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30 Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles For African American Brides

A wedding day is one of the most important days in a woman’s life! It is also the busiest, most hectic, and sometimes stressful day in a bride’s life!

Aside from the wedding dress, another important part of your look is your hair!

As a natural hair bride, you want to look as naturally as possible on your big day, and that’s why we’ve compiled this post of thirty beautiful wedding hairstyles for black brides.

wedding hairstyles for african american brides with natural hair


Wedding Hairstyles For Black Brides With Short Hair

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 1. Accessorized TWA

If you just did the big chop or you like to keep your hair short, you can wear your hair as-is and accessorize it with a bridal hair fascinator such as this one.

bridal hairstyles for natural hair

2. Curly Fro

This is another classy and natural style that’s ideal for short to medium length hair. To get this curly look, you can do bantu knots, twist outs or use rollers to curl your hair.

wedding hairstyles for short natural hair

3. Teeny Weeny Afro with a Fascinator

You can do finger coils or comb coils to achieve this hairstyle. To accessorize it, just add a bridal hair flower or a fascinator.

wedding hairstyles for short natural hair

4. Colored Afro with a Side Part

Who says you can’t be fun and colorful with your hair on your wedding day? You can keep things casual by leaving your hair out, or you can add a wedding veil.

wedding hairstyles for brides with short hair

5. Blown Out Afro Puff

If you have short hair with a lot of shrinkage, you can do a blowout and accessorize your hairstyle with a jeweled hair band.

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weddings hairstyles for brides with 4c hair

natural hair brides hairstyles

Natural Hairstyles For Brides With 4c Hair

6. Roll and Tuck With a Headband

You can either achieve this hairstyle by yourself or with the help of a hairstylist. You will need stretched hair to be able to get your hair to look like this.

Add a cute bridal headband to prettify it.

bridal natural hairstyles

7. Roll and Tuck With an Accessory

For this hairstyle, you can wear it with a wedding veil for the ceremony and switch things up with a beautiful accessory for the reception.

black bridal hairstyles

8. Up-Do With Cornrows

Like the above hairstyle, you can wear awedding veil for the ceremony and an accessory for the reception. You can also change up the hairstyle of the up-do at the front for a different look at the reception.

wedding hairstyles for black women

9. Classic Afro Bun

This is such a simple hairstyle that you can do by yourself. To accessorize it, just add a hair accessory of your choice. You can also add a wedding veil at the back of the bun.

wedding hairstyles for black brides

10. Twist Out With a Fresh Flower Wreath

This hairstyle makes a beautiful outdoor or beach wedding. For the reception, you can take down the hair and wreath to change things up for the reception at night. black wedding hairstyles

wedding hairstyles natural black hair

11. High Puff Twist Out

Add a birdcage hairpiece for a beautiful look.

natural hair bride hairstyles

12. Flat Twists With a Twist Out Up-Do

Just add bridal hair jewelry in a way you see fit and you’re set to go. The good thing about this hairstyle is that you can change up the loose part into a different hairstyle for the reception.

natural hairstyles for brides

13. Twisted Mohawk

This is a regular day-to-day hairstyle that is also appropriate for a wedding. You can formalize it with this birdcage hairpiece.

natural wedding hairstyles

14. Frohawk or Afro Patewo (traditional Yoruba name for this hairstyle).

Similar to the above hairstyle, you can leave the middle of your hair loose so that you can roll it up into the desired hairstyle. You can also add hair accessories such as hair rings on the cornrows.

natural hair updo for wedding

15. Cornrow Fro Hawk

For a 4c natural with thick long hair, you can still achieve this hairstyle and look stunning. Glam it up with hair jewelry or accessory of your choice.

wedding updo for natural black hair

16. Flat Twist Up-do

This hairstyle was adorned by the former Natural Chica (Mae) on her wedding day a few years back. It was styled by Felicia Leatherwood. For this style, you will need to have long hair or use kinky hair extensions. For some bling, just add a bridal hair brooch at the back.

wedding hairstyles for natural hair

17. Roll and Tuck on Stretched Hair

This is a similar hairstyle as Mae’s hairstyle, except it’s looser and has more volume. It’s easy enough for you or a hairstylist to replicate.

wedding hairstyles for curly hair

18. Up-Do With Kinky Hair Clip-Ins

If you have short hair and want to have long hair on your wedding day, you can add some kinky hair clip-ins and style as usual. Add a bridal jewelry to glam it up.

wedding hairstyles for short natural hair

19. Cinnabun

If you are pressed for time and want something elegant, you can easily recreate this hairstyle. To prettify it, just add some rhinestone wedding pins such as these ONES.

wedding updos for natural hair

20. Side Sweep Up-Do

This is also a fuller version of the above hairstyles. Just add a bridal headband for some bling.

natural hairstyles for brides

21. Side Sweep Up-do with a Bump

This is such an elegant hairstyle. Just add a bridal hair accessory and you’re ready for your big day!

bridal hairstyles for black women

Bridal Hairstyles for Naturals for Type 3 hair

22. Curly Frohawk

To get the curly look, you’ll need to set your hair in tiny rollers. Carefully take them down and fluff. You can wear this style with a wedding veil or a bridal hair accessory of your choice.

bridal hairstyles for natural hair

23. Fro Out With a Floral Wreath

This is a classy and simple look. Ideal for an outdoor or beach wedding. Add a floral wreath or crown for a romantic look.

bridal natural hairstyles

24. Fro Out With a Floral Crown

This is another simple hairstyle that you can beautify with a floral crown. If you have short hair, you can add some kinky hair clip-ins

natural hairstyles for brides

Bridal Hairstyles With Extensions

25. Braided Bun

This is an ideal hairstyle for short hair. Just add a hair extension piece such as xPressions kanekalon hair for the braid or a simple afro puff bun. Beautify it with a headband.

natural hairstyles for black brides

wedding hairstyles for african american brides

26. Side Sweep Up-Do

You can achieve this hairstyle with a pre-stretched kanekalon hair. Add a hairpiece of your choice for an elegant look.

bridal hairstyles for black brides

27. Jeweled Bun

This is also another hairstyle you can also achieve with a kanekalon hair extension. Add a hair jewelry of choice to the back for a glamorous look.

wedding updos for black women

28. Twisted Up-do

You will need kanekalon hair or Marley hair for this look if you want a natural look. Add a hairpiece of your choice for an elegant look.

wedding updos for black hair

29. Lace Front Wig

A lace front hairstyle is perfect for all occasions. Have your hairstylist style your hairpiece to your liking.

For a romantic look, you’ll need a kanekalon hair and add a bridal hair accessory of your choice.

black wedding hairstyles

30. Styled Bridal Box Braids

Box braids are so versatile and can be worn to practically any occasion and styled for all occasions. For this style, just add hair jewelry for a formal look.

black wedding hairstyles

What hairstyle will you be trying? Want to share your wedding hairstyles?

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natural hairstyles for black weddings

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