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This 365 Natural Hair Tips e-guide have been compiled to help you simplify natural hair care and achieve your hair goals faster.


Washing Your Child’s Natural Hair

By DiscoveringNatural When it comes to washing your child’s hair, you have three choices. You can either choose to wash the hair with a shampoo (sulfate or sulfate-free) or with a  or an alternative method. Using ShampooWashing with a shampoo can quite drying to natural hair. This is because “sulfate” shampoos are known to strip all […]

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Books for Natural Hair Kids

By DiscoveringNatural There are many books that you can get to help encourage your child and teach your child more about Natural Hair. My girls love reading books and whenever we are at the book store and they see a book with a child that is the same skin color and hair type as they […]

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TMC Answers: Split Ends and Where to cut them off

You snip just ABOVE the split ends, Jc of Natural Haven The question asked at the meet up was “When trimming split ends, should I cut just above the split or right at the split?” Answer: You have to cut just above the split so that the ends will be completely smooth and free of a […]

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How to make Liquid African Black soap

For the “no poo” sistas out there who are on the search for an affordable cleanser which won’t strip your hair of it’s natural oils and still do its job, I recommend going to your local beauty supply, African food store or an online retailer such as Wal-Mart to get yourself a bar of African […]

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