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40 Attractive Ways to Tie Head Wraps on Curly Natural Hair

When you have curly hair, you almost never run out of choices or ideas of what to do to your mane. It’s one of the amazing things about curly hair–versatility. But, on days when you don’t feel like dealing with your hair or simply want to keep it tucked away, a headwrap can really come in handy. Headwraps are a trendy and chic accessory that can be used to enhance your look while keeping your curls protected. Did we mention, they are also super versatile? With just a single scarf, you can create so many different looks.

So if you need a little inspiration, you’re in luck. In this article, we’ve compiled some amazing ways you can tie headwraps on your curly natural hair.

Are headwraps a religious symbol?

Headwraps are worn by women around the world for a variety of reasons. Although women in the Muslim, Orthodox Christian, Sikh, and Orthodox Jewish communities often wear headwraps or some type of head covering as a religious symbol, that is not the case for everyone.

Are headwraps professional? Can I wear them to the workplace?

Headwraps can be worn in a professional setting. However, it will all depend on the dress culture and norms of your workplace. If you work in a formal corporate setting, they may not necessarily be considered appropriate attire. On the other hand, those who work in places where casual or business casual outfits are allowed can easily rock their head wraps to work. To get a good sense of whether or not headwraps would be acceptable in your workplace, It may be best to talk to some of your colleagues and friends about It.

Can I wear a head wrap if it’s outside my culture? Are they cultural misappropriation?

Headwraps do not exclusively belong to any ethnicity or culture so it is fine for anyone to wear them. They are also not a cultural misappropriation since many cultures around the world have some form of headwrap In their culture so no one can claim them as entirely their own. 

However, you’ll find that certain types of fabric and headwrap styles may be commonly associated with a certain ethnicity. As long as you are respectful of the history and tradition behind the headwrap while giving credit where it is due, there is no need to worry about cultural misappropriation.

What are the benefits of wearing a head wrap?

Headwraps provide amazing benefits for your natural hair. For one, they help keep your hair moisturized for longer and prevent excess dryness. They also help reduce frizz and help you maintain your hairstyles for longer.

Additionally, wearing a headwrap can minimize tangles and breakage in your hair since all your strands will be neatly tucked away. Headwraps are also a huge lifesaver on days when you do not have time to style your hair but still need to go out looking cute and put together. 

Can I grow my hair by regularly wrapping my hair?

Wrapping your hair can help protect it from over-manipulation and harsh environmental aggressors that may be damaging to the hair. This in turn keeps your hair healthier and helps you retain length and over time your hair will become longer. However, it is important to note that wrapping the hair does not directly grow the hair, it only helps with length retention. Your hair growth is determined by a multitude of other factors like genetics and your hair care routine.

How often should I wash my headwraps?

How often you wash your headwraps will vary based on how often you wear them. If you wear your headwraps every day, then you’ll need to wash them once a week. However, if you only wear your headwraps once in a while, then you can wash them once a month or whenever you notice they are dirty.

 Additionally, if you live in a hot climate which often leaves you sweaty, then it is best to wash your headwrap whenever you notice it has absorbed too much sweat.

How can I tie a headwrap bow?

To tie a headwrap bow, check out this video by Youtuber, Renecreative.


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1. High Bun Locs with Headwrap

Awaken your inner fashionista with this high bun headwrap style. It is perfect for anyone who has locs but you can recreate this entire look with any hairstyle. Just grab some statement earrings and sunglasses to up the ante.

What you will need: Large knit headwrap

headwrap on black women

2. African Head Wrap

Show off your beauty with a sophisticated African headwrap when you want to keep your hair completely tucked away. This style is perfect for women who have just done the big chop and need something creative for their look.

What you will need: African print scarf

african head wrap on black girls

3. Stretchy Turban on Natural Hair with Curly Bangs

This stretchy turban style is a great way to help your curly bangs stay in place. You can wear this look with a little makeup to look more put together if you are going out.

What you will need: Scarf tie head wrap

beautiful headwrap for black girls

4. Halo Twists Head Band on Afro Curls

Elevate your curly afro with a halo-style headwrap like this if you want to keep your hair from getting in the way while you have fun in the summertime.

What you will need: Plain army green long head wrap

headwrap on natural hair

5. Long Locs in Pineapple Style

Looking for a chic way to style your locs for a day to day wear? Put your locs into a top bun to create this pineapple headwrap style.

What you will need: Boho print turban

headwrap on locs hairstyle
Okai Fabrics

6. High Bun Locs with Headwrap Turban

This is another gorgeous way to take your locs from basic to chic. You can pull the ends towards your brows to create faux bangs.

What you will need: Army green color head band

head scraf on long locs

7. Gold Satin Head Wrap with Big Knot

This cute knotted headwrap style is perfect for days when you may not have time to deal with your hair and need to keep it covered.

What you will need: Yellow gold satin head scarf

headwrap with knot

8. Head Scarf Styles for Curly Hair

Have fun with your curls by experimenting with a few different scarf styles. With a big stretchy head scarf, you can have a different look every day of the week.

head scarf on natural curly hair

9. Pineapple Hair Style on Long Braids

A little bored with your box braids and need something to make them look interesting? Try putting them in a pineapple-style headwrap like this.

What you will need: Pattern head wrap

black hair head wrap style

10. Peach Twists Satin Head Wrap

This side-twisted headwrap style is an amazing look for anyone who wants something unique. You can accentuate the final look with hoop earrings and fluffy lashes.

What you will need: Plain pink color head wrap

wrap style black hair

11. Silk Head Scarf on Natural Hair

Sometimes a simple square silk scarf tied loosely around your curls is all you need to be sexy and intriguing. This look is super easy to achieve and perfect for beginners.

natural hair with head scarf

12. Low Bun Silk Head Wrap

This low bun headwrap style is a great choice for women who work in a corporate setting. Just accessories with a cute necklace for extra flair.

What you will need: Satin head scarf

head scarf style on natural hair

13. Pineapple Curls with Pleated Turban

We are simply obsessed with everything about this pineapple curly hairstyle. The addition of a headwrap with twists will make you look even more regal.

What you will need: Green pleated scarf

head wrap on black women

14. Satin Bandana on Curly Hair

Try a bandana headwrap style on casual days when you need to run errands but still want to remain cute and stylish.

What you will need: Stylish bandana scarf

head wrap style on black girls

15. Tie Knot Head Wrap with Bangs

This top knot headwrap is an amazing choice for anyone looking for something easy to style. Once your hair is in a top bun, you can recreate this look in less than five minutes.

What you will need: Large silk scarf

headwrap with knot

16. Bonnet Style Head Wrap on Long Locs

This top bun headwrap is so stylish you are sure to have heads turning. It is a great look for long locs but it will also look stunning on anyone with jumbo braids or twists.

What you will need: Wine knit stretchy head scarf

headwrap on locs

17. Bright Yellow Turban on Braids

If you have a hard time getting your headwraps to look the way you want, just ditch the complicated styles and try this simple turban headband look.

What you will need: Stretchy turban

head wrap style for black women

18. African Style Bonnet Head Wrap

For a look that stands out, try going for a slightly more traditional African-style headwrap. You can transform this look with gold earrings and bold lipstick.

What you will need: Large Print headwrap

head scarf on natural hair

19. Purple Turban on 4C Hair

Make your end of the week curls just as cute as your day one hair by wearing an African print turban.

head scarf on short natural hair

20. High Ponytail Curls with Printed Bandie

No matter the occasion or season, you can never go wrong with a classic high ponytail. However, the addition of a printed square silk scarf can make the look even more intriguing.

headwrap on curly hair


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21. Twists Head Wrap on Short Hair

This twist headwrap is perfect for anyone with short hair that may be difficult to put into a bun.

What you will need: Red pattern scarf

head wrap style on black hair

22. Pleated Turban on a Bun

A pleated turban style is a lovely headwrap style that’s perfect for women of all ages. You can wear this look to add a bit more drama to your hair when it is in a simple bun.

What you will need: Pink head scarf

head scarf style on short hair

23. Pineapple Style Head Wrap

This pineapple headwrap style will put your curls on full display and surely gain you some compliments. It is a perfect way to show off your colored hair while protecting your curls.

What you will need: Baby pink large head scarf

headwrap on curly hair

24. High Bonnet Wrap

This elegant high bun headwrap is perfect for the winter. With this look, you can keep your curls protected from the harsh drying weather and look like a queen while at it.

What you will need: Plain head wrap

head wrap on black women

25. High Bun Head Wrap

Who knew a simple top bun headwrap could look so otherworldly and stunning? This beautiful style is perfect for anyone looking for something with full coverage.

What you will need: Stretchy purple head scarf

head scarf style on black girls

26. Bonnet Style on Natural Hair

This is another cute full-coverage headwrap style that is perfect for days when your hair looks a mess and you simply cannot be bothered to deal with it. Trust us, everyone has one of those days from time to time but with this look, you can still remain cute.

What you will need: Printed head wrap

hwad scarf style for black women

27. Stretchable Bandie around High Bun Locs

If your locs are feeling a little heavy or making you hot in the summer, simply put them into a high bun with a headwrap look like this.

What you will need: Blue pleated scarf wrap

head wrap style on curly hair

28. Halo Twists Wrap on Box Braids

This halo twist headwrap is a great way to make your box braids stand out.

What you will need: Big turban head wrap

head wrap style on box braids
D’Nia Nicole

29. African Turban on Short Locs

Use an African print turban to style your short locs into this lovely side-facing ponytail.

head scarf style on short locs

30. Front Big Knot Turban Style

This sophisticated top knot turban style will add the right amount of sass and style to any outfit you pair it with.

What you will need: Pattern head wrap

head wrap on black women

31. Turban Knot on High Bun Locs

If you are new to tying headwraps, this is a super simple style you can achieve with very little effort. Just put your hair in a bun and tie a loose knot around your edges with a brown wrap scarf.

head scarf style on long locs

32. Low Bun Head Wrap on Short Twists

This low bun headwrap is a beautiful style that is perfect for women of all ages.

What you will need: Plain pink head wrap

headwrap style on black girls

33. Silk Scarf Head Wrap on Low Ponytail

Want to keep your curls from getting frizzy in the spring? Wear a silk headwrap in this elegant style. To add more flair, style your edges with some gel.

What you will need: Fashionable square silk

head scarf style on natural hair

34. Bonnet Wrap on Natural Hair

This cute headwrap style is perfect for women with natural hair who are looking for an easy protective style that doesn’t require actually styling their hair.

What you will need: Knit head wrap scarf

head wrap style for black women

35. Jumbo Twists Head Wrap

Match your headwraps to your outfit to recreate this amazing look. You can put the scarf into a jumbo twisted bun to add more creativity and flair.

What you will need: Plain knit head scarf

head wrap style for natural hair

36. High Curly Ponytail Turban Wrap

An afro puff paired with a turban headwrap is a timeless look that can be worn at any time of the year.

What you will need: Beige head scarf

head scarf on natural curly hair

37. High Bun Head Wrap

This high bun headwrap is an effortlessly sexy look that can be worn from day to night. Just accentuate the look with a hydrating lipstick and a gold necklace to glam it up.

What you will need: Plain stretchy head wrap

head wrap for black girls

38. Stretchy Turban on Short Twists

Give your two-strand twist an upgrade with this criss-cross turban style. This style is perfect for twists that are starting to look a little rough and frizzy. Instead of a total refresh, you can jazz them up with a headwrap.

What you will need: Wrap scarf

head wrap for 4c natural hair

39. High Bonnet Style on Natural Hair

With this pretty high bonnet headwrap look, you can look like an elegant queen in her soft girl era.

What you will need: Plain stretchy head wrap

headwrap style on natural hair

40. Bandana Style on Short Curly Hair

This cute bandana headwrap style is a great look for women with short hair who struggle to put their hair into a neat bun. With a pleated square scarf covering most of your hair, you do not have to worry about getting the perfect sleek bun.

head scarf style for curly hair


Headwraps offer so many perks for curly girlies. From covering up a bad hair day to protecting your curls from harsh weather conditions and even helping to make a fashion statement, there are so many reasons to wear them. So, if you are looking to elevate your curly natural hair while looking trendy and stylish, a well-styled headwrap is a handy tool you need in your arsenal. Let us know, which of the looks from this post will you be trying.