if you are all about big voluminous curls. You may need to use a little bit of hair mousse while braiding to help set the hair.

What you will need: Curl Refreshing Spray

braid out on natural hair

3. Loose Curls on Natural Hair

For those busy days when you do not have much time to stress about your hair, simply put in a few chunky braids and take them down after a few days to achieve a loose curly braid out like this. All you need to do for this look is to make sure the hair is fully moisturized with a leave-in Conditioner.

braids out style on 4c hair

4. Mid-apart Braid Out with Clips

Didn’t get the perfect defined look on your braid out? You can still pull off the look by putting the hair into a cute middle part. Take things up a notch with the addition of snap clips and a statement necklace.

What you will need: Moisturizing Cream

braid out on short hair

5. Messy Braid Out Curls

Your braid out does not always have to look perfectly defined to look beautiful. A loose and slightly frizzy look like this is perfect for type 4 hair types who may struggle to get those defined clumps.

braids out hairstyle on black girl

6. Perfect Defined Braid Out

Looking for a natural hairstyle to wear on a special occasion? Look no further than this gorgeous defined braid out. You’ll need to use a little gel to get the perfect defined curls but make sure the hair is thoroughly moisturised before braiding.

What you will need: hair beads and Moisture Restorative Spray

short braids out hairstyle on black women

7. Volume Afro Curls

This full braid out is perfect for those with type 4 hair. Fluff your curls and pull the front section towards your face to achieve this amazing curly afro.

4c braid out styles

8. Pineapple Style Braid Out

Pull your braid out into a pineapple style if you prefer to keep your curls out of the way. Make sure to use a satin scrunchie to secure the hair and avoid creating frizz.

What you will need: As I Am Long and Luxe GroYogurt Leave-In Conditioner

easy braid out style on black women

9. Light Brown Curly Bob

Use box dye to color your hair a gorgeous shade of brown if you are looking to switch up the look of your braid out. Be sure to use a hair mask beforehand to strengthen and nourish the hair.

What you will need: Leave-In Conditioner

braid out style for natural hair

10. Shoulder Length Braid Out

If you have shoulder length to bra strap length, you have got to give this lovely braid-out a try. Braiding in slightly chunky sections will result in bigger curls and since your hair is fairly long you will not have to worry about so much shrinkage.

short braids out on natural hair

11. Braid Out with Braids

Leave a few braids untouched while styling to create face-framing braids to go with your braid out. You can accessories with hair cuffs.

What you will need: As I Am DoubleButter Cream Rich Daily Moisturizer

braid out hairstyle on black girls

12. Voluminous Defined Curls

This braid out has just the right amount of volume and definition to make your hair the main attraction of any outfit. You’ll need to blow dry your hair first to minimise shrinkage.

What you will need: Leave-In Conditioner Hair Spray

braids out style on black women

13. Braid Out on Short Hair

If you have been wondering if 4c hair can pull off a braid out, here is your sign to give it a go. If your hair is short, you can pull it into a half-up half-down look like this one, with bangs to accentuate your face.

short braid out styles

14. Small Braid Out Curls

If you want super-defined curls on your braid out, use perm rods to curl the ends of your braids. You will need to cover the hair with a satin bonnet at night to maintain those curls.

braids out on short hair

15. Pineapple Up Curls

It is hard to resist falling in love with this delightful pineapple-style braid out. It is so classy and elegant, you will surely be showered with compliments everywhere you go.

high bun braids out style

16. Volumed Braid Out

This wavy braid out is perfect for medium-length to short hair as it gives you an elongated, full and curly look. You will need a blow dryer to stretch the hair, so make sure you have some heat protectant on hand.

What you will need: Leave-in Conditioning Cream

braid out on short natural hair

17. Large Braid Out Curls

Incorporate some cornrows into the front section of your hair to create the illusion of a headband for your braid out. This look is very stylish and functional as it keeps your hair from getting in the way.

short braids out natural hairstyle

18. Double Afro Puff

Want to wear your braid out in a unique look that stands out? This double afro puff might just be what you need. It is the fun variation of the popular half-up half-down look.

braids out style on 4c hair

19. Curly Bob

This middle parted braid out is a timeless look that is perfect for day-to-day wear. You can pair it with a nude lipstick to really take things to the next level.

What you will need: Curls Leave-In Curl Revitalizer

natural hair braid out

20. Long Fuzzy Curls

Looking for the perfect spring hairstyle for your natural hair? Try this lovely braid out. If humidity kicks in, just use a hair mousse to refresh your curls.

What you will need: Hair Refresher 

braid out hairstyle on women


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21. Ombre Curly Hair

This ombre curly braid out is simply too stunning to resist. You can wear this look to school or work and even pair it with a cute dress for a night out.

medium braid out style on black girls

22. Defined Curls with Braided Headband

This long braid out is perfect for women looking to show off their length without having to straighten their curls. The addition of braided bangs and hair cuffs really takes things up a notch.

long braid out on girls

23. Top Knot Curly Hair

A top knot is a timeless look you can never go wrong with it. With this half-up half-down variation, it will look even more attractive and elegant in a braid out. Lay your edges with edge control to tie the whole look together.

short braids out hairstyle

24. Braid Out Curls

If your braid out is starting to lose definition, simply pull it into a side parted look like this. Pair it with a bold eyeshadow and a winged liner and you’re ready to take on any event.

What you will need: Leave-in Spray

natural hair braids out

25. 4c Hair Braid Out

This alluring braid out is the ideal look for ladies with 4c hair. You’ll need to refresh your hair with a curl hydration spray to keep the hair from getting dry and frizzy.

braid out on short hair

26. Long Braid Out Curls

This is one stylish braid out that will make you want to keep posing for pictures. It is defined, elongated and guaranteed to make you fall in love with your curls. Blend some red eyeshadow into your crease to up the ante.

braids out natural hair


27. Kinly Braid Out on 4c Hair

We love seeing women with 4c hair try different things with their coils and this sexy braid out is another look we are simply obsessed with. You may need a curl cream to enhance your curl definition.

What you will need: Curl Revitalizer

black hair braid out

28. Braid Out Curls with Headband

Pull your braid out into a cute updo like this if you are looking for something elegant and low maintenance. You’ll need a few Bobby pins to secure the hair.

What you will need: cute purple headband

short braid out hairstyle

29. Full Curls Braid Out

This big curly afro-style braid out is simple to die for! Definition is not the main goal here, just unravel your braids and watch your natural curls come to life. You can rock this look with any hair type.

braids out style on 4c hair

30. Shoulder Length Braid Out

Embrace your natural curl pattern by rocking a slightly frizzy braid out like this. As long as your hair is saturated with a curl defining cream and hair butter, it will turn out incredible.

bob braids out on natural hair

31. Defined Mini Braid Out on Natural Hair

This super defined braid out was done with very small braids, and it is the ideal choice for those with fine hair. Stick with small braids to get a fuller braid out and prevent the dreaded flat look.

braids out for black women

32. Short Kinky Curls

If you have short hair, try not to overdo fluff your braid out. That way, your curl definition will be the main attraction of the final look.

What you will need: Curl Refresher

braid out on short hair

33. Ginger Braid Out Bob

Your natural hair does not always have to look the same. A great way to switch things up is to dye the hair a striking shade of ginger and rock your braid out with some cute earrings.

4c braids out


Braid outs are an amazing low-manipulation hairstyle that brings your natural curls on full display and the best thing about them is that they always turn out incredible on all hair types. So, if you’ve been looking for a fun and hassle-free way to rock your curls and coils, be sure to hop on the braid out trend and watch your hair thrive in the process.